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The Incredible Guide to NEW Ubuntu

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Ubuntu There are a lot of people still stuck with Windows because it’s the ‘easier alternative’. Linux is both cheaper and more versatile than Microsoft’s operating system, but the learning curve has frightened off many people.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Has 100 Paper Cuts Again

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Ubuntu Started during the Ubuntu 9.10 development cycle was an Ubuntu project to address paper cuts in Ubuntu, or rather small usability bugs in Ubuntu and the Linux desktop that are often only minor impairments or annoyances, but these easy-to-fix issues have never been heavily targeted for correction.

Who’s afraid of Ubuntu Women?

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Ubuntu The core of the issue seemed to be less about purpose than governance. The group was concerned about the fact that the channel was not publicly logged like most other Ubuntu channels, and that this gave the impression of it being a “fiefdom” within the community, or a place where people would “gossip”.

Smooth sailing with the Karmic Koala

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Ubuntu When Ubuntu 9.10 ("Karmic Koala") came out, the first reports were somewhat discouraging. So, it was with some trepidation that I decided to finally give it a go, about a month after it came out.

Planned Changes to Next Ubuntu Version 10.04

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Ubuntu Currently the following list of changes everyone is expecting Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx):

Also: Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid) Artwork (Proposed)

10 easy steps to Ubuntu freedom

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Ubuntu You may be afraid to make the jump to Ubuntu Linux, thinking it may be too daunting to install it by yourself. In this blog I will show you exactly how easy it is to install Ubuntu.

Karmic Issues That I've Faced

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Ubuntu Everyone has their share of Karmic Koala stories. My re-installations weren't without problems. Here are the ones I personally ran into. No hearsay here...

Is Ubuntu Too Big for Its Own Good?

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Ubuntu The universe and multiverse repositories contain too much software for Ubuntu to QA properly. The number of bug reports during alpha and beta is so large that many of them aren't triaged until long after release.

Google Chrome OS and Canonical

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  • Google Chrome OS and Canonical
  • Google Chrome OS: Should Ubuntu and Canonical Worry

What Applications Should be in the Standard Installation?

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blog.ibeentoubuntu: You may have heard that GIMP and F-Spot aren't safe for inclusion in 10.04. 700MB isn't much space to work with Why not question all the applications in Ubuntu, then? What should be in the default installation?

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