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It's Official: Ubuntu Will Embrace the Cloud--Flexibly

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Ubuntu It's official: Ubuntu version 11.04, which is coming in April and is dubbed Natty Narwhal, will flexibly support cloud computing through both OpenStack and Eucalyptus cloud platforms.

Ubuntu's Unity Desktop: Tragically Ironic Product Name

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Ubuntu The criticism began instantly, and, given new life by the alpha release of Ubuntu 11.04 and articles about what to expect in open source software in 2011, has hardly stopped since.

ubuntu 11.04 updates: banshee default, new grub background, appmenu changes

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Ubuntu An update today finally sets Banshee as the default music player in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. Since Banshee is now default, it has replaced Rhythmbox in the Ubuntu Sound Menu:

15+ Useful AppIndicator Applets For Ubuntu

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Ubuntu As the development of appindicator getting more mature, more and more apps started to show up with support for the indicator-applets. Since most of these apps are not found in the Ubuntu repository, we have compiled a list of useful appindicators that you can install and use.

Ubuntu Adds Sparkle to Nufront Laptops at CES

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Ubuntu Sure enough, a series of ARM-powered laptops debuted by Chinese firm Nufront reportedly feature none other than Canonical's popular free and open source operating system.

Ubuntu At CES

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  • Ubuntu At CES: Courtesy Chinese Companies
  • Bacon: Making Ubuntu More Personal
  • Nook Color Hacked to Run Ubuntu

Top 5 List Of Reasons Why Ubuntu Is A Great Alternative To Windows

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Ubuntu Hey, Chris! Here is my top five list of reasons why Ubuntu is a great alternative to Windows.

First Look: Ubuntu's Unity Makes Bold Statement, But Needs Work

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Ubuntu There is plenty of time left for the next version of Ubuntu, version 11.04 now in Alpha, also known as "Natty Narwhal," to leap some of its current technical obstacles. But an initial look at an Alpha version of the forthcoming Linux distro shows a dispiriting number.

Evolution of Ubuntu Over the Years

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Ubuntu Ubuntu has touched the lives of many among us in different ways. For me, Ubuntu was the gateway to Linux and the whole open source way of thinking. Ubuntu taught me that computers are not all about Windows and that there are far better alternatives. We will have a brief overview of each one of them below.

Ubuntu: LibreOffice Replacing Reports Premature

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Ubuntu It looks as if some folks got a little bit carried away with the news yesterday that the next version of Ubuntu, 11.04, will feature LibreOffice instead of Because, actually, that's not exactly what's happening.

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