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Story Microsoft confirms UEFI fears, locks down ARM devices srlinuxx 2 15/01/2012 - 8:14am
Story Linux in 2012: what to expect srlinuxx 15/01/2012 - 3:46am
Story Perens: the FOSS fire still burns srlinuxx 15/01/2012 - 3:45am
Story Ubuntu in the Corporate srlinuxx 15/01/2012 - 12:00am
Story Big Bash Of Video Players On Gnome 3 srlinuxx 14/01/2012 - 11:56pm
Story Fedora vs. openSUSE vs. CentOS: Which Distribution Should You Use? srlinuxx 14/01/2012 - 11:52pm
Story today's leftovers: srlinuxx 7 14/01/2012 - 5:18pm
Story Fedora Running Beefy Contest srlinuxx 14/01/2012 - 5:39am
Story 3 Nice Blender Made Games for Linux srlinuxx 13/01/2012 - 11:42pm
Story Major Changes to Take Place to the Internet in 2012 srlinuxx 13/01/2012 - 11:40pm

Installing the Nvidia driver In Kubuntu 5.10

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Kubuntu is a very easy system to work with. I've put together a short one pager to get you the Nvidia driver installed. Its pretty simple and works great!!

Book Review: Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two

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The first volume of Linux Server Hacks, by Rob Flickenger, set the bar high when it was published three years ago. The recently published second volume offers another 100 such tips. This time the book has almost doubled in size and some of the "hacks" have become more complex. Make no mistake, though, this is a good thing!

Making the jump to Linux: Six frustrations

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I am a high school science teacher who is attempting to make the jump to Linux. A few months ago I made a some changes to my desktop PC, and had to re-register my Windows XP installation. This infuriated me -- and my quest for a suitable Linux replacement began. I'm now a bona fide Linux user, but that doesn't mean I'm completely happy.

Office 2007 Delay Sets Stage For Massachusetts Open Document Battle

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Microsoft's delay to January of its mainstream Office 2007 version sets the stage for a perfect storm battle with the Open Document Format (ODF) in Massachusetts. The latter format is scheduled for mandatory use for document handling by the state's government.

Venezuela promotes free open-source software as alternative to Microsoft

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President Hugo Chavez has long been critical of big transnational companies, and now his government is promoting free open-source software as an alternative to market-dominating Microsoft Corp.

Paul Flaherty, AltaVista online search engine creator, dies at 42

Filed under

Paul A. Flaherty, a computer engineer who helped create the pioneering AltaVista online search engine, has died. He was 42.

Novell shows off Linux advances, declares now 'we are wide open'

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Novell speakers mixed football metaphors with a flurry of technical demos of their latest Linux offerings Friday to drive home its commitment to "open source" software development.

And other Novell headlines.

Oklahoma city threatens to call FBI over 'renegade' Linux maker

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The heartland turned vicious this week when an Oklahoma town threatened to call in the FBI because its web site was hacked by Linux maker Cent OS.

AMD to Slice Up Server in LinuxWorld Demo

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Advanced Micro Devices in April will demonstrate for the first time a new server chip equipped with its AMD Virtualization technology.

Michael Dell on Alienware, growth, and AMD

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In an exclusive interview, Dell Chairman and founder Michael Dell says he's excited about the company's acquisition this week of gaming-PC specialist Alienware, but that Dell still expects "the vast majority of our growth to be organic." His remarks also continue in intriguing ways the company's longtime dance with chipmaker AMD.

Novell's first Linux workgroup suite

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Novell has introduced its first workgroup suite running on Linux. The Novell Open Workgroup Suite includes server and desktop components with management tools, e-mail and collaboration, office products.

Open-Source Framework Means Happy Trails for Java Developers

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Chris Nelson said he found developing in Java was just too hard, so he decided to do something to make it easier. Now he's about to deliver on it.

TW My sysadmin toolbox

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I have used Linux since I was eleven, and I'm approaching my seventeenth birthday now. I still consider myself an amateur at using the operating system, but I have discovered quite a few interesting tools to help improve my productivity with Linux. They're not exactly my sysadmin toolbox -- more like my desktop enhancement kit.

Growing Momentum for Desktop Linux/Open Source?

Filed under

This week Red Hat released Fedora Core 5, the latest Linux desktop distribution which adds news apps, better security and Xen virtualization. For all the improvements to Fedora, the Open Source Development Labs' Desktop Linux Working Group wanted to hear directly from PC users about what they wanted to see in desktop Linux packages - and what factors might be blocking better Linux adoption.

