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XPressLinux: Installation Walkthrough with Screenshots

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XPressLinux is designed to be easy to use and familiar for Windows users. It will install easily over an existing Windows system, allowing the user to access their existing programs & documents.

Graphics creation on GNU/Linux: nice stuff and big hurdles

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A great deal of the web is GNU/Linux based: most of it runs on LAMP servers, and some content is created with great tools such as the GIMP, Inkscape and a fancy notepad (or Vi, or Emacs—don’t start). Pen tablets are recognised and used, you have access to effects plug-ins, you can work on bitmaps or vectors (thanks Mr Pierre Bézier! Your name will remain in history). On the other hand, as soon as you want to have your work printed, it’s another matter.

Is Now the Time to Move to Linux?

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The biggest reason for migrating to Linux is freedom, said Patrick Davila, co-host of an online Linux talk show. Linux is not owned by anyone and is the ultimate community project.

FreeCol 0.5.3 Released

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Version 0.5.3 of FreeCol, a free/open-source Colonization clone, has been released. The objective of the game is to colonize the New World.

Picking Up the Desktop Slack

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A version of Vista for "business customers" (whatever that means) came out last week and along with it, we're getting a barrage of 'what's the matter with Linux on the desktop' commentary. The truth is that this 'always a bridesmaid but never a bride' routine is getting a bit old.

War for Linux Doesn't Even Exist; Is Not Lost Regardless

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The volume of recent articles chronicling the successes of Linux may have led you to believe that it has a lot of momentum. This is true. The data in that article shows that Microsoft’s Windows servers’ revenue grew by 4.6% this year, Linux’s by 5.4%, and Unix’s declined by 1.7%. This means that Linux servers are still a more popular choice than Windows servers while Unix servers are becoming less and less popular.


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This year is quickly coming to a close and we are here again with what has become a yearly ritual for Phoronix. Time and time again with each NVIDIA and ATI Linux driver release we thoroughly examine the change-log as well as dissecting the performance changes through our rigorous benchmarking process. Now for this article we are retesting all of the major display drivers released this year to see how they compare as a whole. Without further ado, we present the NVIDIA AYiR 2006!

The Penguin in the Sandbox

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Virtualization is the hot buzzword these days. Everyone is all excited over this latest, greatest miracle computer cure. It transforms your computing infrastructure into a shiny empire of efficiency and contentment, makes you an IT Hero and it repairs bad haircuts. So what are you waiting for?

Playing with Hydrogen Drum Kit for Linux

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I like poking around in KDE to see what I’ve got installed. Yeah, I installed a bunch of applications with OpenSuse and didn’t look at every one of them in detail. The one I thought I’d talk about a little today though is a slick drumkit called Hydrogen.

Review - Ubuntu 6.10 the Edgy Eft

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It's been nearly a year since I took a look an Ubuntu Linux - and I have to say they are on track with a great distribution of Linux. In the past we've looked for software to uproot Windows, and replace aging systems with something more modern. Now with Microsoft Windows Vista to be launched next month to the public - we take a look at, in my mind, the most viable desktop workstation to move to available.

Tip of the Trade: BeleniX

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Say you've read all the nice things about OpenSolaris and decided, well, hey, it's time to install and test this open source, free genuine Unix with all these advanced features everyone is raving about. So you dig up a test box, download OpenSolaris, and install it. Or try to... But fear not, the ace Unix geeks at the India Engineering Center of Sun Microsystems in Bangalore, India have created BeleniX.

Winzig: A portable PIM that understands usability

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Winzig is a free, low-resource personal information manager (PIM) written in Python. It fits address book, calendar, to-do list, note-taking, and more into one small, fixed-sized window -- perfect for embedded devices, and if you care about your screen real estate, good for desktop systems as well.

Novell Swings to 4Q Profit From Loss

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Novell Inc., which provides computer networking and Linux operating systems, on Tuesday said it expects to swing to a profit in the fiscal fourth quarter, helped by lower costs. However, sales missed estimates and the company forecast 2007 revenue below Wall Street's consensus, sending shares lower aftermarket.

