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Preview Ubuntu Firefox start page

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  • Preview the Slick New Ubuntu Firefox Start Page
  • 21 Gorgeous CD Labels for Lucid
  • Cool Kubuntu Users
  • Mythbuntu 10.04 ‘Lucid Lynx’ [Ubuntu with MythTV]
  • Canonical to Offer Junior Admin Certification for 10.04
  • Unlock Gnome Panel For Customization in UNR
  • The 10-Minute Ubuntu Setup

Wubi Installer and the Ubiquitous Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Wubi, the famous Windows Ubuntu installer, is probably one of the reasons why Ubuntu is the most popular Linux desktop distro, at least among Windows users.

Lucid Lynx Week

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jdeeth.blogspot: It's a big week in Linux Land as Lucid Lynx is released on Thursday (4/29). I've been doing this long enough, and things went well enough on the test machine, I decided to jump the gun and upgrade to the final.

Ubuntu: Does Freedom Matter?

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  • Ubuntu: Does Freedom Matter?
  • Ubuntu 10.04: A Final Look At What to Expect
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #190

Lucid Lynx paves way for Ubuntu shake-up

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Ubuntu Canonical has published the release candidate for Ubuntu 10.04 — codenamed Lucid Lynx — which adds consumer-friendly features, better integration with cloud infrastructure, and a new look.

Pleasant Surprises with Ubuntu 10.04 RC

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Ubuntu I've had a couple of very pleasant surprises with the Netbook Remix of the Lucid Release Candidate this weeend.

PCLinuxOS Falls Short Of Ubuntu?

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  • PCLinuxOS 2010 Runs Against, But Falls Short Of Ubuntu 10.04
  • Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 on Sony Vaio UX
  • Get all Media packages in Ubuntu 10.04
  • Flyback - Time Machine Style Backup for Ubuntu

X-Server problems in Ubuntu 10.04 rc

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  • X-Server problems in Ubuntu 10.04 release candidate
  • server memory leak bug fix [Call for testing]
  • Notifications in Kubuntu 10.04
  • Full Circle Podcast #5: Manual Dexterity

10 Applications You Must Install On Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Normally when a new release comes out, a lot of people (myself included) like to start over with a fresh install. So if you decide to do so, come the 29th, here are some of the Ubuntu applications that you might want to install on a fresh Lucid Lynx install.

Thoughts on Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04

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Ubuntu Since about Christmas my primary machine for day-to-day computing has been an Acer Aspire One D250. So of course the first thing I wanted to do is replace the stock Windows 7 with Ubuntu Netbook Edition.

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Airdroid - Transfer Files Between Android Phones/Tablets And Linux (Any Distribution)

airdroid transfer file between android phone/tablet and linux mint ubuntu
We often need to transfer large amount data in the form of mp3 Songs, Video Songs, Movies and most importantly, large Games between android phones/tablets and Linux machine. Transferring via USB cable takes time, so let's do it with 'Airdroid' easily and quickly.

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If You Like the Terminal, You Will Love the Terminal-Only Alpine Linux OS

Security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution Alpine Linux is based on based on musl libc and Busybox, which make up the terminal, has been upgraded once more and is now available for download. Read more

Android Wear just got very, very smart

Google's Android Wear software just got smart - very smart - simply because it integrates Google Now top to bottom. With an update to Google Now comes an update to Android Wear, and what we're seeing today is an explosive update that'll make the suggestions for directions and sports scores you've been getting so far seem like drops in a barrel of friendly, and I daresay helpful, updates from apps of all kinds. Everything from eBay auction updates to the ability to "Download Venice" - all on your wrist, very soon. Read more

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