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30 Days Ubuntu: Day 28: My Five Biggest Ubuntu Linux Complaints

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Ubuntu The time has come. I have reached the end of the 30 Days With Ubuntu Linux series, and it is time to wind down and reflect on my experience.

A window to open source OS w/ Prakash Advani

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Ubuntu “The vision for Ubuntu is part social and part economic: free software, available free of charge to everybody on the same terms, and funded through a portfolio of services provided by Canonical.”

Yet Another Article About Ubuntu Unity

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Ubuntu I tried. I really did. I tried to like Ubuntu’s new Unity interface and tried hard to make it work.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

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  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 222
  • 30 Days Ubuntu: Day 27: Working With GIMP

30 Days Ubuntu: Day 26: Connecting Peripherals

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Ubuntu What good is a PC if you can't print, or scan, or if your webcam doesn't work. When any new OS comes along, the compatibility of hardware and peripherals can make or break the perception and success of that OS--just ask Windows Vista.

Will Google's OS Topple the Ubuntu Empire?

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Ubuntu In this article, I will look at what Ubuntu will need to do to make a quick recovery. Plus how the distro can become more attractive to app developers. It’s possible that Ubuntu could even offer some things not found on existing tablets.

Ubuntu Day 25: Personal Finances

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  • 30 Days Ubuntu: Day 25: Tracking Personal Finances
  • Unity and Gnome 3: What is good and what is evil?
  • Distro Review: Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal
  • LulzSec Used Ubuntu

Ubuntu is...

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"Ubuntu is ______________________ ."

Top 10 Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Panel Applets

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Ubuntu The following article will list some of the most important panel applets, also called indicators, for Ubuntu 11.04's Unity interface.

Day 24: More Secure By Default

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  • 30 Days Ubuntu: Day 24: More Secure By Default
  • Full Circle #50 – the half-centenary issue!
  • Ubuntu One: A long way to go!
  • Ubuntu Certification: What components do we test?
  • [Ubuntu 11.10 Updates] New Window Auto Maximize Option
  • Canonical Alienates Their Major Asset
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IBM releases Power-based Linux servers with Nvidia GPUs

The Power Systems LC line was introduced by Dr Stefanie Chiras, director and business line executive of IBM scale-out Power Systems, as part of her keynote on the subject of 'waitless computing'. IBM, as a patron of the OpenPower Foundation, has been a staunch supporter of Linux and OpenStack, and this represents a logical step for the company, as it has been building its Power line following the sale of its x86 server business to Lenovo in 2014. Read more

What Are Linux Meta-packages?

I was recently in a discussion about meta-packages, and realized many users don’t know what they are or what they do. So, let’s see if we can clear-up the mystery. Meta-packages in a nutshell A ‘meta-package’ is a convenient way to bulk-install groups of applications, their libraries and documentation. Many Linux distributions use them for a variety of purposes, from seeding disk images that will go on to become new releases, to creating software “bundles” that are easy for a user to install. A meta-package rarely contains anything other than a changelog and perhaps copyright information, it contains no applications or libraries within itself. The way they work is by having a list of “dependencies” that the package manager reads. The package manager then goes to the repositories to find the dependencies and installs them. (Read the rest at Freedom Penguin)

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