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Story LibreOffice Numbers & Names Roy Schestowitz 01/05/2015 - 7:14pm
Story When Official Debian Support Ends, Who Will Save You? Roy Schestowitz 01/05/2015 - 7:05pm
Story Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.1 released Roy Schestowitz 01/05/2015 - 6:54pm
Story New Debian leader wants to improve communications Roy Schestowitz 01/05/2015 - 5:49pm
Story Btrfs RAID Testing Begins With Linux 4.0 Roy Schestowitz 01/05/2015 - 5:23pm
Story Arch Linux 2015.05.01 Is Now Available for Download with Linux Kernel 4.0.1 Rianne Schestowitz 01/05/2015 - 11:10am
Story Linksys WRT1200AC: A fast, full-featured, open-source-friendly router Rianne Schestowitz 01/05/2015 - 10:59am
Story Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Review Rianne Schestowitz 01/05/2015 - 10:48am
Story How containers will shape the Drupal ecosystem Rianne Schestowitz 01/05/2015 - 10:43am
Story After OpenStreetMap - OpenSeaMap Rianne Schestowitz 01/05/2015 - 10:35am

The LG G4 Could Be One of the Nicest Android Phones Out There

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The LG G4 is the latest flagship phone from the Korean manufacturer and a device that has a lot to live up to. Not only have the likes of the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 raised the smartphone stakes over the past 12 months, but it’s predecessor, the LG G3, was crowned TrustedReviews 2014 Phone of the Year.

Looking to continue this rise to smartphone supremacy, LG has fitted the G4 with a host of high-end new features – I’m talking an improved QHD display and a 16-megapixel OIS-enhanced camera here. What’s more, this festival of top-notch components has been wrapped in a new leather-bodied design that really works.

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Vivid Vervet Doesn't Have Much Meat on Its Bones

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I looked at Ubuntu's flagship desktop environment, Unity, but most of the technical improvements are rolled into Ubuntu's other desktop choices as well. These include Matte, GNOME and Kubuntu.

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Tux3 File-System Works Out Faster Fsync Support

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Daniel Phillips has worked out faster fsync support within Tux3, the promising open-source file-system that continues to be developed outside of the mainline kernel.

EXT4 maintainer Ted Ts'o previously doubted Tux3 capabilities when it came to a fast and reliable fsync, but Phillips has managed to prove him wrong with the latest async Tux3 fsync code.

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Leftovers: Software

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Leftovers: Gaming

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Android Leftovers

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  • Samsung wants to bring smartwatches and virtual reality to your enterprise

    If it can prove the value, however -- perhaps in faster response times to system outages or other alerts -- the company may have a case. After all, getting employees to move quickly when faced with ever changing business situations is a likely priority for most companies. Samsung seems to be betting on it, in fact.

  • Double Fine Brings Crowdfunding Blockbuster 'Broken Age' To Android Ten Months Late

    Point-and-click adventure games are experiencing a renaissance at the moment, spurred on in no small part by the ride of touch-based mobile platforms that make a natural fit with the games' simple interfaces. Surely no single adventure game has created more buzz in the last few years than Broken Age, the crowdfunded return to form for Tim Schafer and his team at Double Fine Productions. Today Act 1 of Broken Age is available on the Play Store for ten bucks.

  • Did apps just start crashing constantly on your Android phone? Here’s how to fix it
  • Spotify, RunKeeper, and other Android apps get their own Google Now cards

    Earlier this year, Google started allowing third-party Android apps including Airbnb, Lyft, Pandora, and others to generate Google Now cards. Like Google's own cards, the goal is to bring users relevant information precisely when it's most useful or important. And the list of third-party apps that can create Google Now cards is growing quickly. Today, Google announced that 70 new apps now have the ability to generate cards, and some big names have joined the effort.

  • Man implants NFC chip in his hand to hack Android phones

    When you hold an Android phone, you just hold it. When Seth Wahle holds the same phone, an NFC chip in his hand can load a malicious web page that exploits the phone. So, should you stop letting people touch your phone from here on out? Well, you don’t have to freak out just yet.

  • LG G2 Android 5.0 Lollipop Update Wraps Up in the U.S.

    Back in August last year LG confirmed the G2 would see Android 5.0 Lollipop, and in December it first started arriving for owners outside of the United States. However, over the past two months both the LG G3 and the older LG G2 here in the US have receive updates, and this week one more is arriving for Sprint LG G2 owners.