Also: Survey: Financial IT Execs Say Jury Still Out Open Source

Red Hat, Novell, Ubuntu, Linspire & FarStone Top Sponsors for 4th Annual Desktop Linux Summit

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The Desktop Linux Summit, the only event to focus exclusively on Linux and open source for desktop computing, has announced the exhibitor lineup for its fourth annual show, which will be held April 24-25, 2006 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel in downtown San Diego, California.

Firefox, Thunderbird Wrecking Relationships

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Web browser bugs are routinely blamed for creating huge networks of compromised PCs and undermining the safety of ecommerce transactions. Now one woman says a "security bug" in Mozilla led to the break up of her engagement.

And: Hot on the heels of a woman who blames a bug in Firefox for exposing the flaws in her relationship with a fiancé comes the tale of a young lad whose relationship was hit by the spam filtering shortcomings of Thunderbird, the email client companion of Firefox.

Interview with Michael Robertson, SIPphone

Filed under

My interview this morning is with Michael Robertson, founder of, Linspire, and now a new startup, SIPphone ( I thought it would be interesting to conduct the interview via Michael's own software, so I called him up using the SIPphone software and a voice over IP connection to ask him a bit about the idea behind SIPphone, and what he has been up to lately. The call quality was great, and I also got his insights into what makes a good entrepreneur, and some great advice for startups.

Mozilla considers TV and movie ad campaign

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With the competition to find the best creative ideas to help advertise its aims in full swing, the Mozilla Foundation has revealed that it may screen a Firefox advert on national television or in cinemas.

Novell defends SUSE Linux revenue performance

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Novell Inc's president and COO Ron Hovsepian has defended the company's SUSE Linux business, maintaining that it is performing better than the company's revenue figures suggest.

What Thunderbird Lightning Users Want: Microsoft Outlook

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The updated calendar extension for Thunderbird, Lightning 0.1, is on the streets. User reactions are upbeat, but they insist on more Outlook-like group scheduling and coordinating, as these users comments on the Lightning Suggestions wiki demonstrate:

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BeagleBone Announces the Open Source PocketBeagle USB-Key-Fob SBC

  • BeagleBone Announces the Open Source PocketBeagle USB-Key-Fob SBC
    You've probably heard of BeagleBones and the Beagleboard Foundation by now (check out that link if you're not familiar with them). They make open source SBCs and have an online community much like the Raspberry Pi Foundation. While Beaglebones don't have as large of a community or market share as Raspberry Pi, their boards are still quite popular because they tend to be more application-focused than Raspberry Pis. For example, there's the general-purpose Beaglebone Black, the sensor-oriented Beaglebone Green, and the Beaglebone Blue for robotics applications.
  • What is PocketBeagle?

today's howtos

Graphics: NVIDIA, Nouveau, X.Org Server

  • NVIDIA Making Progress On Server-Side GLVND: Different Drivers For Different X Screens
    While NVIDIA isn't doing much to help out Nouveau, at least the company is contributing to the open-source Linux graphics ecosystem in other ways. In addition to presenting at XDC2017 this week on the Unix device memory allocator API and DeepColor / HDR support, they also presented on server-side GLVND. Server-side GLVND is separate from the client-side GLVND (OpenGL Vendor Neutral Dispatch Library) that evolved over the past few years and with modern Linux systems is supported both by Mesa and the NVIDIA binary driver. Server-side GLVND can help PRIME laptops and other use-cases like XWayland where potentially dealing with multiple GPU drivers touching X.
  • Nouveau Developers Remain Blocked By NVIDIA From Advancing Open-Source Driver
    Longtime Nouveau contributors Martin Peres and Karol Herbst presented at this week's XDC2017 X.Org conference at the Googleplex in Mountain View. It was a quick talk as they didn't have a whole lot to report on due to their open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver efforts largely being restricted by NVIDIA Corp.
  • X.Org Server 1.20 Expected Around January With New Features
    X.Org Server 1.19 is already almsot one year old and while X.Org is currently well off its six month release cadence, version 1.20 is being figured out for an early 2018 release. Adam Jackson of Red Hat who has been serving as the xorg-server release manager held a quick session on Friday at XDC2017 to figure out what's needed for X.Org Server 1.20. His goal is to see X.Org Server 1.20 released in time for making the Fedora 28 version. For that to happen nicely, he's hoping to see xorg-server 1.20 released in January. The Fedora 28 beta freeze is the middle of March so there is still time for the 1.20 release to slip while making the F28 Linux distribution update.

ASUS Launches Its Thinnest and Lightest Flippable Chromebook, the Flip C101

ASUS announced a new Chromebook on its website, the Flip C101, which is a smaller and lightweight version of the C302 model. Featuring a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, the all-new Chromebook is priced at only $299 in the US. Read more