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Mark Shuttleworth takes SA government to court

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Legal Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth has taken the South African government to court to have the country’s exchange control system declared unconstitutional.

Ubuntu holds its own

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  • Ubuntu holds its own
  • Canonical's free Ubuntu Operating System breathes life into old PCs
  • Enable Hibernate Feature In Ubuntu 13.04
  • Ubuntu 13.10 Readies Arrival of Smarter Unity Dash
  • Automount partitions in Ubuntu & Mint
  • Ubuntu Phone Demo

DreamHost Gives Debian Wheezy Linux the Boot in Favor of Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Dreamhost isn't making the move to Wheezy which was recently released. Instead Dreamhost is moving to Ubuntu - apparently because they see it as being more stable.

30 Things I did After Installing Ubuntu

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  • 30 Things I did After Installing Ubuntu 13.04
  • shuttleworth: mobile android replace ms as top challenges
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 319

Since When Was Ubuntu A Community Distro?

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  • Unity 8, Mir Changes Landed Last Week
  • The Ubuntu PC Case Mod
  • Since When Was Ubuntu A Community Distro?
  • Ubuntu FOSS Community: Merely Chumps Looking In

Ubuntu Opens Portal to Rejected Community

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  • Ubuntu Opens Portal to Rejected Community
  • Surface Pro Owner? Here’s How to Install Ubuntu
  • Printing with Ubuntu and Why Microsoft Will Never Be Obsoleted

Ubuntu is NOT a Community Project

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Ubuntu When Canonical Ltd. chose to create Skunkworks, Ubuntu ceased being a community Distro. If there are gradations between one extreme black (proprietary) and white (community, open source) Ubuntu has moved in the grey scale towards black ever so slightly.

Also: Fork Ubuntu to Preserve Community Participation

Woe is Linux. Woe is Me.

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Ubuntu Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, publishers of Ubuntu, has given up on the idea that Linux (which Ubuntu is based on) will ever supplant Windows. So what happened? Lots happened and none of it good.

Shuttleworth gives up dream of Ubuntu toppling Windows

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  • Mark Shuttleworth gives up dream of Ubuntu toppling Windows
  • Shuttleworth Fixes Ubuntu Linux Bug #1 - But It's Not Really Fixed Is It?
  • Angst and Anxiety Over Ubuntu's Chosen Path (blog safari)
  • You Want Ubuntu On Your Phone Says Poll
  • How To Use Netflix On Ubuntu 13.04

Has Ubuntu bitten off more than it can chew?

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Ubuntu Canonical wants to put Ubuntu onto our TVs, tablets and smartphones, as well as our PCs. Barry Collins weighs up its chances of success.

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Open/Hacker Hardware

4MLinux 20.1 released.

This is a minor maintenance release in the 4MLinux STABLE channel. The release ships with the Linux kernel 4.4.34, which restores PAE support that "magically" disappeared in 4MLinux 20.0 (sorry :-). Additionally, some popular programs (Double Commander, Dropbox, Firefox, Java RE, Opera, PeaZip, Thunderbird, Wine) have been updated, too. Read more

Refracta 8.0 Is a Pint-Sized Powerhouse

Refracta is a somewhat obscure Linux distribution that offers exceptional functionality and stability. Obscurity is not always a bad thing when it comes to Linux distros. You can find some very worthwhile alternatives to your current operating system. Refracta is a big surprise in a small package. Many look-alike desktop distros are difficult to distinguish from run-of-the-mill garden varieties. Others offer new adopters something unique that makes using them fun and productive. Refracta is one of the few full-service Linux distros that makes an easy and more convenient replacement for pocket Linux options such as Puppy Linux. Not all Linux distros that install to a USB drive -- and have the ability to save files and system settings in a persistent mode -- work equally well. Read more