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Firefox 20.0: Find out what is new

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Moz/FF Mozilla will upgrade the stable channel of its desktop browser to Firefox 20.0 today. The beta release notes are the source of our information as the final release notes have not been published yet.

Hands-on with Mozilla’s Web-based “Firefox OS” for smartphones

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Moz/FF Launching a new mobile OS is a difficult project since the market leaders, Android and iOS, have such a big lead. Mozilla, the non-profit foundation behind Firefox, believes it can tackle this dilemma.

Browser wars revisited

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Moz/FF The “Browser Wars” is an ongoing struggle between three, maybe four actors. Last year, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer each dominated two regions of the world.

Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 25, Firefox 19, And IE10

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Moz/FF Important versions of Chrome and Firefox were released since our last installment, and though we're ready to leave Windows 7 behind, IE10 brings us back for one more round. Naturally, our exhaustive suite of benchmarks undergoes a massive update as well.

5 Best Firefox Add-ons for Mobile-Desktop Syncing

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  • 5 Best Firefox Add-ons for Mobile-Desktop Syncing
  • Mozilla Provides Updated Peek at OS Simulator
  • How to make Firefox the Fort Knox of browsers

17 operators, 4 handset makers commit to Firefox OS

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Moz/FF Firefox OS may be up for a good start with 17 operators wowing to support the nascent platform.

Firefox 19 brings PDF viewer and 4 critical security fixes

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h-online: The latest release of Mozilla's Firefox open source web browser, version 19, brings few new features but does close four critical security holes.

Also: Chrome OS Was Originally Based On......Firefox?

Mozilla improves Firefox’s Do Not Track feature

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Moz/FF The Do Not Track feature has been designed to give Internet users a say in the matter. Mozilla has improved the Do Not Track feature in its Firefox web browser starting with current Nightly versions (that is version 21 of it).

Mozilla Unveils Firefox OS Developer Phones

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Moz/FF Mozilla today unveiled two new developer preview phones that feature the browser maker's Firefox OS.

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