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KDE Frameworks 5.11.0 Brings Lots of Fixes to Plasma Framework

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On June 12, KDE had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download of KDE Frameworks 5.11.0, a collection of over 60 open-source widgets and libraries for the next-generation KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment.

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Krita Links

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Krita 2.9.5 Is a Massive Update with Numerous New Features, Bug Fixes

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The Calligra 2.9.5 open-source office suite for KDE desktop environments has been released earlier, as reported by Softpedia. The Krita digital painting software has been updated as part of the new Calligra release, and it is has a massive changelog.

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Interview with Lydia Pintscher: Akademy 2015 Community Keynote Speaker

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Lydia Pintscher, our very own KDE e.V. Board President and a gem of a person; will be giving the Community Keynote Talk at Akademy 2015, in A Coruña, Spain. This is just a tiny peak into her brain for all that is in store for you in her talk.

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Calligra 2.9.5 Released

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We are pleased to announce that Calligra Suite, and Calligra Active 2.9.5 have just been released. This recommended update brings further improvements to the 2.9 series of the applications and underlying development frameworks.

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Fedora 22 KDE Delivers A Great Plasma 5 Experience

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Red Hat

Another ~6 months down, another Fedora release. While Fedora 23 looks to be an interesting release over all -- with some initial changes coming to Anaconda, and some changes coming to the upgrade process -- this release was more low-key for most of Fedora-land. Workstation saw updates to notifications and general theme'ing improvements, Gnome Software got AppData integration to bring the Software Center closer to an app-store experience. Of course Gnome Boxes and Gnome Builder were included as well, allowing for more out-of-the-box developer improvements in the realm of Virutalization and IDE's, respectively. But there weren't any ground breaking features across the board -- no swapping of the init system, no BTRFS, no Wayland by default, although GDM is running the Login Screen through Wayland.

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More KDE:

  • Skrooge 1.12.5 released

    The Skrooge teams releases today the version 1.12.5 of its popular Personal Finances Management software. This release is a bugfix version, mostly aiming at fixing issues met on some distros when the SQLite version bundled in Qt is not aligned with the System version.

  • Tale of Plasmoids in Plasma Media Center

    This is first update of the my GSoC project TV optimized dashboard support in the Plasma Media Center. First let me tell you what this project is about

  • KF5 & Plasma 5 at work ;=)

    Therefore today I installed the same setup on my work machine and will now use the KF5 based Kate for all of my day job, perhaps that motivates me more to take a look at the issues the Qt5/KF5 port still has.

Chakra: KDE Applications 15.04.2 available

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KDE's second update of its 15.04 series of Applications is now available in Chakra. With this release kde-workspace has also been updated to version 4.11.20 and kdelibs and kdepim to 4.14.9. Have in mind that the applications that have been ported to Frameworks 5 will not be updated in the stable repositories but remain at their previous versions. The new versions of these packages are available in the [kde-next] repository which provides Plasma 5.

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KDE News

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  • Folder View panel popups are list views again

    In later versions of Plasma 4, the Folder View widget adopted a special appearance when placed in a panel: It would arrange folder contents in a simple list instead of the usual icon grid. Folder View had to be rewritten completely for Plasma 5, and while there were various improvements along the way, the list view mode unfortunately went missing. Until now - on popular request, this feature will make a return soon in Plasma 5.4:

  • June Update for KDE Applications 15.04

    Today, the KDE Community is happy to announce the release of KDE Applications 15.04.2.

  • KDE Applications 15.04.2 Released
  • KDE Plasma 5.3.1 Has Been Added to the Kubuntu Backports PPA, For Kubuntu 15.04
  • Krita's Fundraising Campaign Was a Success, It Will Become Faster Than Photoshop

    Exactly a month ago, on May 4, we reported that the Krita developers decided to do another Kickstarter campaign, after last year's successful one, this time to rise €20,000 ($22,000) for making the next version of the application faster the Photoshop.

    A few hours ago, Krita's fundraising campaign was successfully completed, raising a little over €30,000 ($34,000), which means that the developers will concentrate all of their efforts in making the open source digital painting app much faster than Photoshop.

  • We’ve done it!

    We ended with €30,520 on kickstarter and €3108 through paypal — making for a grand total of €33,628, and that means LOD, Animation and nine stretch goal. We’re so happy. It’s really an amazing result. So, thanks and hugs to all our supporters! And we promise to make Krita better and better — and better!

  • Weekly Update: Integrate Cantor with LabPlot

    This is a weekly update on my GSOC 2015 Project Integrate Cantor with LabPlot. As I mentioned in my last post that I will be starting my work with integration of UI of Cantor inside LabPlot. I would like to inform my fellow developers that I have integrated the UI successfully. I present the screenshots hereafter.

Numerous Qt Vulnerabilities Closed in Ubuntu OSes

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Numerous Qt vulnerabilities have been identified and fixed in the Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating systems.

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KDE Ships KDE Applications 15.04.2

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Today KDE released the second stability update for KDE Applications 15.04. This release contains only bugfixes and translation updates, providing a safe and pleasant update for everyone.

More than 30 recorded bugfixes include improvements to gwenview, kate, kdenlive, kdepim, konsole, marble, kgpg, kig, ktp-call-ui and umbrello.

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Also: KDE Applications 15.04.2 Released with More than 30 Bug Fixes

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