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Quick Roundup

GoblinX 2.6 "Micro": still a few gaffes

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Linux Less than two weeks ago, I was opinionated on GoblinX 2.6 RC1: when beauty is kinky. The final version of the "full" GoblinX 2.6 has yet to come, but Flavio has released GoblinX 2.6 "Micro" four days ago.

SLAX on USB Drive

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HowTos There’s a shop in the vicinity of the place where I’m writing this article where you can buy 16 GB USB memory without any hassle (the memory is also called: PenDrive, USB Flash Drive, Flash Disk, FlashDrive, Finger Disk, Massive Storage Device, Flash Memory Stick Pen Drive — you know what that’s all about, don’t you?

some ubuntu stuff

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  • Making Ubuntu Linux Easier to Use

  • Video overview of Ubuntu Linux
  • Yet Another Useful Feature in Ubuntu…Whois Search
  • Comix - A Nifty Linux Comic Book Viewer
  • Tweaking Hidden Ubuntu Settings With Ubuntu Tweak

MakeHuman - Open Source Human Modeler

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Software Allow me to introduce the software that will change graphics on the Linux desktop forever. the Linux graphics toolkit has been missing one crucial tool: a way to quickly render human models, similar to the commercial, proprietary Poser. Well, we've got that now.

Opera: the huge missed opportunity?

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Software Let me take you back in time to a year I like to call 1996. Those were the murky days of 28.8kbps dial-up modems and “personal websites” that said “Welcome to my website! (under construction) Here’s my email address." It was also the prime of Netscape Navigator.

PCLinuxOS Repositories now include SAGE Math

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PCLinuxOS now includes SAGE Math in its download repositories. What is SAGE Math? It's an open source effort to replace expensive commercial closed-source mathematics software with open source alternatives.

2.6.24 kernel targeted for Gentoo 2008.0 release

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Gentoo Daniel Drake of the kernel team announced that gentoo-sources 2.6.24 has already entered the tree. Marked ~arch for testing, by the end of February it should hit stable.

Mandriva Linux 2008.1 Beta 1

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MDV With this innovative approach, Mandriva offers all the power and stability of Linux to both individuals and professional users in an easy-to-use and pleasant environment. Thousands of new users are discovering Linux each and every day and finding it a complete replacement for their previous operating system.

Two weeks on Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Despite enjoying my two weeks with Ubuntu as my primary desktop, a couple of massive problems would have stopped non-technical users dead in their tracks. Still not a mainstream product.

What about the Fighter, Writer, Gunna or Runner? My previous article where I asked "Are you a Slasher, Basher, Butcher or Pusher?" some people took it for what it was. Some of my readers mentioned that they didn't fit into any of my previous categories so here are some more.

Open-Source AMD RS690 3D Support

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Hardware David Airlie has just mentioned on his blog that there is now initial open-source 3D support for the RS690 chipset. AMD's RS690 is an IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) found on some motherboards and has been somewhat popular for HTPC/media purposes.

some howtos & such:

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  • Running KDE4 (Final) on Mandriva 2008

  • addrepo - Easiest way to add APT repositories
  • Extract NT Backup Files in Linux Using mtftar
  • DFSG = Debian Free Software Guidelines
  • How to install MS Font in Linux
  • Getting BBC iPlayer going on Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu contrast
  • VYM (View Your Mind): Easy mind mapping and drafting tool

Simple Home File Server (Based On Ubuntu)

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This tutorial explains how to turn an old PC with additional hard disks into a simple home file server. The file server is intended for home use. The home fi The Beeb and the penguin

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iTWire: The BBC and Linux - when you see the two words juxtaposed together, one tends to be surprised. Simply because all the recent coverage of the Beeb has been about the iPlayer fiascos - how the biggest public broadcaster came out with a player that could cater to just one platform.

PCLinuxOS is the best Distro

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tonyrs-blog.blogspot: I really like OpenSUSE Linux, but the best distro is PCLinuxOS. If there was ever an OS that could help me 'throw Windows out the window,' this is it. Ive tried using Mac as an alternative to Windows, but I guess it just wasn't for me.

Ubuntu Dell Inspiron 6400 : a quick review

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Ubuntu A month ago I ordered one of the new Ubuntu Dell on the Dell France website : the Inspiron 6400. The base price was around 450 euros, and I took almost all the upgrades, for a final price of around 750 euros.

Army's massive software initative designed to change the battlefield

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Linux They are working on the largest software program in Defense Department history, a project that the military says dwarfs Microsoft's Windows. Boeing and the Army said they chose not to use Microsoft's proprietary software because they didn't want to be beholden to the company, opting instead to develop a Linux-based operating system based on publicly available code.

Bear Mistake No. 1: Never sleep on Red Hat Inc.

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Linux Microsoft is still selling their Vista operating systems, good for them. But the future ladies and gentlemen is not Microsoft, rather it's all the nerdy coders that created the Open Source wave.

Everex CloudBook is delayed

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computerworld: Everex said today that its highly anticipated ultramobile CloudBook PC won't make it into U.S. consumers' hands for another month or so, as the Taiwanese vendor makes last-minute changes to its Linux-based software.

Supporting The Latest and Greatest; Supporting the Oldest and Slowest

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Caitlyn Martin: Like most people who do tech work of some sort or another for a living I love my toys. I’d love to have the latest and greatest gee whiz system and if I won the lottery I probably always would. Today’s best full-featured distros all have native 64-bit versions.

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