  • I Wrote This Post Using SwiftKey's Fantastic New Android Keyboard

    I’m sitting here, a grown adult human, ignoring the three full-sized keyboards within arm’s reach, choosing to write on a tiny two-year-old Android phone instead. And thanks to SwiftKey’s excellent Clarity beta keyboard, I haven’t had to throw it into the drywall yet.

today's leftovers

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  • FlexPV Is an Open Source Vehicle Development Kit that Turns You into an Inventor - Video

    The device was designed by Guiyang, China-based FlexLab Community, a free online community and physical workshop where everyone can design, make and share their projects. The FlexPV is one of those devices, and it’s described as “an open source personal vehicle development kit working with a collaborative community.”

  • FlexPV Open Source Vehicle Developer Kit (video)

    Maker, hobbyist and developers involved in personal vehicle development are sure to be interested in a new development kit called FlexPV that has been developed and created by FlexLab Community.

    The FlexPV system takes the form of an open source personal vehicle development kit, that has standardised the basic hardware and software, making it easy for anyone to make an electric vehicle, and remote control it using their smartphone or tablet.

  • 18-year-old Lukas Hoppe's open source SLS 3D printer successfully funded on IndieGoGo

    While FDM 3D printers look great and function great, many users invariably and jealously look towards more accurate and more functional 3D printing technologies such as SLA and SLS 3D printers. After all, not needing support structures or being able to print in more than plastic is a dream for many, and the 18-year-old German student Lukas Hoppe is one of them. He has therefore spent the last year or so working on an open-source SLS 3D printer, and through a successful Indiegogo campaign, he now has the funds to complete and share his YOU-SLS machine.

  • WordPress Quickly Patches Zero-Day Comment Flaw

    The open-source WordPress content management system (CMS) on April 27 issued an emergency update, patching a new zero-day vulnerability that might have exposed users to risk.

    Security researcher Jouko Pynnönen first blogged about the zero-day issue on April 26. "An unauthenticated attacker can inject JavaScript in WordPress comments," Pynnönen warned. "The script is triggered when the comment is viewed."

  • Open source threatens to eat the database market

    Marten Mickos may no longer run MySQL, but his ghost still haunts the database market.

    Years ago, Mickos declared, "The relational database market is a $9 billion a year market. I want to shrink it to $3 billion and take a third of the market." MySQL never got to that point, generating roughly $100 million in sales before being acquired by Sun for $1 billion, but that commoditization urge has hit the database market hard.

  • Mesos + DCOS: Mesosphere's Vision for the Open Cloud

    Mesosphere last week announced a partnership to integrate Google's Kubernetes container management tool with its own growing data center operating system (DCOS).

  • Apache Parquet Now a Top-Level Project, with Hadoop Appeal

    Never underestimate how much the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is doing to drive the Hadoop community forward. This week, I reported on how it and the Open Data Platform partners are really driving standardization forward on the Hadoop scene.

    Now, an open source project called Apache Parquet, which provides columnar storage in Hadoop, has been promoted to a top-level Apache Software Foundation (ASF)-sponsored project, a clear sign that it will find its way to entrenchment in many Hadoop deployments.

  • The Short History of OSWALD

    It was not exactly a clandestine handoff, as you would see in a spy movie. Emily Dunham told me she’d bring it with her to LinuxFest Northwest and, when we met in the hallway at Bellingham Technical College, I asked her, “did you bring it?”

  • COM Express Type 6 module runs Linux on 5th Gen Cores

    Advantech launched a Linux-ready, 5th Gen Core based “SOM-6896″ COM Express Type 6 Compact module with triple displays, 4K video, and four PCIe interfaces.

  • Introducing the Moksha Desktop

    To understand why, you need to understand where Bodhi has come from as a project. Bodhi has always been a project based around the Enlightenment desktop.

  • Bodhi Linux 3.1.0 Will Drop Enlightenment E19 for Moksha Desktop, Arrives in August 2015

    Jeff Hoogland, the founder and lead developer of the Ubuntu-based Bodhi Linux operating system, announced plans for dropping the current version of the Enlightenment desktop environment used in the recently released Bodhi Linux 3.0 distro for Moksha Desktop, which is based on the older Enlightenment E17 desktop environment.

  • Bodhi Linux Forks Enlightenment E17

    Bodhi Linux has been one of the notable distributions making use of Enlightenment, but the lead developer of Bodhi, Jeff Hoogland, feels the quality of the releases have been degrading. Jeff also inquired about E17 vs. E19 to his users and found that they too largely felt the quality of the recent Enlightenment releases have been going downhill and presenting new regressions.

