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What Ubuntu 12.10 Won't Be Codenamed

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  • What Ubuntu 12.10 Won't Be Codenamed
  • History of Ubuntu: Revisited & Updated
  • HP Certifies Ubuntu Linux

Is Canonical in ISV trouble?

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Ubuntu Canonical has put out a call for more Ubuntu application developers, possibly highlighting a lack of traction in this area just one day before such a gap was pointed out by a competitor.

Mark Shuttleworth casts doubt on Red Hat's long term relevance

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Ubuntu THE FOUNDER of Linux vendor Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth has questioned whether Red Hat's pricing structure is viable for enterprise cloud deployments.

Top 10 Ubuntu app downloads for March

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  • Top 10 Ubuntu app downloads for March 2012
  • Ubuntu 12.04 Still Trying For 64-bit By Default
  • Code of Conduct Update
  • Ubuntu Powers Small-Business Desktops in Marseille

Canonical is not interested in the Linux kernel

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Ubuntu LINUX VENDOR Canonical said it has "no interest" in Linux kernel development.

Also: Ubuntu Phone OS Takes A Step Closer?
And: Reading Between the Linux Contributor List's Lines

Speed up your computer with Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Windows is great, but after a while, it can get cluttered up with too many programs and become intolerably sluggish. Backing up your files and reinstalling it can help, but an alternative is to try the free Ubuntu operating system.

20-million new Ubuntu Linux PCs in 2012?

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Ubuntu Ubuntu 12.04 will be arriving shortly and Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth expects big things from it: 20-million new PCs sold with Ubuntu in the next twelve months.

Top Paid Apps For Ubuntu That Are Worth Your Every Penny

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Ubuntu Slowly and steadily, Ubuntu is catching up with its competitors by offering some great paid applications that many users have started appreciating. Here’s a list that will help you choose the best.

Canonical's Quest for Greatness

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  • Canonical's Quest for Greatness
  • Ubuntu Linux Comes Preloaded on Two New Laptops
  • Interview with lovinglinux
  • New Ubuntu release on its way
  • 5 problems with Ubuntu 12.04 part 2
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 260
  • How Canonical's next moves could repaint the Linux landscape

Kubuntu Linux Gets New Sugar Daddy

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Ubuntu Kubuntu — the version of Ubuntu Linux that uses the KDE desktop interface rather than the standard Unity desktop — has a new sponsor.

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Linux 4.8 Plans/Developments

  • Hardened Usercopy Protection Sent In For Linux 4.8
    The usercopy protection was sent in today for pulling into the Linux 4.8 kernel. This user-copy protection support isn't about any form of digital rights management but rather about safeguarding objects being copied to/from user-space. I covered this work in more detail a few days ago in Hardened Usercopy Appears Ready To Be Merged For Linux 4.8.
  • SMR Drive Support In Linux 4.8 To Be Further Improved
    With the Linux 4.7 kernel came initial work on SMR drives, a.k.a. Shingled Magnetic Recording. With Linux 4.8 the SMR drive support continues to be improved. Shingled Magnetic Recording is a magnetic storage tech used by HDDs with high storage density.

Canonical Joins The Document Foundation's LibreOffice Project Advisory Board

Today, July 26, 2016, Canonical and The Document Foundation (TDF) announced that the company behind the popular Ubuntu operating system had joined the LibreOffice project Advisory Board. If you're using the Ubuntu Linux OS on your personal computer, you are aware of the fact that the award-winning LibreOffice office suite is installed by default. Canonical chose to use LibreOffice as the default office suite for its widely-used GNU/Linux operating system since the first release of the open-source software in early 2011. Now that Canonical announced the availability of Snaps as universal binary packages for Ubuntu and other supported GNU/Linux distributions, many application developers decided to offer their software in the Snap package format, and it looks like The Document Foundation is among the first to adopt the latest Snappy technologies for LibreOffice. Read more

Linux Filesystems Explained — EXT2/3/4, XFS, Btrfs, ZFS

The first time I installed Ubuntu on my computer, when I was sixteen, I was astonished by the number of filesystems that were available for the system installation. There were so many that I was left overwhelmed and confused. I was worried that if I picked the wrong one my system might run too slow or that it might be more problematic than another. I wanted to know which was the best. Since then, things have changed quite a bit. Many Linux distributions offer a ‘standard’ filesystem that an installation will default to unless otherwise specified. I think this was a very good move because it assists newcomers in making a decision and being comfortable with it. But, for those that are still unsure of some of the contemporary offerings, we’ll be going through them today. Read more