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Story Fusion Linux 14 - Distro Review srlinuxx 05/11/2010 - 8:25pm
Story Linux Commands for 99 Bottles of Beer srlinuxx 05/11/2010 - 8:24pm
Story Casting My Vote for Fedora 14 srlinuxx 05/11/2010 - 8:21pm
Story Is Shuttleworth Crazy, Brave, or Smart? srlinuxx 05/11/2010 - 5:50pm
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Story What Microsoft Linux Would Mean srlinuxx 05/11/2010 - 5:47pm
Story Why I Prefer Debian to RHEL: Top 5 Reasons srlinuxx 05/11/2010 - 3:50pm
Story Pardus 2011 on the way with new goodies srlinuxx 05/11/2010 - 3:49pm
Story Review: SalixOS 13.1.2 KDE srlinuxx 05/11/2010 - 3:47pm

A Linux User's Look at Vista Beta 2

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As you may have heard, Microsoft has begun allowing public downloading and testing of their Vista Beta 2 system. Much like you I suppose, I usually hate windows and swear never to purchase another disk from Microsoft. But since they offered a download for free, I couldn't resist the urge to take a look. I'd seen a few screenshots here and there, but it's not the same as clicking around on your own machine. Today I installed the beta 2 and thought I might as well share my experiences with it as I do with linux systems. I thought perhaps others might be curious as well.

Puppy Linux adds Opera, drops SeaMonkey

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The Puppy Linux project team, which debuted its v2.0 on June 1, has released a followup version that replaces Mozilla's SeaMonkey suite of web applications with Opera 9.0 Beta 2, founder and chief evangelist Barry Kauler said June 8 in his weblog.

Ubuntu image and reality regarding freedom

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Few months ago, someone asked how he could do a Debian netinstall over wifi with only first CD [fr] and there I learnt that Ubuntu CD could as it contains the proprietary firmware.

Portage 2.1 Released!

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The Gentoo Portage Team is proud to announce that version 2.1 of portage has been completed and added to the tree for testing.

Booga! Booga!... Yawn.

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My rough-and-tumble hijinks aside, it is clear to me that we are in yet another round of "Booga Booga" from Those Who Dislike Open Source. Wow. This week hasn't just been "Booga Booga." It's been the guy with the hockey mask coming at us through the woods.

Well, almost.

Pimp My MPlayer

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MPlayer is my media player of choice. It is available for Windows and Linux, and plays most about every file format in a completely borderless window (a feature I miss in vlc, totem, kmplayer etc.). Here you can find useful configurations to maximise your viewing pleasure.

Book Review: User Mode Linux

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Written by Jeff Dike, founder and lead developer of UML, this is an authoritative and useful resource for anyone interested in using the software in anger. It describes both the genesis of the software - and it's instructive for those who are interested in how such projects grow and develop over time - and also a technical reference that describes what it's used for and how to get it up and running properly.

Ubuntu Dapper: Ready for the long haul

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The long-awaited Ubuntu 6.06 Long Term Support (LTS) release, also known as Dapper Drake, made its debut last week. After extensive testing, I can say that it was worth the delay from its originally scheduled April release date.

Can Novell SUSE Linux Take On Microsoft Windows Vista?

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Microsoft's delay with the release of Windows Vista has left enough wiggle room for other players to pursue the desktop operating system market. An old Microsoft rival, Novell, is angling to seize the day with the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, a desktop OS geared to beat Vista in cost, manageability and features.

Xen installation and configuration

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Xen is a set of kernel extensions that allow for paravirtualization of operating systems that support these kernel extensions, allowing for near-native performance for the guest operating systems.

Open source promises more business functions

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A new generation of high-value open-source business applications is coming, according to a leading analyst. These will include collaboration, portal, content management and business intelligence tools.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Reliability Measured

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We're fond of the phrase, "lies, damn lies, and statistics." We tend to be cynical about data in general. Collectively, according to Yankee analyst DiDio, "individual corporate Linux, Windows and Unix servers experience three to five failures per server per year, resulting in 10.0 to 19.5 hours of annual downtime for each server." Beyond this, the results were revealing! shocking! earth-shaking! Er. Not really.

Basic Things to Know When Switching to a Linux Desktop

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Recent releases of Linux Distributions totally amazes me. What was once an OS that is easy to use and configure, has gotten even better. From different questions that I get from new users, I have come up to a collection of the basic things that a new Linux user must know.

