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Switching the Plasma shells

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  • Switching the Plasma shells
  • GNOME Terminal 3.10 Beta 1 Enables Nautilus Extension by Default
  • KDE Task Manager Gets a Lot of Attention for 4.11
  • GNOME Settings Daemon 3.8.4 Is Now Available for Download
  • Thirteen Years of GUADEC
  • KStars GSoC: OpenCL and a first performance report
  • GNOME Alone – The Free Software Column

What a life… KDE

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  • What a life…
  • In Conversation with Phillip Koops
  • Have Fun with Splash Screens in KDE
  • Amarok GSoC Weeks 4 and 5
  • Graesslin: I'm porting KWin to Frameworks 5, Wayland backburnered
  • Akademy 2013: Report with blackjack

Akademy 2013 - Well Done

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  • Akademy 2013 - Well Done
  • Amarok MTP (Android) GSoC: week 5
  • Another Akademy impressions
  • Krita Webshop: New Designs

KDE tablet Vivaldi starts shipping for quality testing

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Gadgets Aaron Seigo, a KDE developer, says that the ambitious KDE tablet Vivaldi are shipping to the team for quality testing.

the next kubuntu graphics stack

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Ubuntu One of the things that we have been discussing at length in the past few months is the graphics stack in Kubuntu, and how we’re working towards having Plasma Workspaces 2 running on top of Kubuntu-next and Kubuntu-next-next(-next). In this article, I will explain the strategy we have laid out for a smooth transition.

Memory usage improvements for KDEPIM 4.11

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KDE The other day I went to buy a DDR stick but the shop was closed so the only solution was to sit down and fix some memory hungry applications.

KDE 4.11 RC1 Released

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KDE Today KDE released the first release candidate of the new versions of Workspaces, Applications, and Development Platform.

An unexpected journey

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Software Since my last post quite some progress has been made in getting KWin working on top of a Wayland compositor. My main focus of work has been on the input stack.

spooning, not forking

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Software While other Free software projects drift apart, splitting up in multiple forks that stop talking to each other, differentiate based on the wrong reasons, what we see here during Akademy is projects growing closer to each other. This is a good development, so let’s look at it a bit more detailed.

KDE Manifesto: There and Back Again

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KDE The KDE Manifesto is almost one year old now... That prompts the obvious question of "Did it have any effect?" And good news, yes it did, so all that work wasn't for nothing!

Also: Akademy 2013 is on

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  • KDevelop 5.0.3 Open-Source IDE Improves GitHub Handling Authentication, More
    The development behind the open-source and cross-platform KDevelop IDE (Integrated Development Environment) was proud to announce on the first day of December the availability of the third point release for KDevelop 5.0 stable series. KDevelop 5.0.3 arrives one and a half months after the second maintenance update, but it's a small bugfix release that attempts to patch a total of nine issues reported by users since then. However, it's a recommended update for all users. "We are happy to announce the release of KDevelop 5.0.3, the third bugfix and stabilization release for KDevelop 5.0. An upgrade to 5.0.3 is strongly recommended to all users of 5.0.0, 5.0.1 or 5.0.2," reads the release announcement.
  • PHP 7.1.0
    The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.1.0.
  • PHP 7.1 Makes Its Debut
    This first major update to last year's huge PHP 7.0 release builds several new features on top. Introduced by PHP 7.1 is nullable types, a void return type, a iterable pseudo-type, class constant visibility modifiers, support for catching multiple exception types, and many other language enhancements plus more performance optimizations and other work.

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