$150 Laptops to Get Rival in Brazil

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Intel Corp. said Tuesday its diminutive low-cost laptop will be evaluated in Brazil next year alongside a cheaper alternative from a nonprofit group seeking to bring computers to poor children worldwide.

Politics versus Pragmatism

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I consider myself a pretty easy going guy, but my recent adventures in Linux would lead me to pull my hair out... It all started Sunday afternoon, when I decided that I would upgrade my laptop from Dapper Drake to Edgy Eft.

Build an Ajax app using Googel Web Toolkit, Apache Derby, and Eclipse

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Google Web Toolkit makes building a rich Ajax browser client interface even easier than building traditional Java GUI interfaces. Learn the basics of GWT in this first article in a series, including how GWT lets you create an Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) application and still write your code in the Java language. Discover how to create and run a small sample GWT application -- a hot new Web 2.0 business called Slicr, which sells pizza online.

Installing Puppy Linux to your Hard Drive

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My love affair with Puppy is becoming quite torrid! I’ve recently installed it on an older IBM T21 which was running like a dog (nyuck, nyuck) with Ubuntu on it. Puppy is like a breath of fresh air - fast, smooth and easy to use. It’s turned this old laptop into a machine I can really use at work. Here’s a step by step covering how to install and update Puppy to a hard drive.

Musings on Vista

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In all the hoopla over the release of Vista, I'm struck by one thing: how little there is in it for the typical user. In the end all that an end user would find worthy of remark is eye candy: the Aero interface.

Sun exec rallies behind GPLv3

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Sun's chief open-source officer has backed the third version of the GPL. Using his company's blog, Simon Phipps said that existing work towards GPLv3 had been "extraordinary and effective" and he said he is "frankly amazed by the criticisms".

Reading Lines from Files in Linux

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cat - The cat command is so called because (in the words of its man page) it “concatenates files and prints them to standard output.” So the command:

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Beta Adds NVDIMM Support, Improves Security

Today, August 25, 2016, Red Hat announced that version 7.3 of its powerful Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system is now in development, and a Beta build is available for download and testing. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Beta brings lots of improvements and innovations, support for new hardware devices, and improves the overall security of the Linux kernel-based operating system used by some of the biggest enterprises and organizations around the globe. Among some of the major new features implemented in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 release, we can mention important networking improvements, and support for Non-Volatile Dual In-line Memory Modules (NVDIMMs). Read more Also: CentOS 6 Linux OS Receives Important Kernel Security Update from Red Hat Release of Red Hat Virtualization 4 Offers New Functionality for Workloads

Ubuntu 16.10 Beta 1 Released, Available to Download Now

The Ubuntu 16.10 Beta 1 releases are now available to download. You know the drill by now: {num} Ubuntu flavors, some freshly pressed ISOs, plenty of new bugs to find and no guarantees that things won’t go boom. Read more Also: Ubuntu 16.10 Beta Launches for Opt-in Flavors, Adds GCC 6.2 and LibreOffice 5.2

Games for GNU/Linux

PC-BSD Becomes TrueOS, FreeBSD 11.0 Reaches RC2

  • More Details On PC-BSD's Rebranding As TrueOS
    Most Phoronix readers know PC-BSD as the BSD operating system derived from FreeBSD that aims to be user-friendly on the desktop side and they've done a fairly good job at that over the years. However, the OS has been in the process of re-branding itself as TrueOS. PC-BSD has been offering "TrueOS Server" for a while now as their FreeBSD-based server offering. But around the upcoming FreeBSD 11.0 release they are looking to re-brand their primary desktop download too now as TrueOS.
  • FreeBSD 11.0-RC2 Arrives With Fixes
    The second release candidate to the upcoming FreeBSD 11 is now available for testing. FreeBSD 11.0-RC2 ships with various bug fixes, several networking related changes, Clang compiler fixes, and other updates. FreeBSD 11.0 is bringing updated KMS drivers, Linux binary compatibility layer improvements, UEFI improvements, Bhyve virtualization improvements, and a plethora of other work. Those not yet familiar with FreeBSD 11 can see the what's new guide.