The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server (Dapper Drake)

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This is a detailed description about how to set up a Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters (web server (SSL-capable), mail server (with SMTP-AUTH and TLS!), DNS server, FTP server, MySQL server, POP3/IMAP, Quota, Firewall, etc.).

GP2X Searches For The World's Best Programming Talent

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GP32/2X Distribution Ltd and Gamepark Holdings today challenged up and coming designers to develop a game or application that will run on the GP2X - the fast growing Linux-based handheld gaming and entertainment console,

Brainstorming ways to push open source

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Having the latest computer technology is great. But what e-government users from the public sector as well as citizens really want is software interoperability. Unfortunately IT managers still only pay lip service to such interoperability, concludes a European project assessing today’s open-source movement.

Libranet's last goodbye

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After six months, the Libranet community has learned that its wait for the revival of the distribution was futile. Tal Danzig, Libranet's owner and chief developer, has announced that he is discontinuing the development of Libranet.

DRM - Is It Worth Going To Jail For?

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In the spirit of all who chanced civil disobedience for their cause, this is offered as what NOT to do...under any circumstance. Not only would it be illegal (possibly a RICO case) it could temporarily devastate the retail businesses involved. Enough so that the effects would be newsworthy...and that is exactly the desired effect.

How to build a Linux router - Part 2

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Last time on the "How to build a Linux router - Part 1" we installed Fedora Core 4 as the operating system. In this part, we will be configuring the operating system to handle our routing for us, as well as throw in some added perks such as a upnp server, local caching nameserver, and DHCP server.

OSU open source founders leaving

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The founders of Oregon State University's Open Source Lab are leaving the organization to run a Portland startup, the school announced Thursday, creating a void at the top of one of the state's best-known open source organizations.

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  • DragonBox Pyra Goes Up For Pre-Order
    It's been a while since last hearing anything about the DragonBox Pyra as an open-source gaming handheld system and successor to OpenPandora...
  • Bitcoin is Now Accepted For DragonBox Pyra Pre-orders
    It is always good to see new merchants accepting Bitcoin payments, as it goes to show businesses want to attract an international clientele. DragonBox, a ship based in Germany, recently started accepting Bitcoin payments for their Pyra computer. A neat little device, which packs quite the punch.
  • DragonBox Pyra pre-orders begin (open Source handheld gaming PC)
    The DragonBox Pyra is a portable computer that looks like a cross between a tiny laptop and a Nintendo DX game console… and it kind of works like a cross between those devices as well. It’s got a 5 inch display, a QWERTY keyboard, the Debian Linux operating system that can handle desktop apps as well as games, and physical gaming buttons.

DragonBox Pyra pre-orders begin (open Source handheld gaming PC)

The DragonBox Pyra is a portable computer that looks like a cross between a tiny laptop and a Nintendo DX game console… and it kind of works like a cross between those devices as well. It’s got a 5 inch display, a QWERTY keyboard, the Debian Linux operating system that can handle desktop apps as well as games, and physical gaming buttons. It’s been under development for several years, and it’s expected to be available for purchase soon for about 500 Euros (plus VAT). But if you want to help fund the developers you can now place a pre-order for 330 Euros and up. Read more

