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Vmware Server Console — Introduction to Virtualization

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polishlinux: Switching between the two systems tends to be irritating, especially when the secondary sytem is needed only once - to run an application WINE has refused to start, for example. Now we introduce the virtualization technology which allows to us run several systems on the same computer, at the same time.

Linspire CEO Calls Certain Distros 'High-Brow Pirates'

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Linux Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony observed that "some distributions have come out, claiming to be taking the 'moral high ground' by refusing to give in to 'Microsoft threats,' while openly promoting the means of circumventing proprietary software on their web sites.

Italian Chamber approves Linux

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Linux All 630 representatives in the Italian Chamber of Deputies are now allowed to request Linux for their PCs and laptops to replace current software, typically based on the Windows/Office platform.

Katapult yourself to keyboard productivity

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HowTos If you like to keep your hands on the keyboard, you may find it tricky to launch new apps, open folder and documents, and change tracks in your music playlist. Katapult is an application launcher that does everything the Alt-F2 run dialog does, and much more.

Picture-perfect MythTV: how to improve video quality

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Rudd-O: Envious of how good TVTime looks compared to MythTV? Envy no more. We’re about to fix that for ya.

GPL: fear is the key

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iTWire: The third revision of the General Public Licence has been out for just short of three weeks but plenty of people are already questioning why take-up has been so slow.

Linux Ubuntu’s Compiz-Fusion!

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Ubuntu I’ve been using Linux Ubuntu 7.04 for less than a week. And I am soooo loving it! I love how simple and flexible it is. I can make it do anything I want!

Critic bashes Massachusetts on Open XML proposal

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computerworld: With about a week remaining to collect comments on a plan to adopt Ecma's Open XML standard, Massachusetts is mum on how the issue is fairing, but some who disagree with the action are already voicing their opinion publicly.

Also: OOXML Fails to Gain Approval in US

Gimp Tutorial - Mirrored Ball on Checkered Plane

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Penguin Pete: I can hear everybody now: "Petey!" you all say, slapping your foreheads Howie-Mandel-style, "Can't be!!!" Everybody knows that Mirrored Ball on Checkered Plane is the exclusive domain of 3D ray-tracers, in programs like Yafray and Blender and POVray, and in fact is such a cliche that it's the canonical first image you post in a POVray group as a rite-of-passage.

Installing The Avivo Driver On Ubuntu

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phoronix: It was just a month ago that the open-source Avivo driver for the ATI Radeon X1000 (R500) series was introduced to the public, but in this time we've seen some great progress made. If you are running into problems with the fglrx driver, stuck using the VESA driver for one reason or another, or just want to get rid of the binary blob and experiment with this open-source driver, we have written a guide for setting up the Avivo driver from source on Ubuntu.

Top List of Software Ubuntu users must have

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little ubuntu: Based on a somewhat current ubuntu forum thread titled “Top Ten List of Software you need in Ubuntu Linux” the author encourages you to take a look at his article and then comment on what are your top apps.

Epiphany and me

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Paul Cutler: A few months ago, I tried out Epiphany for 60 days after a particularily nasty Firefox crash caused me to lose a lot of content I was working on in a wiki page. At the end of the 60 days, I was pretty happy with Epiphany. However, a few things had me coming back to Firefox:

Comes vs Microsoft Petition Shows How Microsoft Blocked Linux Sales

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Jeremy’s Blog: Some people wonder why OEM Linux preloads like this didn’t happen sooner. Don’t forget that a couple companies did make small attempts, but were smacked down by Microsoft:

More AWN Eye Candy

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Software Neil Patel upated his blog with news that Avant Window Navigator, everyone’s favorite dock-like menu bar for GNOME, now had reflections enabled (and some bug fixes) in the latest subversion thanks to some contributors.

Introduction to Access Logging in Ubuntu Server

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HowTos In the default Ubuntu 6.06 LAMP server, the Apache webserver does not keep an access log. Apache’s access log is useful if you want to use a program to analyze the logs, or if you are just curious.

Linux: Rewriting the x86 Setup Code

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kernelTRAP: H. Peter Anvin submitted a series of patches rewriting the x86 setup code, "this patch set replaces the x86 setup code, which is currently all in assembly, with a version written in C, using the '.code16gcc' feature of binutils (which has been present since at least 2001.)"

