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I Don't Like Unity; Should I Ditch Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu I was playing with Ubuntu 11.04 the other day and I fell in love with Unity. But, when I took it to one of my friends he was pissed off. He did not like it. He uses computer to post his blogs, skype with his family and friends and to do basic stuff.

The inevitable is here : Ubuntu gnome remix

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justinstories.wordpress: It was predicted since canonical announced unity… It was anticipated since people tried and disappointed on unity… It was desired since people saw, tried and experienced gnome 3.0 and its new shell… It was inevitable...

Ubuntu 11.04: is this the end of the road?

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  • Ubuntu 11.04: Is this the end of the road?
  • First Look At Ubuntu Linux 11.04 Beta
  • Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Beta Review
  • Canonical Commits to Netbooks Over Tablets for Ubuntu
  • Where are Ubuntu servers being used?

Falling In Love With 'Sexy' Ubuntu 11.04

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HowTos I flirted with Ubuntu 11.04 yesterday and found it a bit annoying – a typical user experience when you see massive changes. After spending a night with Natty (and 'she' kept me awake all night) I now know more about this sexy beast.

Beyond Ubuntu CDs, Ubuntu Devices?

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Ubuntu For years, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, has given away CDs of its Linux operating system to anyone who wanted them. That’s given away as in free, no cost, nada. But, all goods things must come to an end.

Ubuntu 11.04 - What Have They Done?!

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  • Ubuntu 11.04 - What Have They Done?!
  • Jono Bacon: ShipIt Discontinued, Long Live LoCo Teams

ShipIt comes to an end

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  • ShipIt comes to an end
  • Unity Works
  • US Dell Site: Now selling Laptops again
  • Unity Almost There

Natty In The Final Stretch: A Retrospective

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  • Jono Bacon: Natty In The Final Stretch: A Retrospective
  • The new Ubuntu Desktop: Unity

Ubuntu 11.04 beta arrives. Verdict Is?

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  • Verdict Is?: Ubuntu 11.04 beta arrives
  • Ubuntu Natty Beta 1 Review + Screenshots Tour
  • Video Demonstraton of a Few Things I Like in Unity
  • Is Ubuntu 11.04 Beta the Beginning of the End?
  • Narwhal: Not Really Classic Yet

Ubuntu 11.04: i686 vs. i686 PAE vs. x86_64

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Ubuntu In this article the tests have been carried out on modern hardware and with the latest Ubuntu 11.04 packages to see how the three kernel variants are performing in 2011.

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