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  • How Linux Frustrated Me Into Loving It
    I have been very interested in Linux since my entry into the Wonderful World of Unix in 2006. I found Ubuntu and installed it on a crappy Dell desktop computer I was given when I was doing online schooling. The computer originally came with Windows, and one day while I was browsing, I decided to search for “alternative to Windows.” Linux popped up right away. I had never heard of Linux before, but after voraciously reading article after article, I decided Linux was the path for my future.
  • HP Chromebook 13 is a business-focused Chrome OS laptop with USB-C
    In the grand scheme of things, Chrome OS is hardly a major player from a desktop market share perspective -- for now. With that said, the Linux-based operating system has captured the hearts and minds of many consumers. It has matured quite a bit too, becoming a viable Windows alternative for home users. Actually, it is a great choice for some businesses too -- depending on needs, of course.
  • Summary: Linux Scheduler: A decade of wasted cores - Part 1 - What is NUMA ?
    Last month, a research paper with title 'The Linux Scheduler: a Decade of Wasted Cores' was trending on the front page of HN. As an individual who is interested in Systems, I thought it would be good idea to read this 16 page research paper. I spent a good amount of time learning about different topics which were involved in it. This is the first post in the series in which I will try to summarize the paper.
  • Vulkan 1.0.12 Specification Update Adds VK_AMD_rasterization_order
  • GTK+ 3.22 Is Working On An OpenGL Renderer & Scene Graph
    Matthias Clasen of Red Hat has written an update about changes to GNOME's GTK+ tool-kit for the 3.20 cycle but he also mentions some of the exciting work that's brewing for GNOME/GTK+ 3.22. Clasen's latest blog post covers some of the recent internal changes to GTK+ CSS, theme changes, various changes facing application developers, and more. Those interested about the GTK+ tooling changes can read the blog post.
  • Bunsenlabs Rc2
  • April is almost gone
    The second one was the release of pre-release isos of Mageia 6 and OpenMandriva Lx 3. I must say that both distros are doing a great job; the systems performed so well that they did not seem beta versions to me. I did not like Plasma 5, though... I am sure the KDE team is doing a great work, but I truly do not see what the point of this tablet-ready interface is. After all, KDE missed the tablet train (the Vivaldi tablet never saw the light of the day) and tablets are already in decline...
  • New BlackArch Linux version released, now provides 1400 pentesting tools
    BlackArch Linux version 2016.04.28 released for ethical hackers and security researchers with 1400 pentesting tools
  • Manjaro 16.06 - third preview released
    It took us almost another month to prepare this third preview of our upcoming stable release we call Daniella. The Xfce edition remains our flagship offering and has received the attention it deserves. Few can claim to offer such a polished, integrated and leading-edge Xfce experience. We ship Xfce 4.12 with this release of Manjaro. We mainly focused on polishing the user experience on the desktop and window manager, and on updating some components to take advantage of newly available technologies such as switching to a new theme called Maia, we already using for our KDE edition.
  • IoT Past and Present: The History of IoT, and Where It's Headed Today [Ed: just devices with a network stack. Nothing new.]
  • 1btn – an Open Source Dash
    The availability of cheap radios, omni-present WiFi and powerful web services means the IoT wave is here to stay. Amazon got into the act with its “do only one thing” Dash button. But a more interesting solution would be an IoT “do it all” button.
  • No Time to Panic as One Quarter Shows Minor Dip in Smartphone Sales - Total Smartphone Market Will Grow This Year (and here's why)
    We now have the Q1 numbers from Strategy Analytics and IDC, the two last remaining of the classic four big smartphone industry analyst houses we used on this blog to calculate the industry average of the total market size, back when the 'smartphone bloodbath' started six years ago. And both SA and IDC are in exceptional, near-perfect agreement on the exact size of the market, we get a total smartphone market for Q1 at 334.8 Million units. That is down 18% from the Christmas sales Quarter (normal that Q1 is down) but for the first time ever in this industry, the YEAR-ON-YEAR comparison of Q1, so the January-March quarter last year 2015 vs now, is down. This has not happened in the smartphone industry in any YoY period. And some are now talking about 'peak smartphone'. That number COULD be a signal that smartphone industry growth has stalled and now peaked and smartphone sales will either plateau flat, or decline into the next year(s).
  • GhostBSD 10.3 Alpha Released With ZFS File-System Support, MATE 1.12
    The first alpha release was made available this weekend of GhostBSD 10.3 Alpha 1, a desktop focused operating system built atop FreeBSD 10.3.
  • 3D Printer Crowdfunding projects
    Like every Kickstarter project, there is a risk. But I think that Trinus appears to be a good project, we need to wait to the launch and review a real machine to know if it worth it. Also, the Youtube Channel Maker’s Muse, made a review of the project and the company Konama, creators of Trinus, sent him a the 3d printer and he currently makes the review of this printer that pledged more then 1 million dollars on KickStarter.
  • Refactoring the open-source photography community
    Generally speaking, most free-software communities tend to form around specific projects: a distribution, an application, a tightly linked suite of applications, and so on. Those are the functional units in which developers work, so it is a natural extension from there to focused mailing lists, web sites, IRC channels, and other forms of interaction with each other and users. But there are alternatives. At Libre Graphics Meeting 2016 in London, Pat David spoke about his recent experience bringing together a new online community centered around photographers who use open-source software. That community crosses over between several applications and libraries, and it has been successful enough that multiple photography-related projects have shut down their independent user forums and migrated to the new site, PIXLS.US.
  • DIY recycling, UCONN's open source chemistry book, and more news

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