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What’s happening in Edubuntu for Oneiric?

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Ubuntu Today we had a session at the Ubuntu Developer Summit at Budapest covering the work in Edubuntu for the next release cycle.

Wayland, X.Org For Ubuntu's Future

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Ubuntu Wayland was talked about this morning at the summit in Budapest. In particular, the outlook for Wayland in Ubuntu and Linaro. Separately, there's also X.Org notes from today's meetings.

Ubuntu Linux Satanic Edition review

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  • Ubuntu Linux Satanic Edition (666.9) review
  • Natty Narwhal Offers Unity but No Clarity
  • Natty to-do list
  • Ubuntu project to transition Ubuntu Cloud to OpenStack

Installing KVM Guests With virt-install On Ubuntu 11.04 Server

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Unlike virt-manager, virt-install is a command line tool that allows you to create KVM guests on a headless server. You may ask yourself: "But I can use vmbuilder to do this, why do I need virt-install?" The difference between virt-install and vmbuilder is that vmbuilder is for creating Ubuntu-based guests, whereas virt-install lets you install all kinds of operating systems (e.g. Linux, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD) and distributions in a guest, just like virt-manager. This article shows how you can use it on an Ubuntu 11.04 KVM server.

Why Does Ubuntu 11.04 Disappoint?

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Ubuntu Users have waited for long the release of the 11.04 version of the Ubuntu OS. But it seems the software has not met the expectations. The new user interface is a bad choice; they should have kept the classic menu with the Gnome interface.

Distro Hoppin`: Ubuntu 11.04

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  • Distro Hoppin`: Ubuntu 11.04
  • How Ubuntu's Unity Can Be Improved
  • Ubuntu Aims for 200 Million Users by 2015, Will Need a Miracle
  • The size of the Ubuntu 11.10 CD gets debated

Adventures with Unity and Gnome-Shell

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  • Adventures with Unity and Gnome-Shell
  • Experience of Moving Ubuntu 11.04 from One Notebook to Another
  • What To Expect Of Unity 2D In Ubuntu 11.10
  • Mark Shuttleworth sets goal for 200 million Ubuntu users in 4 years
  • Top 10 Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Themed Wallpapers
  • Canonical and Lenovo Collaboration
  • UbuntuStudio 11.04 Natty Screenshots tour

Mark Shuttleworth Prefers GPL V3

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Ubuntu He said that he prefers GNU GPL v3 over V2, as it has 'a calming effect on software patents'. He hopes soon more and more FOSS companies and communities will realize the dangers of software patents and choose GNU GPL v3 over other licenses.

Virtualization With KVM On Ubuntu 11.04

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This guide explains how you can install and use KVM for creating and running virtual machines on an Ubuntu 11.04 server. I will show how to create image-based virtual machines and also virtual machines that use a logical volume (LVM). KVM is short for Kernel-based Virtual Machine and makes use of hardware virtualization, i.e., you need a CPU that supports hardware virtualization, e.g. Intel VT or AMD-V.

My Week with Ubuntu Natty Narwhal

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utherpendragonfly.wordpress: Here it is, a stunningly beautiful Sunday morning in May. Cherry blossoms; leaves bursting forth above sun-washed green grass; colorful tulips beneath a blue sky. And I’m sitting inside to regale you Linux users out there with my thoughts on Ubuntu 11.04 after using it sparingly for the past week.

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