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20 Things I did After Installing Ubuntu 12.10

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  • 20 Things I did After Installing Ubuntu 12.10
  • Parallella: The $99 Ubuntu Supercomputer for Everyone
  • Kubuntu 12.10 Review | Thoughts (video)

Can Plasma Active Beat Ubuntu on Linux Mobile Computing?

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Gadgets As we saw last week, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth envisions the advent of Ubuntu phones, tablets and TVs in the near future. But the open source world’s best hope for conquering emerging hardware arguably lies in Plasma Active, a young project which has quietly been making huge progress lately in the world of mobile platforms. Will it beat Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Getting Itself Ready for "F" Word

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  • Is Ubuntu Getting Itself Ready for the Big "F" Word?
  • Choose Your Ubuntu: 8 Derivatives w/ Different Desktop Environments
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 288
  • Lubuntu 12.10 Review
  • Lubuntu 12.10 Quick Overview

Ubuntu 12.10 Review & Screenshots

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  • Ubuntu 12.10 Screenshots
  • Can Canonical Put Ubuntu on Phones, Tablets and TVs?
  • Kubuntu 12.10 Review
  • System76 Gazelle Professional Laptop Review & Giveaway
  • Kubuntu & Xubuntu 12.10 upgrade from 12.04?
  • Installing Ubuntu 12.10
  • A first look at Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10
  • Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.1 Released: Install in Ubuntu 12.10
  • Burning Circle Episode 88
  • The UDS Design Track
  • Xubuntu 12.10 Review
  • Ubuntu 12.10 And AMD Catalyst Problem (Solved)
  • Ubuntu 12.10 review: quite adequate
  • Protecting Your Ubuntu Desktop
  • Make Unity More Responsive with Small Tweak
  • Thank you, Ubuntu Tweak will continue
  • [How To] Speed Up Ubuntu 12.10 Minimize Animation

Ubuntu Founder Takes Aim at Red Hat

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  • Ubuntu Founder Takes Aim at Red Hat
  • Ubuntu Uproar Echoes Through Blogosphere
  • Video: Ubuntu Linux hits Google's Nexus 7

Ubuntu 12.10 Review – biggest ever super test

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  • Ubuntu 12.10 Review – Linux User’s biggest ever super test
  • Disable the Amazon Search Ads in Ubuntu
  • Remove Amazon Shopping search result from Unity
  • Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10 Released, Review
  • Was it something I said?
  • Shuttleworth: in addition to
  • How To Use Different Desktop Environments in Ubuntu
  • The development of Ubuntu Tweak is stopped

What's new in Ubuntu Desktop 12.10

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  • What's new in Ubuntu Desktop 12.10
  • How-To Improve Gaming Performance in Ubuntu 12.10
  • Ubuntu 13.04 will be developed in secret, to escape the critics’ ire
  • Xubuntu 12.10 Screenshots

Not the Runty Raccoon, the Rufflered Rhino or (even) the Randall Ross

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  • Not the Runty Raccoon, the Rufflered Rhino or (even) the Randall Ross
  • Raring community skunkworks
  • Ubuntu 12.10 takes flight with a bag full of Juju
  • 10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 12.10
  • Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) review
  • Googlubuntu
  • Canonical Releases Ubuntu 12.10
  • What to Know About Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu search fix leaves prime critic unsatisfied

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  • Ubuntu Linux search fix leaves prime critic unsatisfied
  • Ubuntu 12.10 brings the Internet closer to the desktop
  • Ay caramba, Ubuntu 12.10: Get it right on Amazon!

Ubuntu Linux 12.10 review: Better, but slower

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Ubuntu The newest version of Ubuntu Linux is almost here and it's looking pretty good, but it also has some quirks and it's slower than I'd like.

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Unimpressed with Ubuntu 16.10? Yakkety Yak... don't talk back

Before I dive into what's new in Ubuntu 16.10, called Yakkety Yak, let's just get this sentence out of the way: Ubuntu 16.10 will not feature Unity 8 or the new Mir display server. I believe that's the seventh time I've written that since Unity 8 was announced and here we are on the second beta for 16.10. Maybe that's why they named it Unity 8. Whatever the case, Unity 8 is available for testing if you'd like to try it. So far I haven't managed to get it working on any of the hardware I use, which goes a long way to explaining why it's not part of Ubuntu proper yet. Read more

Reiser4 Implements Mirror & Failover Support

Edward Shishkin, one of the last remaining Reiser4 developers and the one who has been leading this out-of-tree file-system the past few years, has implemented logical volumes support with support for mirrors (in effect, RAID 0) and failover support at the file-system level. Shishkin quietly announced on Sunday, "Reiser4 will support logical (compound) volumes. For now we have implemented the simplest ones - mirrors. As a supplement to existing checksums it will provide a failover - an important feature, which will reduce number of cases when your volume needs to be repaired by fsck." Read more

Exactly What Is OpenStack? Red Hat's Rich Bowen Explains

You've probably heard of OpenStack. It's in the tech news a lot, and it's an important open source project. But what exactly is it, and what is it for? Rich Bowen of Red Hat provided a high-level view of OpenStack as a software project, an open source foundation, and a community of organizations in his talk at LinuxCon North America. OpenStack is a software stack that went from small to industry darling at warp speed. It has three major components: The compute service runs the virtual machines (VMs), and it has a networking service and a storage service, plus a dashboard to run everything. OpenStack is only six years old, and was born as a solution devised by Rackspace and NASA to solve a specific problem. Read more

Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator: Muneeb Kalathil

I started using Linux when I was in school. But at that point, I was limited to Installation and running a few commands. I really started learning and growing my interest in Linux while I was working on my degree in Computer Applications. My first distribution was Red Hat CentOS. I spent many hours learning Linux and enjoyed it. Read more