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Negative Community Reaction Development

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Ubuntu I’ve been thinking about what it is that cultivates a negative reaction from people who use your software and who are invested in it’s success. This line of thinking has obviously been brought about by the new Ubuntu Unity interface and the strong reactions.

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal review

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  • Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal review - A great surprise
  • Matt Zimmerman leaving Canonical, blog post
  • Unity Just Became More Fun To Use
  • Ubuntu 11.04 Reviewed: This is My Favorite Ubuntu EVER!

Ubuntu 11.04, Unity Released to Mixed Reactions

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Ubuntu Ubuntu 11.04 was released on April 28 with a brand new interface and a couple default application changes. But all the talk is about Unity, that brand new interface. As one might predict, reactions are all over the spectrum.

10 things to love about Ubuntu 11.04

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Ubuntu Jack Wallen has done a complete turnaround on his views of Ubuntu 11.04. Here’s a look at how the latest release won him over.

The Perfect Desktop - Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)

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This tutorial shows how you can set up an Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) desktop that is a full-fledged replacement for a Windows desktop, i.e. that has all the software that people need to do the things they do on their Windows desktops. The advantages are clear: you get a secure system without DRM restrictions that works even on old hardware, and the best thing is: all software comes free of charge.

Ubuntu 11.04: The ultimate educational desktop?

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  • Ubuntu 11.04: The ultimate educational desktop?
  • Ubuntu 11.04: Too Natty for Its Own Good?
  • Shuttleworth talks Windicators, changes for Unity in Oneiric, and more…

Ubuntu 11.04: Is Natty Narwhal the best Linux desktop ever?

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Ubuntu I said months ago that Ubuntu 11.04 wouldn't be the same old Ubuntu, and boy was I right. With its new Unity interface, Ubuntu doesn't look or act like any other desktop Linux you've ever seen. And, since I've seen almost all of them, I know what I'm talking about!

Three Alternatives To Unity For Ubuntu 11.04

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  • Three Alternatives To Unity For Ubuntu 11.04
  • GNOME Shell and Ubuntu Unity both offer new looks
  • 4 Terribly Easy Steps To Move Away From Unity In Ubuntu 11.04
  • Enable Icons In Menus For Ubuntu 11.04
  • Speak to me
  • use standard gnome bubble notification in ubuntu
  • Manual disk partitioning guide for Ubuntu 11.04

Canonical Introduces 'Ubuntu Friendly' Hardware Validation

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  • Canonical Introduces 'Ubuntu Friendly' Open Hardware Validation Program
  • Install CompizConfig Settings Manager And Enable Desktop Effects Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Linux: A User-Friendly, Desktop Operating System
  • [How to] Run KDE Plasma Widgets in Ubuntu Unity
  • Change Login Screen On Ubuntu 11.04
  • UnityFox: Integrate Firefox With Unity Launcher
  • Top 6 Quicklists for Ubuntu 11.04 to Enhance Unity Launcher

Ubuntu 11.04 review

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  • Ubuntu 11.04 review
  • Fighting with Ubuntu 11.04 (Unity)
  • The Official Ubuntu Book, 5th Edition: Ubuntu-Related Projects
  • Debunking FUD: “Ubuntu restricts you, Ubuntu spies on you”
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