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Story 12 Things New in Ubuntu 11.10 srlinuxx 29/08/2011 - 2:17am
Story Firefox 6 already sees bump in traffic soon after debut srlinuxx 29/08/2011 - 2:13am
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Story A Look Through Fedora 16 Alpha srlinuxx 26/08/2011 - 9:26pm
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Story Arch Linux moves up to Linux 3.0 srlinuxx 26/08/2011 - 4:19pm

BBC web TV revamp: Linux and Apple are in, Free music is out...

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The BBC has announced its web TV plan will provisionally go ahead, despite concern from media watchdog Ofcom over how the launch would affect the UK's commercial telly.

Also: Calling all Brits…again

The succession problem and open source

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The history of computing is the history of entrepreneurs. Open source does not have any big time entrepreneurs. Its visionaries, like Linus Torvalds, Bruce Perens and Richard Stallman, sit outside the corporate culture. Open source is not designed to create kingdoms, but democracies.

“2007: the year of open source”

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David Plain, Practice Manager for Novell in Scotland, believes that 2007 will be the year open source software proves its commercial viability in the wider marketplace.

Declaring Open Source

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The U.S. Code is the operating system of our system of government, the line-by-line instructions that govern our federal government. The code contains provisions for pretty much everything you can think of and lots of stuff that causes wonderment about its inclusion. But, if you search the U.S. Code for the phrase “open source” you’re not going to find anything.

Collaborative work with OpenOffice: PengYou

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Quite some time ago I was searching for the possibility to have a server side storage for documents, and to work on them together with others. Sure, in principal you can realize that with KOffice and kparts where you access and store all data over ssh on a server. But first of all that is not supported by OpenOffice, and it would be cool to have this also with some kind of web interface to check the versions of the documents, etc. So I continued my search - and found PengYou.

Seeing the Dawn of Vista by the Light of Open Source

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In this article, Mark Rais shares how the new release of MS Vista even more effectively conveys the benefits of OSS.

Get your geek and groove on

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Artistic geeks often find creative ways to combine technology and art. A love for good software and beautiful guitars is what inspired Canadian luthier Mark Kett to begin the Linux Guitar Project. Kett had an idea for a travel guitar and through some brainstorming came up with the idea for an "open source" electric guitar -- designed from the ground up by community consensus and fitted with Linux technology.

Jono Bacon: Make videos, win stuff

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Technalign and Canonical have hooked together for a competition for all you orange sunglasses wearing, kilted, Lost-loving video makers, and the rest of us who fancy a go at making videos. Send in a decent video and you could bag a prize.

Synaptic Package Manager Tutorial For Ubuntu

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Synaptic is a graphical user interface (GUI) for managing software packages on Debian-based distributions. If you are using Debian or Ubuntu you will easily find Synaptic in the System Tools menu or in the Administration menu. We will see how to add repositories, install, remove, and update software packages.

Nokia's New N800 Internet Tablet

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The N800 offers one major advantage over many rivals. Because it can use a Wi-Fi connection, the tablet allows for easy Web use and Web calling from public hotspots. And the viewing experience is better than that of most of today's Internet-capable smartphones.

How To Set Up An IRC Server And Anope IRC Services

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This tutorial describes how to set up and run an UnrealIRCD server on OpenSuSE 10.2 and Fedora Core 6. It also shows how to install Anope IRC services. Anope is a set of Services for IRC networks that allows users to manage their nicks and channels in a secure and efficient way, and administrators to manage their network with powerful tools.

AmaroK - A versatile music player for GNU/Linux

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I was always of the impression that the function of a music player was little more than playing music. That impression took a beating when I tried a versatile music player called AmaroK.

Your recipes needed for the Official Ubuntu Book!

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With the huge success of the Official Ubuntu Book, work is afoot to create a revised edition for Feisty, and we again need your help! If you are interested in contributing, write it up and send it to Corey. Those recipes selected for inclusion in the book will get a free signed copy of the book.

Combining Linux Kernel with Windows?

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In a quote from Forbes, McVoy had mentioned that he would be "thrilled" to see Microsoft blend the Linux kernel with their existing tools and libraries. No, this isn’t a joke. McVoy, CEO of BitMover, actually said this.

Also: Windows Software Installation by Novell

Foil Wireless Poachers and Have Fun Doing It (Part 2)

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Last week we learned some fun ways to mess with the minds of wireless freeloaders, and introduced ourselves to some methods for finding out who is on our networks. Today we're going to learn some different ways to kick unwanted visitors off networks, and how to see exactly who is lurking on our airwaves.

Free Operating System For Blind: Adriane Knoppix

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Klaus and Andriane Knopper are working on an operating system for the blind, and as compared to other solutions available, this one is absolutely free!

A More Productive Kerry Beagle

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Last year I wrote about some options for desktop search on Linux. Since then many of the projects have advanced and newer ones like Tracker and Strigi show signs of widespread adoption over the next year. Not to be overshadowed, Kerry Beagle came out with a 0.2.1 release that addresses many of the previous version's deficiencies.

Mitchell Baker and the Firefox Paradox

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Its products are free. Its work force is largely volunteer. Its meetings are open to anyone. It's a nonprofit. It may be the hottest tech company in America.

Fedora hardware profiler: meet “smolt”

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A posting at revealed the availability of smolt - a tool to gather information about the hardware of the Fedora users. The basic idea is that you submit your hardware profile together with a unique ID to a central server after installation.

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    One of the key points of Plasma is while giving a simple default desktop experience, not limiting the user to that single, pre-packed one size fits all UI.
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    Four weeks after the release of KDevelop 5.0.1, we are happy to announce the availability of KDevelop 5.0.2, a second stabilization release in the 5.0 series. We highly recommend to update to version 5.0.2 if you are currently using version 5.0.1 or 5.0.0.
  • Wayland improvements since Plasma 5.8 release
    Two weeks have passed since the Plasma 5.8 release and our Wayland efforts have seen quite some improvements. Some changes went into Plasma 5.8 as bug fixes, some changes are only available in master for the next release. With this blog post I want to highlight what we have improved since Plasma 5.8.
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    Plasma 5.8 was only released at the beginning of October but already there has been a number of Wayland improvements queuing up for the next milestone, Plasma 5.9. KWin maintainer Martin Gräßlin wrote a blog post yesterday about some of the early Wayland changes coming for Plasma 5.9. Some of this early work for the next KDE Plasma 5 release includes resize-only borders, global shortcut handling, support for keyboard LEDs via libinput, relative pointer support, the color scheme syncing to the window decoration, window icon improvements, multi-screen improvements, panel imporvements, and more.
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  • FOSDEM Desktops DevRoom 2016 all for Participation
    FOSDEM is one of the largest (5,000+ hackers!) gatherings of Free Software contributors in the world and happens each February in Brussels (Belgium, Europe). Once again, one of the tracks will be the Desktops DevRoom (formerly known as “CrossDesktop DevRoom”), which will host Desktop-related talks. We are now inviting proposals for talks about Free/Libre/Open-source Software on the topics of Desktop development, Desktop applications and interoperability amongst Desktop Environments. This is a unique opportunity to show novel ideas and developments to a wide technical audience.
  • LatinoWare
    Yesterday, Wednesday 19 oct, was the first day of LatinoWare thirteen edition hosted in the city of Foz do Iguaçu in Parana state with presence of 5155 participants and temperature of 36ºC. Currently this is the biggest event of free software in Brazil.
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