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Linux 2.6.20-rc6 Kernel Performance

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On top of our hardware reviews and comparisons at Phoronix we also cover and compare the latest ATI and NVIDIA drivers along with some of the other popular software packages; however, we have decided to feature Linux kernel performance comparisons with each major release. We will be covering some of the major highlights with each release as well as comparing its performance in a variety of tests against recent kernels.

Howto: switch from Ubuntu to Kubuntu or Xubuntu or Edubuntu or vice versa (6.10 edgy)

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I recently installed Ubuntu6.10 with the Kubuntu6.10 install cd. Why? I did not feel like downloading the Ubuntu iso while having the Kubuntu cd ready for usage. After a successful install of Kubuntu its easy to revert to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Quality Control Problems

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I have been a strong supporter of Ubuntu but am not a blind fan either. Ubuntu 6.10 “Edgy” is simply the worst linux version I have ever used in 8 years of running on Linux. Sure, “Dapper” had the infamous security update that crashed X losing 2 days of our productivity. But one big goof can be lived with - every thing else in Dapper was working well. But then we upgraded to Edgy and more serious problems began.

openSUSE 10.2 Network Boot and Installation HOWTO

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This HOWTO describes how to setup an openSUSE 10.2 machine to act as a network boot and install server. I have used this method to install openSUSE 10.2 on my Tablet PC (Toshiba Portege M200). The plan is to have a DHCP server assigning IPs, TFTP server for PXELINUX to be loaded (to load the openSUSE installer) and an NFS share to supply the installation files.

E is for elegant with Elive live CD

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Elive is a live CD Linux distribution based on Debian that uses the Enlightenment window manager. Elive aims to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment with a full suite of desktop applications that runs efficiently on older systems. Its developers aren't finished yet, but they've come a long way with Elive since the release of 0.3 more than a year ago. This CD shows how beautiful distributions can become without being bloated.

From KDE 3 to KDE 4: what we will leave behind

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The last commit digest made me thinking about applications development for KDE 4: several of the applications we really got used to in KDE 3 will be left behind because they will be replaced in one way or the other. So I decided to check which applications I know of will be replaced, and by what they will be replaced.

MySQL prepares for IPO and reveals Oracle endorsement

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Open source database vendor MySQL AB is preparing itself for an initial public offering, and could even be ready to go public before the end of the year, according to its CEO Marten Mickos.

Installing Multiple OS's Without A Floppy/CD/DVD/Etc

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This article explains how I managed to install over 50 various operating systems on my computer (1 hard drive) without having to burn the distro ISO to disk to boot from. (No floppy, usb, cd, dvd, etc. needed!)

NTFS 3G - first experiences

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One of the problems dual booters face is trying to share files between the Windows and Linux portions of their hard drive, as Linux’s support for NTFS, Windows’ default filesystem, has always been limited to read only, if any support at all. The Linux NTFS project aimed to put a stop to that, and build a fully-working read and write driver for NTFS, so that Linux can write natively to Windows partitions.

New LiMo Foundation looking to commoditize mobile Linux

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Last week, Motorola and five other cell phone manufacturers announced the official launch of the LiMo Foundation, a "global mobile Linux initiative." The foundation will work off mobile Linux in a private collaborative development environment that has its roots in open source, but isn't quite.

Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic, Samsung, and Vodafone are each throwing $800,000 into the not-for-profit foundation, whose stated purpose is to create a Linux-based "ecosystem" and foster private collaboration on commodity elements of mobile platform and application development.

Read more

OOo Basic crash course: Working with documents on an FTP server

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could access your Writer documents from any computer connected to the Internet and work with them as if they were on your local machine -- especially if this could be done transparently with just a couple of mouse clicks? To be able to do this, you don't have to install a full-blown document management solution or use a third-party file storage service. All you need is an FTP server and an OOo Basic macro.

Is Open Source Superior?

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It's sometimes hard to see through the brick and mortar of the commercial world, where trade secrets translate directly into dollars. But with open source, the code, the conversations between coders, and the bug tracking systems can be seen by everyone. That openness allows people to contribute and innovate in a variety of different ways.

Novell lands major Linux desktop contract in France

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At the Paris Solutions Linux show on Jan. 30, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Europe's second-largest automobile manufacturer, and Novell announced the signing of a multiyear contract for the deployment of up to 20,000 Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop installations plus 2,500 copies of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Migrate user accounts / data from old Linux server

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Migrating user accounts is not an easy task especially if you are a new admin. You need to make sure that file ownership, and password and group membership remains the same.

Firefox 2.0: happier browsing, but secure?