How to Install Video Drivers on Fedora 7

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softpedia: If you want an easy method to install the drivers for your Nvidia or ATI/AMD graphics card, then this guide is for you. The guide uses the Livna Nvidia and ATI/AMD drivers because they are especially designed for Fedora 7.

One Million Downloads in 4 Months!!

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CyberOrg: Here are the statistics downloads from X11:XGL repository over at openSUSE Build Service. It is second in popularity to KDE3 only.

Bring in a torrent flood with Deluge

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FOSSwire: For years, BitTorrent has been a popular way to download and share files. On Linux, Azureus has always been the dominant client for connecting to the network, and for a while, people were satisfied. Deluge is one of those newer clients that has grown into life very quickly

HP, Dell: Time for An Ubuntu Printer Partnership

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allaboutubuntu: I finally took the time to connect my Hewlett-Packard PSC 2355 printer to my Dell Ubuntu PC. Finding the driver on the Web, installing it and activating the printer took only a few minutes. But the process is still much easier in the world of Windows XP. Here’s why.

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Latvian Ventspils controls costs with open source

The administration of Ventspils, Latvia’s sixth largest city, is an avid user of free and open source software. The main benefits: cost and resource optimisation. Read more

Ubuntu Touch finds a home on a conflict-free, fair-trade, user-maintainable handset

Handset maker Fairphone is teaming up with the community project UBports, which seeks to get Ubuntu Touch on mobile devices. They will be showing off Ubuntu Touch running on the Fairphone 2 during Mobile World Congress, which starts February 27 in Barcelona. While Ubuntu is probably not the first name that comes to mind when you think of mobile devices, the phone in question offers some compelling features. “UBports Foundation will be showcasing its work at the Canonical booth, the company behind Ubuntu. Canonical is planning to tell about the latest developments around the convergence of its devices and UBports Foundation will share its mission ‘Ubuntu On Every Device’ with the visitors,” UBports said in a February 8 press release. Currently, UBports’ website lists three devices as “fully working as daily drivers:” The OnePlus One, Nexus 5, and the Fairphone 2, with the latter showing all parts as functioning with Ubuntu Touch, save the GPS radio. (Interestingly, the UBports project website for the Fairphone 2 still lists the GSM radio [in addition to the GPS] as a work in progress. However there is a video of two people talking with the handset, so it’s likely the Fairphone 2 project website is out of date.) The website also has instructions for flashing Ubuntu to the Fairphone 2. Read more

BSD Leftovers

  • LLVM/Clang 4.0 Is Running Late Due To Seven Blocker Bugs
    LLVM 4.0 was supposed to have been released by now, but it's running late due to open blocker bugs. Hans Wennborg commented on the mailing list that while the release should have happened on 21 February, serving as release manager, he hasn't tagged the release yet due to open blocker bugs.
  • FreeBSD-Based pfSense 2.3.3 Open-Source Firewall Released with over 100 Changes
    Rubicon Communications' Jim Pingle announced the availability of a new point release to the pfSense 2.3 stable series, which adds over 100 improvements and a bunch of new features. Updated to FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p16, the pfSense 2.3.3 maintenance release is here more than seven months after the 2.3.2 update and introduces several new packages, including TFTP Server, LCDproc, cellular, and tinc, a lot of improvements for the OpenVPN and IPsec implementations, as well as numerous stability and security fixes from FreeBSD. Dozens of bug fixes are included in pfSense 2.3.3 for WebGUI, graphs and monitoring, gateways and routing, notifications, Dynamic DNS, captive portal, NTP and GPS, DNS, resolver and forwarder, DHCP and DHCPv6 servers, router advertisements, HA and CARP, traffic shaping, firewall, rules, NAT, aliases, states, users, authentication, and privileges.
  • “Hi, I’m jkh and I’m a d**k”
    Yesterday, I was privy to a private email message discussing a topic I care deeply about. I contacted the author and said “You really need to make this public and give this a wider audience.” His response boiled down to “if I wanted it to get a wider audience, I was welcome to do so myself.” So here’s my first ever guest post, from Jordan K Hubbard, one of the founders of the FreeBSD Project. While this discussion focuses on FreeBSD, it’s applicable to any large open source project.

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