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OSU open source founders leaving

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The founders of Oregon State University's Open Source Lab are leaving the organization to run a Portland startup, the school announced Thursday, creating a void at the top of one of the state's best-known open source organizations.

Losses double for SCO Group

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The SCO Group Inc.'s net loss for the fiscal second quarter more than doubled from a year ago, hampered by litigation expenses that totaled nearly $3.8 million in the quarter.

Build a Desktop with Kubuntu 6.06 LTS

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Kubuntu is one great distribution. It has something for everyone. This How-To is going to cover as much as I can. Its strengths lie in Debian and the Apt-Get package management system. The 2.6 kernel has come a long way and will run on anything from an old 486 to the modern Duocore cpu's along with everything in between. So Lets get to It!!!.

The Software Wars map

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Ever wonder what map might be hanging inside Fortress Gates, the super-secret center from which Lord Gates and his evil minion, Steve "the Undertaker" Ballmer, run the Evil Empire? Well, no I haven't either, but that hasn't stopped Steven Hilton.

Red Hat, JBoss execs call for Java openness

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At the Red Hat Summit, the annual convergence of users and partners of the Durham, N.C.-based commercial Linux vendor held here last week, Yeaton was joined by Shaun Connolly, vice president of product management at JBoss. The two open source executives took the opportunity to grouse about the current state of Java, touch upon plans for virtualization and rally on the need for openness by companies like Microsoft.

Installing Linux (Keeping Windows)

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If you have been using Windows for any length of time you will have acquired some expertise and probably built up a collection of files you don't want to lose, two reasons why you might think moving to Linux is going to be too much trouble. It isn't, trust me.

How To Samba With Suse 10.1 And Windows XP

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This guide is intended for those using Suse 10.1 and Samba with the firewall (SuSEfirewall2) enabled. It applies to machines in workgroups only, not domains. Samba works great out of the box with Suse 10.1 however the firewall adds some complexity to the issue. This guide was created from my attempts to make accessing all shares and printers on my Windows/Linux network work perfectly.

LinuxWorld SF looms

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IDG World Expo announced the exhibitor and keynote speaker line-ups for this summer's LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, themed "Fifteen Years of Breaking the Rules" and scheduled for Aug. 14-17, 2006 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.


Windows Vista Beta 2 now freely available

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Microsoft has opened up its new work in progress operating system Windows Vista Beta 2 for public scrutiny. However, be warned. You'll need pretty highly configured hardware to run it and a very fast internet connection to download the 3.5GB 32-bit or 4.4GB 64-bit version.

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Call for Participation for ApacheCon US 2006

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The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has announced the Call for Participation for ApacheCon US 2006, its 9th official conference. Lauded among the leading success stories in the Open Source community, the ASF stewards, incubates, and develops leading Open Source projects, including Apache HTTP Server, the world's most popular Web server software.

Breaking News: GNU/Hurd 1.0 Released!

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In what some are calling the most shocking development since the invention of fire, Richard M. Stallman today unveiled the first official release of the GNU Project's operating system kernel, GNU/Hurd 1.0.0.

My Penguin, The Doctor

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Many people in the Linux community know that its an operating system built to handle the most mission-critical of jobs. In fact, Linux is so stable, it can handle the most mission-critical job of all: managing the human heart.

Software Squashes Bugs With Help From Users, Open Source

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New open source software is being put to use by open source projects including Evolution, Gaim, theGimp, Gnome, Rhythmbox and others can more quickly find the worst bugs, including those that are causing hangups for most users. In turn, users can automatically report back on software quality with a program known as the Cooperative Bug Isolation Project.

Book review: Learning Perl

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The book Learning Perl will teach the reader how to begin writing code using the Perl language. The authors are not new to this subject matter. It would be hard to find a more qualified group to learn from. O’Reilly publishes this work in their familiar style and format. This book is commonly referred to as the Llama book.


Exploring the Ubuntu Professional Certification

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The newest certification available in the Unix/Linux world is that of Ubuntu Professional. Scheduled to become available worldwide through Pearson VUE and Prometric testing centers later this quarter, it debuted at LinuxWorld in Johannesburg, South Africa in May. The certification has been created through an alliance between Canonical, Ubuntu, and the Linux Professional Institute (LPI).

Hands on: How KIO can help simplify your work

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The two major open-source desktops are Gnome and KDE. Although architecturally and visually very different, they do work together somewhat. Both have some superb features, and we are going to look at one such feature KDE offers.

Using Debconf to configure a system

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DebConf is best known as an annual gathering of Debian developers. But the Debian project likes the name so much that it uses it -- give or take a capital "C" -- for the system used to configure Debian packages. Just as the conference is central to the social aspects of Debian, so the program is central to the package management system that is one of Debian's main technical advantages. Debconf gives users as fine a degree of control during configuration as they choose.

top 10 tips dealing with vi editor

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as a unix/linux system admin, my main text editor is vi/vim, since it is available in most of the unixes. still remember when i first started using it, not really an easy job man! but now i'm quite comfortable with it and would like to share my top 10 tips when dealing with this editor, in no particular order:

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Linux 4.6-rc6

Things continue to be fairly calm, although I'm pretty sure I'll still do an rc7 in this series. There's nothing particularly scary in here - there's a fix for a long-standing infiniband interface problem, but since you actually have to have the hardware for that, it's not like that is going to affect all that many people, and the workaround was pretty straightforward. The bulk of the rest is really just the normal random noise. Drivers (sound, gpu, ethernet being the bulk of it), architectures (arm, s390, x86), networking is the bulk of it. Shortlog appended for your edification, Linus Read more Also: Linux 4.6-rc6 Kernel Released, Codenamed "Charred Weasel"

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  • DragonBox Pyra Goes Up For Pre-Order
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DragonBox Pyra pre-orders begin (open Source handheld gaming PC)

The DragonBox Pyra is a portable computer that looks like a cross between a tiny laptop and a Nintendo DX game console… and it kind of works like a cross between those devices as well. It’s got a 5 inch display, a QWERTY keyboard, the Debian Linux operating system that can handle desktop apps as well as games, and physical gaming buttons. It’s been under development for several years, and it’s expected to be available for purchase soon for about 500 Euros (plus VAT). But if you want to help fund the developers you can now place a pre-order for 330 Euros and up. Read more