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SuSE 10.1 RC3 or Final

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The OpenSuSE Roadmap for their 10.1 release schedule has been updated: It now appears that a RC3 might be in the works and possibly released on Apr 28.


Linux desktop standard ropes in industry heavyweights

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An initiative to create a standardised Linux desktop, with the support of the major vendors, has brought user friendly open source PCs one step closer to reality.

Also: KDE's core library - Qt - included in new LSB desktop standard

Network your music with DAAP for Linux

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Apple's iTunes popularized the Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP) for simple networked music playlist sharing. Linux users can take advantage of it too. Linux users can choose from several easy-to-use DAAP servers for sharing music, and several DAAP-aware applications for listening to it -- as well as discover and tune in to other people's collections.

Speedup DNS requests with a local cache

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One common server bottleneck is DNS lookups. Many common server tasks such as from looking up hostnames to write Apache logfiles and processing incoming mail require the use of DNS queries. If you're running a high-traffic system it might be useful to cache previous lookups.

Sourcefire Has Big Plans For Open-Source Snort

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The U.S. government may have stopped Sourcefire Inc.'s plans to merge with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., but Sourcefire still has big plans for the expansion of its open-source Snort-based network security technology.

Microsoft Complains Rivals Get 'Free Ride'

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Microsoft Corp. complained Wednesday that the European Commission had forced it to hand over trade secrets to rivals, effectively giving them a "free ride" on the work the software maker did to acquire new customers and develop new technologies. But Microsoft's rivals said the company was trying to turn the case into a debate over intellectual property rights and skirt the commission's argument that Microsoft has abused its monopoly.

Banks 'should give back to open source community'

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Linux on Wall Street: Financial companies are making increasing use of open source, but experts say they are among the worst where it comes to 'playing nice'

10 world-changing social innovations

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As named in the Young Foundation publication Social Silicon Valleys, A Manifesto For Social Innovation

8. Linux software - and other open source methods such as Wikipedia and Ohmynews that are transforming many fields.

Writing device drivers in Linux: A brief tutorial

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There are several different devices in Linux. For simplicity, this brief tutorial will only cover type char devices loaded as modules. Kernel 2.6.x will be used (in particular, kernel 2.6.8 under Debian Sarge, which is now Debian Stable).

Killing With Linux: A Primer

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So there you are, dutifully wading through the documentation for whatever gnarly Linux application you're rassling into submission. You're running commands and editing configuration files and things are working and life is good. Until -- yes, you knew the good times weren't going to last -- until you hit the dreaded "send the process a SIGHUP" instruction.


YaST (Yet another SUSE 10.1 RC2 Trial), Part 2

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Installing Xgl on Suse 10.1 RC2 couldn't be simpler. It does require video acceleration; typically, that means using an nVidia or ATI graphics card with the manufacturer's proprietary drivers installed (see the Xgl page on the Suse wiki for more information).


Enhance boot-time security with GRUB passwords

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The security of data files on your computer is at risk, and not just because you are connected to the Internet. Anyone with physical access to your machine can bypass all passwords to gain entry to your hard disk with one simple command given to the bootloader. Fortunately, the popular GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB) is equipped with security features to prevent such an 'attack.' It can password protect each entry of your boot menu.

PVR stack, Gentoo Linux convert PC to PVR

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SageTV is distributing its personal video recording (PVR) software on a Gentoo Linux installation CD. The company previously sold a Windows-based version of its Media Center software, while offering its Linux version only to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Additionally, the company is shipping a "place-shifting" add-on for both versions.

The benefits of ubiquitous Linux

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Linux continues to make highly visible inroads into IT infrastructure, with IDC reporting 14 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth in Linux server shipments through the third quarter of last year. Less visible to both IT professionals and casual observers alike is the equally impressive penetration of Linux in a wide range of client devices, from routers to firewalls, from private branch exchanges to voice-over-IP phones, from printers to imaging devices and from thin clients to smart mobile phones.

Open source proponents push virtualization technology at financial conference.

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At the 2006 Linux/Open Source on Wall Street conference at New York City’s Roosevelt Hotel on Monday, Linux vendors such as Novell and Red Hat pushed the advantages of the technology ushered in by the XenSource open source product Xen 3.0.

Open-source Group: 'Talk Among Yourselves' And Learn

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Open-source software is everywhere, but how does a large company -- from its executive team down to its IT staff -- figure out what applications are right for its users while not endangering its core business?

Open source breaks distance barrier

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WITH software at the heart of online and distance education, the value of open source software that is simple and robust is becoming increasingly apparent, according to Peter Hughes, co-ordinator of the media studies program at Victoria's La Trobe University.

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    A consultation to develop a framework for consistent licensing of New Zealand Government open source software has been carried out successfully in an open and transparent manner, says Paul Stone, Programme Leader Open Government Data at Land Information NZ.

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