  • Not very serious quest to run Linux on every architecture
  • FUDCon Pune Planning Meeting - 28 Apr
  • Darktable 1.6.6 needs more Fedora Testers!!!

    Hello Fedora Users, As Kasun said on his email to the Darktable community, It is seems to be few testers are required to push 1.6.6 version available.

  • Mock 1.2.8 is available

    And you may notice, that Fedora 22+ version of mock is missing LVM plugin.

  • Why James Whitehurst Sold 13,205 Shares of Red Hat Inc (NYSE:RHT)?
  • SUSE Introduces SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 for SAP Applications
  • SUSE Eases Linux Migrations for Customers as Part of 'Simpler Choice' Database Program from SAP
  • Time for gratitude-- BIG THANKS, MAGEIA DEVELOPERS!

    I believe that one of the greatest strengths of Linux is its community. Unfortunately, most of the times, the hard work of the developers that have the technical ability to put a distro together goes unnoticed in the excitement of the final product.

  • Sabayon Linux 14.05 Screencast and Screenshots
  • Updating OpenHardware Firmware 2

    For generic USB devices you can use a firmware version extension that is now used by ColorHug, and I hope other projects too in the future. With this the fwupd daemon can obtain the firmware version without claiming the interface on the device and preventing other software from using it straight away.

  • GTK+ 3.17.1 Fixes Many Bugs, Drops XP, Improves High Contrast Themes

    The first GNOME GTK+ tool-kit update is now out there for the GNOME 3.17 development series that will culminate with the release of GNOME 3.18 in September.

  • Cancelled Release of Calligra 2.9.3

    The Calligra team has noticed some issues with handling of Photoshop (PSD) files in Krita. We understand this as an important missing feature so the release 2.9.3 has been cancelled and supplementary 2.9.4 release is expected in a week. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Another OpenGL 4.2 Extension Comes Close For Intel Mesa

    Another OpenGL 4 extension is nearing completion within the open-source Mesa software library. The extension t his time is ARB_shader_image_load_store, which is needed for OpenGL 4.2 compliance.

  • A Bunch Of Gallium3D D3D9 Fixes Land In Mesa

    For users of "Gallium3D Nine", the state tracker providing Direct3D 9 API support within Mesa, there's a number of fixes that were pushed into Git this morning.

  • GLAMOR + RadeonSI 2D Acceleration Is Quite Good For Open-Source AMD 2D Performance

    Yesterday I posted some benchmark results showing the AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics card on Ubuntu 15.04 and comparing the Catalyst driver to the open-source RadeonSI Gallium3D driver as found on this new Linux distribution release. The previous article focused on the OpenGL performance while today's article is looking squarely at the 2D performance.

  • Oh-oh! Citrix Kills The Applications Barrier To Entry For GNU/Linux
  • Austria’s renewed interoperability framework aligns with EIF

    The Framework replaces the document ‘Austria minds about interoperability’ which was the reference for the interoperability framework before the AIF was published. The alignment of this first framework scored 75%. There was a strong alignment with the EIF on the principles, conceptual model and interoperability governance dimensions. With the renewal of the AIF, principles, interoperability levels and agreements show now stronger alignment.

  • Code for NL is looking for fellows

    According to Ivonne Jansen, Project Manager and Open Data evangelist at Waag Society, one of the partners of Code for NL, the positions are not internships but full jobs. "We are looking for people that are good coders. The primary goal, however, is to show and teach public servants modern ways and tools to develop citizen-centric software. It's about service design, agile development, results, speed, citizen feedback and involving stakeholders; how to make ICT an integral part of policy-making."

  • The 2015 Open Government Awards

    With a successful inaugural year of the Open Government Awards (Awards) in 2014, OGP is now excited to announce the theme for the 2015 Awards – Improving Public Services through Open Government. OGP is asking countries to showcase how open government initiatives have resulted in concrete improvements in the delivery of public services, e.g. economic welfare programs, health care, education, water, roads, public safety etc.

  • Hopes and open source dreams for this year's Google Summer of Code

    Google Summer of Code is getting ready to kick off their 11th iteration of the program. It offers a unique opportunity for students to get involved in open source, with the original slogan of the program being: "Flip bits, not burgers." All of the mentoring organizations have been announced, the student proposals are in, and the selected projects were just announced this week.

  • OpenBSD has accepted projects from Google Summer of Code 2015

    The OpenBSD page for Google Summer of Code 2015 has been updated with the list of accepted projects for this year.

