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IBM focuses on Drupal for new developerWorks series

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The popular IBM developerWorks site has started a new series entitled "Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site". After reviewing numerous open source packages such as Typo3, Mambo, and the ever-hyped Ruby on Rails, they "decided to use Drupal", remarking that it "provided the right combination of framework and flexibility . . . to get the job done".

Novell's Roger Levy Sees Desktop Future for Linux

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"I think the next steps for interoperability will be a growing need for tools that make it easier for users to migrate from Windows to Linux," said Roger Levy, Novell vice president and general manager of open platform solutions. "Most businesses have specialized applications that they will need to see on Linux before they can totally switch to an open platform."

Still Waiting: Firefox 2.0 Beta Previews

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The first beta version of the Firefox 2.0 browser could be released as soon as today, according to a note posted to Mozilla's Web site. This much-anticipated release will be made no later than the end of this week, and no sooner than Tuesday. Here are a couple of articles and a bunch of screenshots to ease the wait.

Linux Vendors Try To Beat Microsoft To Widespread Virtualization

With Microsoft trying to ramp up its Windows Virtual Server for release next year, Red Hat, Novell, Xandros, and other Linux vendors are pulling out the stops toward virtualization in hopes that Linux might start to beat Windows as the base operating system of choice among enterprises and small businesses.

SMEs and open source - a perfect marriage?

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Small businesses can benefit from switching to open source, says Danny Bradbury - just be careful which applications you choose to move.

Open source casts new mold for type design

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The open-source approach, born in the field of programming, is catching on in a new area: type design. In 2003, type design company Bitstream, in conjunction with the GNOME Foundation, released a font family called Vera for open-source use. Now, with Vera essentially dormant, an international group has picked up work on an offshoot called DejaVu.

aDesklets: Eye candy for the Linux desktop

Have you ever seen the Mac OS X desktop and wished all that eye candy were available for Linux? Now you can jazz up your Linux desktop with desklets -- nifty little windows that float on your desktop and display information such as weather updates, system monitors, and calenders. Once you have aDesklets installed, you can download and install an assortment of desklets.

Microsoft takes open source short cut

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WHEN THE champion of proprietary software Microsoft needed to build its new Open Document format plug-in it seemed happy to take Open Source code to run it.

MySQL names new executives

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Open-source database company MySQL named two new executives Monday. Paul Weinstein was named as executive vice president of business development and Clint Smith was named as general counsel.

Novell to release updated SUSE Linux in July

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Novell officials have confirmed a release later this month of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10, just one month after the company unveiled a free public preview of the software. The preview was the first opportunity many users had to test Novell's commercial version of the openSUSE desktop environment.

Ultimate desktop search: Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 and Beagle

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Desktop searching has always been a little confusing to me. In typical FOSS fashion, developers saw a good idea and made it better. The result was Beagle.

End to Win98 support may boost desktop Linux

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From today, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates or provide support for Windows 98 and Windows ME, which could lead users to trying alternative operating systems such as Linux.

Industry Group Analyzes Enterprise Storage and Grid Computing Directions

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The Globus Consortium - a Grid computing industry group driven by Cisco, HP, IBM, Intel, Nortel, Sun and Univa - today released the July issue of the Globus Consortium Journal (

KDE and Distributions: Red Flag Interview

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Red Flag Desktop Linux is the leading distribution in China and surrounding regions. Huang JianZhong, a Senior Manager in the Desktop Product R&D Department of Red Flag, speaks below about the history of Red Flag Linux and their relationship with KDE.


Mozilla To Release Firefox 2.0 Beta Tuesday

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Mozilla Corp., which will release the first beta of its Firefox 2.0 browser Tuesday, posted Windows, Mac, and Linux release candidates on its FTP servers over the weekend.

Linux 101: Get control with these secure service management tools

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A critical part of the process of securing any computer is maintaining positive control over the services that are running. This document shows you how to configure a PC running the Linux operating system for secure service management.

$100 Laptop Rollout Ever Closer

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Things have progressed since the $100 laptop prototype was first publicly unveiled at a press conference with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and MIT's Nicholas Negroponte at last year's second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis, Tunisia.

Q&A: New Novell CEO in all-out Linux push

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Novell’s new CEO Ronald Hovsepian and current CTO Jeffrey Jaffe have a lot to talk about, as the company refocuses on open-source software following an executive shakeup in June.

The Open Source Advantage in Secure Application Development

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The security benefits and risks of Open Source code is one of the most debated topics in information security today. Knowledge is always a double-edged sword in that it can be applied for either good or evil purposes.

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