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It's long past time to bother telling anyone how much better than IE Firefox is. Faster, smaller, more responsive, with tabbed browsing and useful extensions galore. It's also lot more secure than IE, partly because it's open source, and particularly because it's not integrated with the underlying OS. Firefox's security bugs involve the browser only.

Debian Installer RC2 kick-off

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Frans Pop has announced that with the upload of the new kernel for Etch, they can now start seriously preparing the RC2 release of Debian Installer. He is particularly happy that they managed to fix some important issues in the graphical frontend, which is now a lot more stable than it was for RC1.

New Drupal 5 shines

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It's been five years since Drupal, the popular GPLed Web development framework, has had a major version release. The new Drupal 5, which debuted in earlier this month, was eight months in development and incorporates more than 1,000 patches from nearly half as many contributors. It also features overhauls and updates in system performance, usability, user interface, and theming.

Interview: Jens Axboe

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In this interview, Jens talks about how he got interested in Linux, how he became the maintainer of the block layer and other block devices, and what's involved in being a maintainer. He describes his work on IO schedulers, offering an indepth look at the design and current status of the CFQ scheduler, including a peek at what's in store for the future.

Speed Up Firefox web browser

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Mozilla Firefox is a graphical web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation. Started as a fork of the browser component (Navigator) of the Mozilla Application Suite, Firefox has replaced the Mozilla Suite as the flagship product of the Mozilla project. I am providing some Very Useful Tips to speedup your Firefox.

Almost famous

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Up until a few years ago, Linux was mainly used on servers. Now, it’s increasingly being used on desktop computers and notebook PCs. The Linux Counter Project estimates there are 29 million users, which would give it just about 3.6 percent of the total personal computer market worldwide. But a number of factors are likely to push these numbers higher.

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  • Red Hat's Results Underscore its Growing Focus on OpenStack
    Late last week, Red Hat reported earnings per share of 55 cents on revenue of $600 million, beating estimates of 54 cents and $590 million, respectively. One thing that went unsaid across much of the coverage is that the company is in the midst of a major shift in its strategy toward OpenStack-based cloud computing, and it looks like service revenues and positive momentum from that effort are starting to arrive. "Our growth was driven in part by expanding our footprint with customers as we closed a record number of deals over $1 million, up approximately 60 percent year-over-year," Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst said during his company's earnings call. Seven of the top 30 deals had OpenStack in there, nine had RHEV," Whitehurst said. "We had three OpenStack deals alone that were over $1 million. So I think we're seeing really, really, really good traction there."
  • Red Hat targets $5-b revenue in five years
    Open-source technology firm Red Hat Inc, which hit the $2-billion revenue milestone two quarters ago, is looking to achieve $2.4 billion in FY 2017 and $5 billion in the next five years. The company is betting on India, its second largest operation outside the US, as one of the key growth engines to help achieve its aspirational revenue goal of $5 billion by 2021. “India is a bright spot for Red Hat for three reasons,” Rajesh Rege, Managing Director, Red Hat India, told BusinessLine.
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    As most of you know, E14N is no longer my main job, and I've been putting my personal time, energy, and money into keeping the pump network up and running. I haven't always done a good job, and some of the nodes have just fallen off the network. I'd like to ask people in the community to start taking over the maintenance and upkeep of these servers.
  • Prodromou: Adopt a server
    There are currently around 25 servers in the federated network initially started by Prodromou, which does not count other instances. He notes that one important exception is the site, which is significantly larger than the rest, and which he would like to find a trusted non-profit organization to maintain.

Black Lab Linux 8 Beta 3 Released

The development team is pleased to announce the new Beta release of Black Lab Linux 8 – our latest OS offering to bring the best Linux desktop distribution currently on the market. This release moves the kernel and application set away from the prior LTS 14.04 base to the new 16.04 LTS base. Black Lab Linux 8 will showcase 3 desktop environments : MATE, LXDE and GNOME 3. Other improvements include: Full EFI support Kernel 4.4.0-38 LibreOffice 5.2 GNOME Video Rhythmbox Firefox 49 Thunderbird GIMP Full multimedia codec support Read more

Intel Core i7 6800K Benchmarks On Ubuntu + Linux 4.8

While the Core i7 6800K has been available for a few months now, there hadn't been any review on it since Intel hadn't sent out any Broadwell-E samples for Linux testing this time around. However, I did end up finally buying a Core i7 6800K now that the Turbo Boost Max 3.0 support is finally coming together (at first, Intel PR said it wouldn't even be supported on Linux) so that I can run some benchmarks there plus some other interesting items on the horizon for benchmarking. Here are some benchmarks of the i7-6800K from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with the Linux 4.8 kernel. Read more