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Mark Shuttleworth: Light: the new look of Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Jono Bacon, Alan Pope, and many others have written, yesterday we published a new visual story and style for Ubuntu. Here are some additional thoughts.

Can Ubuntu 'out-sexy' Apple?

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  • Can Ubuntu 'out-sexy' Apple?
  • Is operating system beauty skin deep?
  • Canonical CEO Elucidates on Lucid Lynx Linux Server
  • Taking Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix out for a Spin
  • Canonical’s New CEO Discusses Top Priorities

Lubuntu Gets a New Look too

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Ubuntu A couple weeks ago, we took a look at Lubuntu, a lightweight Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Since then, the operating system has undergone major chances that merit a revisit of its features. Here’s a second look.

Ubuntu's New Look, a Pale Imitation of Mac OS X?

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Ubuntu The moment Ubuntu enthusiasts have been waiting for has arrived. Canonical has announced the rebranding of Ubuntu and showed us the new logo, color schemes, desktop themes, and more. But are there really a lot to be excited about with this redesign?

Also: Ubuntu Gets a New Look: What a Mess

The Ubuntu One Music Store is Over-Engineered and Will Fail

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Ubuntu The Ubuntu One Music Store is probably one of the most awaited new features of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid. As the details come out, though, it's obvious that the store isn't going to work out as implemented.

Updates On The New Ubuntu 10.04 Theme(s)

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Update On The New Ubuntu Themes: it seems the new themes will have the buttons on the right after all. But what's puzzling is the website screenshot which presents Ubuntu using Global Menu (screenshots inside).

Download the new Ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper: here.

Ubuntu dumps the brown, introduces new theme and branding

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  • Ubuntu dumps the brown, introduces new theme and branding
  • Refreshing The Ubuntu Brand
  • Bye Bye Brown

New Ubuntu Theme, Boot Splash, Logo Revealed (And More!)

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Like we told you a while back (well, actually Mark told you), Ubuntu (hopefully 10.04) will get a new theme:

Ubuntu Desktop in the Cloud

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  • Ubuntu Desktop in the Cloud
  • Ubuntu One Music Store vs Amazon
  • Ubuntu 10.04: Canonical Makes ISV Push
  • Getting Ready for Ubuntu One Music Store Beta

An open letter to Dell regarding Ubuntu, or “go big or go home”

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linuxcritic.wordpress: With the exception of your two netbook offerings, I have yet to have seen you offer anything else that indicates to me that you have any intentions to make Ubuntu a real option for your customers.

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