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Measuring Ubuntu’s Market Share

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Ubuntu Over the last few years, various figures have been put forth as measures of Ubuntu’s desktop market share, with some sources contradicting themselves and most sources contradicting the other ones. Below, we take a look.

Ubuntu to make Linux application installation idiot proof

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Ubuntu There's really nothing that hard about installing programs on Linux. Anyone who still uses shell commands like say, "apt-get install some-program-or-the-other," is doing so because they want to do it that way, not because they have to.

Ubuntu book updated for the Jackalope

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Ubuntu Prentice Hall has published the fourth edition of The Official Ubuntu Book, covering the latest Ubuntu 9.04 release. As with previous versions, the fourth edition aims to bring new users up to speed.

Move Over, Netbooks: Ubuntu On Smartbooks?

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Ubuntu You’ve heard of Smart Phones and Netbooks. Now, get ready for Smartbooks. Qualcomm is rallying hardware partners (OEMs, original equipment manufacturers) to introduce Smartbooks sometime in Q3 or Q4 2009. And here’s the twist: Qualcomm is hiring Ubuntu talent to help drive the project forward.

Missing: Dell’s Ubuntu Linux Desktop PCs

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Ubuntu Rumors are swirling that Dell’s U.S. Web site has stopped selling Ubuntu-based desktop Linux PCs.

I’m Back with Kubuntu Linux (and Happy as Ever)

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Ubuntu It was an uneasy breakup. Kubuntu and I had parted about two months ago rather abruptly after I had installed 9.02. After a nearly four year love affair between us, I felt that I had been jaded. The new KDE 4.1 Plasma desktop was awkward and things just didn’t seem right.

Response to “12 ideas Ubuntu should steal from Windows 7″

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Ubuntu But I would feel dirty inside if I let the “12 ideas Ubuntu should steal from Windows 7” slide by without a comment. Keep in mind that part of my problem is that Ubuntu “should” steal the ideas, and that it should be from “Windows 7.”

12 ideas Ubuntu should steal from Windows 7

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Ubuntu The next version of Ubuntu, the most popular distribution for those who do switch, is launching exactly one week after Windows 7 hits the shelves. Codenamed Karmic Koala, we're loving the alpha version already, but here are some things that Windows does that Ubuntu should.

A Hands on and Review of Ubuntu One

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Ubuntu Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) has recently released a beta version of their online file syncing service – UbuntuOne for public testing. In this tutorial, we are going to take a quick look at its functionality and how you can install UbuntuOne in your Ubuntu machine.

Review: The Official Ubuntu Book, 4th Edition

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millionchimpanzees.blogspot: The Official Ubuntu Book has done well since it was first published. There have been some author changes between the 3rd and 4th editions. Jonathan Jesse and Jono Bacon have apparently dropped off the radar, while Matthew Helmke has joined the team.

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