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Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft Knot 2 Screenshots

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Hitting the burner this week is Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) Knot 2. Some of the changes beyond Ubuntu Edgy Eft Knot 1 is X.Org 7.1.1, GNOME 2.16.0 RC1, new boot splash screen, F-Spot, Firefox 2.0 Bon Echo, and much more. As usual we have provided a few visuals from this Ubuntu development release.

Sharing Software Rather Than Building Walls

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Have you heard of Windows and Mac operating systems? Almost everyone who uses a computer will say "Yes." However, not so many are familiar with an operating system called Linux. Linux can be seen as an alternative and an answer to the current locked source code software trend that overwhelmingly controls the market. This is why Linux has built cult-like following among enthusiasts and believers in the open source movement.

Interview: Timothy Miller, Open Graphics Project

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Timothy Miller is the founder of the Open Graphics Project. In 1999, he started learning chip design on the job, because the kinds of graphics chips that his employer needed couldn't be bought from 3rd parties anymore. He has been designing graphics chips and graphics-related chips ever since.

Old PC To New Router With Gentoo Linux

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Don’t throw that old PC away just yet, it still has some life in it yet. No matter how bad your old PC is it can always be used as a router, and your old router as a switch. All you need is two nic cards for it.

Book Review: Drupal - Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals, and Community Websites

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I am sure anyone who has anything to do with computers have heard of a system administrator. But not many would be aware of a content management administrator or more specifically a Drupal administrator.

Happy 10th Anniversary KDE

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10 years ago, on October 14th 1996, Matthias Ettrich announced a project to create a complete and consistent GUI for the prospering Linux operating system. The project grew and matured and now it is 2006 and KDE is one of the largest Free Software projects.

Equinox Desktop Environment 1.1 is released

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After a year from 1.0.4, we are happy to announce a new release. It comes with a lot of changes, following release of efltk to version 2.0.6.


Gentoo Linux 2006.1 review

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In one respect, Gentoo Linux 2006.1 is the same as it's always been, except with newer software on the installation media. Beginning with version 2006.0, though, a graphical environment was added to the live CD along with an installation program that rarely worked properly. The good news is, the installer works reasonably well in Gentoo 2006.1; the bad news is, it's still quicker and easier to install by hand via the command line.

Why Ubuntu Got It All Wrong

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At first glance Ubuntu appears to be the answer to the prayers of Linux evangelists worldwide. It has a great website, great marketing, an enigmatic philanthropist leader, a devoted community and a philosophy which seems to mirror that of the wider free software community in stark contrast to its enterprise counterparts. With such a stellar resume one has to ask the question, is Ubuntu too good to be true?

Inteview with Croteam's Vedran Skrnjug on Serious Sam 2

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In an interview with Croteam's Vedran Skrnjug we've had the opportunity to get some information about the upcoming linux release of Serious Sam 2. The interview gives some background information about the motivation for the port and some details about the expected game.

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and Automatix - Making Linux Work

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Ubuntu is an enigma. So what really makes this distro stand out from other community projects like openSuse, Freespire, Debian? Well, I think what pulls many is the simplicity to the tool, how they kept true to Linux ideals by making a software that wasn't like windows in every aspect, yet was easiest enough to function for newbies.

Howto: build Linux kernel module against installed kernel w/o full kernel source tree

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How do I build Linux kernel module against installed or running Linux kernel? Do I need to install new kernel source tree from To be frank you do not need a new full source tree in order to just compile or build module against the running kernel.

The Problem With St. Ignucius

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No single product has done more to fuel the Cheap Revolution than Linux. This free operating system runs in Wall Street banks and Hollywood special effects shops, on supercomputers and smart phones, TiVo boxes and network routers. Now, some of the hackers who started this wonderful free software movement are threatening to screw the whole thing up.

Mandriva 2007 Beta 3 Report

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It was no secret that Mandriva released Beta 3 to their upcoming 2007 yesterday. I saw the news carried on just about every Linux site out there. I'm not sure why all the excitement and attention this time, I must have missed something. I mean, I'm always quite excited, but that kind of press is usually reserved for major releases or developmental milestones. Perhaps beta 3 is a milestone. There are some nice new features this time and perhaps this is why it was so noteworthy. It took me over 24 hours, but I finally got the 586/x64_86 dvd downloaded and burnt. This is what we found.

Virginia Highschoolers can Take Linux Classes

Want to learn the Linux computer operating system? If you're an Amelia County high school student, the opportunity is there.

The Moon in your hands

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NASA has a developed a virtual Moon, much like Google Earth, that lets users zoom around three-dimensional visualizations of the terrain. Declan Butler talks to Patrick Hogan, manager of NASA's World Wind project, about the software.

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Leftovers: OSS and Sharing

Security Leftovers

  • Chrome vulnerability lets attackers steal movies from streaming services
    A significant security vulnerability in Google technology that is supposed to protect videos streamed via Google Chrome has been discovered by researchers from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Cyber Security Research Center (CSRC) in collaboration with a security researcher from Telekom Innovation Laboratories in Berlin, Germany.
  • Large botnet of CCTV devices knock the snot out of jewelry website
    Researchers have encountered a denial-of-service botnet that's made up of more than 25,000 Internet-connected closed circuit TV devices. The researchers with Security firm Sucuri came across the malicious network while defending a small brick-and-mortar jewelry shop against a distributed denial-of-service attack. The unnamed site was choking on an assault that delivered almost 35,000 HTTP requests per second, making it unreachable to legitimate users. When Sucuri used a network addressing and routing system known as Anycast to neutralize the attack, the assailants increased the number of HTTP requests to 50,000 per second.
  • Study finds Password Misuse in Hospitals a Steaming Hot Mess
    Hospitals are pretty hygienic places – except when it comes to passwords, it seems. That’s the conclusion of a recent study by researchers at Dartmouth College, the University of Pennsylvania and USC, which found that efforts to circumvent password protections are “endemic” in healthcare environments and mostly go unnoticed by hospital IT staff. The report describes what can only be described as wholesale abandonment of security best practices at hospitals and other clinical environments – with the bad behavior being driven by necessity rather than malice.
  • Why are hackers increasingly targeting the healthcare industry?
    Cyber-attacks in the healthcare environment are on the rise, with recent research suggesting that critical healthcare systems could be vulnerable to attack. In general, the healthcare industry is proving lucrative for cybercriminals because medical data can be used in multiple ways, for example fraud or identify theft. This personal data often contains information regarding a patient’s medical history, which could be used in targeted spear-phishing attacks.
  • Making the internet more secure
  • Beyond Monocultures
  • Dodging Raindrops Escaping the Public Cloud