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Firefox 18 Posts Speed Gains Over Chrome, Mozilla Says

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Moz/FF Mozilla's Mark Côté has reminded us that the arewefastyet page, which the browser maker launched prior to the introduction of Firefox 4, is still alive and is now tracking the progress of Mozilla IonMonkey JIT.

Firefox: decade of real choice - there's no app for that

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Moz/FF It's hard to believe it now, but not too long ago the web was dangerously close to being owned by one vendor: Microsoft.

Future of the Desktop

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Moz/FF Could Mozilla’s announcement of the Boot to Gecko roadmap, along with the continued development of other web-based operating systems, make which Linux distro you’re running less important than the desktop environment?

Next Firefox ESR release planned

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Moz/FF Enterprise users of Firefox should get ready for the next cycle of Firefox ESR, which will begin on 20 November 2012.

Mozilla Firefox Completes 10 Successful Years

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Moz/FF Mozilla’s Firefox is the third most popular browser in the world, just behind Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Firefox is unique, because it’s the only open source browser making all of its source code available to the public.

New Firefox Health Report to Aid Performance

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Moz/FF Users have complained about the performance of Firefox for years and although each release promises better resource management, users still end up complaining. Now a new feature will help users and developers pinpoint the reasons Firefox may not be as peppy as it should be.

Mozilla Lays Out Firefox Enterprise 17 Release Plans

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Moz/FF Mozilla developer Alex Keybl has now detailed the plans for how Firefox ESR 10 users will migrate (or not) to the next ESR release. The plan is for the next ESR to be based on Firefox 17 which should be out around November 20th.

Firefox 16 Goes Back To The Command Line

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Moz/FF Even before the bits have dried on Firefox 15, Mozilla want to talk about Firefox 16. One of its big "innovations" is a command line for debugging but this isn't your father's command line - it's all new and reinvented.

Firefox 15 launches tomorrow, downloads already available

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Moz/FF If everything goes as planned, Mozilla will released an update for Firefox 14.0.1 that will bring the version of the Internet browser to 15.0.

Firefox 17 Will Boost Add-On Security

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Moz/FF Add-ons are a big part of the Firefox experience for many users of Mozilla's popular browser. Now, it looks like Mozilla is working to make those add-ons more secure than ever.

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