  • DragonEgg Starts Cracking In LLVM

    Going back to the earlier days of LLVM has been the DragonEgg plug-in. DragonEgg is a GCC plug-in that implements LLVM's optimizers and code generators within GCC.

  • Court Orders UK ISPs to Block Popcorn Time Sites

    The Motion Picture Association has obtained a High Court order requiring UK ISPs to block access to five sites that offer the popular Popcorn Time software. In addition, the Internet providers must block several more torrent and streaming sites.

  • Popcorn Time: a blocking order like any other? Birss J's decision in the post-Svensson debate

    As explained by the judge, Popcorn Time refers to an open source application which must be downloaded by the user onto their computer from a Popcorn Time application source website (PTAS website) to browse, search and locate film and TV content using the BitTorrent protocol. The application, which is free to download and does not require the user to return to the PTAS website at all afterwards - operates as a Bit Torrent client but with the addition of media player software, an index/catalogue of titles and images and descriptions of titles.

  • Day against DRM

Linux Kernel 4.0.1 Officially Released, It's Now the Most Advanced Version Available

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The latest version of the stable Linux kernel, 4.0.1, has been released by Greg Kroah-Hartman, which is the first update for the most advanced available branch.

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Reddit users want to replace Steam with open source game launcher Project Ascension

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Fans of PC gaming on social bookmarking website Reddit have decided to create their own open source game launcher in protest at Valve's monopoly over the PC gaming market.

Developers and PC gaming fans have launched Project Ascension, in order to make a new open source gaming client where users can launch games that have been bought and downloaded from anywhere – whether they be Steam games, Origin games, games downloaded direct from indie developer websites or DVD-Rom games.

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Open Source Makes Storage Presence Felt

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From operating systems to network switches, open source software has transformed the way IT is both acquired and managed. So it should come as no surprise that the same phenomenon is now starting to play out in storage.

Case in point is Nexenta, which has begun building a community around an open source implementation of a software-defined storage (SDS) platform called OpenSDS for file and block storage. Nexenta already claims to have 46,000 IT professionals participating in its open source community, including International Computer Concepts (ICC), a solution provider based in Northbrook, Ill.

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Here's what's new in 7 Ubuntu 15.04 offshoot 'flavors,' from Kubuntu to Ubuntu MATE

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Ubuntu 15.04 wasn’t the only new Ubuntu desktop released last week . Seven of the nine official Ubuntu “flavors” released new versions based on Ubuntu 15.04. These all use the same low-level Ubuntu software, but with different desktop environments and tweaks.

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Also: Chromixium: Ubuntu Linux… if it looked like Chrome OS

Tiniest mini-PC with a quad-core ARM SoC and 4GB RAM?

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The diminutive CuBox-i 4X4 mini-PC’s embedded electronics consist of SolidRun’s 30 x 47mm MicroSOM computer-on-module (shown below), plugged into a tiny, 2 x 2-inch carrier board. The MicroSOM also serves as the core of the company’s $40 Linux-ready Hummingboard SBC.

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Canonical to Release Another Major OTA Update for Ubuntu Touch Next Week

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A major OTA update was released for Ubuntu Touch a couple of weeks ago, and it looked like it would be the last one for this branch, but it's quite possible that we'll get another before the switch to the Vivid base.

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Open Source History: Tracing the Origins of Hacker Culture and the Hacker Ethic

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What inspires open source programmers, defines their culture and sets the open source world apart from that of proprietary software development? That's an important question for understanding what drives the creation of monumental platforms such as Linux, OpenStack and Hadoop. It's also one that can only be answered through a careful look at the history of what open source leaders have called "hacker culture" and the "hacker ethic."

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Open source threatens to eat the database market

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While it used to be the case that picking open source databases was a trade-off of robustness and performance for developer convenience, that's no longer the case according to Gartner for open source RDBMSes: "Open source ... RDBMSes have matured and today can be considered by information leaders, DBAs and application development management as a standard infrastructure choice for a large majority of new enterprise applications."

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5 Humanitarian FOSS projects to watch

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A few months ago, we profiled open source projects working to make the world a better place. In this new installment, we present some more humanitarian open source projects to inspire you.

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When enthusiasm for free software turns ugly

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In theory, maybe some way exists to encourage the enthusiasm that free software inspires while discouraging the ugliness of insularity. The idealism of free software has shaped my life so thoroughly that I wince when it is twisted.

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Valve Releases New SteamOS Beta with Lots of Security Updates

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Valve has released a new Beta version of its SteamOS Linux operating system, and they have upgraded a number of packages, mostly to fix various small problems and security issues.

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