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The Ubuntu guide for displaced Windows users

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Ubuntu With Windows 8 pushing a “touch-first” desktop interface—Microsoft’s words, not ours—and with Valve’s Steam on Linux beginning to bring much-needed games and popular attention to the oft-overlooked operating system, there’s never been a better time to take Linux out for a test drive.

Ubuntu 13.04 Still On Course for April

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  • 13.04 to go Ahead
  • Linux on a tablet: Hurry up and wait?
  • Shuttleworth on Ubuntu releases: "the sky is not falling"
  • App patterns applied: calculator key journeys
  • Ubuntu. What Just Happened?
  • Something to add here
  • Ubuntu developers discuss rolling releases at UDS
  • Shuttleworth: Not Convinced by Rolling Releases
  • Ubuntu To Investigate Digital Rights Management
  • Shuttleworth: Misplaced criticism
  • Ubuntu is Many Communities
  • Shuttleworth: All the faces of Ubuntu
  • Divisive Leadership
  • Thoughts and worries about the proposed new Ubuntu processes
  • Confessions of a community member
  • Daddy, why are you sad?
  • Ubuntu Rolling Releases Vs. Hardware Companies
  • Freedom and Community
  • Shuttleworth On Mir: "A Fantastic Piece of Engineering"
  • Ubuntu Plans To Move To Systemd's Logind
  • Ubuntu 13.04 Won't Get X.Org Server 1.14
  • Does the Ubuntu Community need a Foundation?
  • Good Luck, Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Membership
  • Shell Dock Vs Unity Dock
  • Two Major KDE Developers Weigh In On Mir, Wayland

Canonical: "Don't Piss On Wayland"

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  • Note To Canonical: "Don't Piss On Wayland"
  • Revamped QML ‘Gwibber’ Shown Off
  • Ubuntu’s New Display Server ‘Mir’ Gets Demoed [Video]
  • "World’s First Ubuntu Tablet" Taking Pre-Orders
  • Unity Next to Replace Old Unity Merging Desktop and Phone
  • Mir – An outpost envisioned as a new home
  • Um Bongo boss Shuttleworth offers 'incognito' mode
  • X and Wayland Developers Bash Canonical
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 306
  • Mir + Unity QML + Unity APIs = Unity
  • Getting Started With The First OUDS

Google Chrome OS vs. Ubuntu

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Ubuntu In this article, I'll explore how Chrome OS stacks up against Ubuntu and whether the two operating systems are likely to appeal to the same user base.

Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS Review: Now I like Unity

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  • Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS Review: Now I like Unity!
  • Ubuntu Announce Unity Next, Will Be Written in Qt/QML
  • Dedoimedo Ubuntu smartphone contest
  • Ubuntu Touch Will Be Usable In ‘Couple of Weeks’
  • Canonical reveals plans to launch Mir display server

7 Impressive Features Expected in Ubuntu 13.04

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  • Hands-on with Ubuntu's rudimentary phone and tablet OS
  • Install the Ubuntu Phone OS Dynamic Wallpaper on Ubuntu
  • 7 Impressive Features Expected in Ubuntu 13.04
  • Can Ubuntu ‘Converge’ Across Phones, TVs, PCs and Tablets?
  • Will SurfaceFlinger Replace Compiz In Ubuntu 14.04?
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 305
  • Why the Ubuntu Tablet Is a Winner
  • And Now, Ubuntu for Tablets - Wait, What?
  • Airing of grievances: in which upgrading Ubuntu wreaks havoc

Five Ubuntu Touch Facts

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  • Five Ubuntu Touch Facts
  • Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Released
  • How to make Ubuntu Linux look like Windows 7
  • 5 Must Have Apps For Ubuntu 12.10 – Part 2

Shuttleworth embraces tablet terror

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  • Shuttleworth embraces tablet terror: PC biz will survive, too
  • The Key for Ubuntu for Tablets Will Be Apps
  • Four stupid mistakes I made when installing Linux

Ubuntu Linux Primed for Life on Tablets

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  • Ubuntu Linux Primed for Life on Tablets
  • Canonical adds countdown for tablet reveal Tuesday
  • Ubuntu for tablets revealed with split screen multi-tasking
  • Dell upgrades its developer edition Ubuntu Linux laptop
  • Why More People Are Choosing Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Pros and Cons
  • Canonical answers Ubuntu phone critics

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 302

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  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 302
  • Install KVM on Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Grabs 1.12 Percent OS Market Share on Steam
  • Ubuntu Allegedly To Have Its Own X, Wayland Alternative
  • Is Canonical Working on New, Custom Display Server for Unity?
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SUSE Leftovers

  • openSUSE Heroes meeting, day 2
    After a long, but exciting first day, we even managed to get some sleep before we started again and discussed the whole morning about our policies and other stuff that is now updated in the openSUSE wiki. After that, we went out for a nice lunch…
  • Installing Tumbleweed, November 2016
    The Tumbleweed system that I already have installed had desktops KDE, Gnome, XFCE and LXDE. But for recent intstalls (as with Leap 42.2), I have been going with KDE, Gnome, XFCE, LXQt, FVWM and MATE. So it seemed reasonable for the new Tumbleweed install to follow the same path. I also added Enlightenment for experimenting.

Android Leftovers

Linux Graphics

  • LibRetro's Vulkan PlayStation PSX Renderer Released
    A few days back I wrote about a Vulkan renderer for a PlayStation emulator being worked on and now the code to that Vulkan renderer is publicly available. For those wanting to relive some PlayStation One games this week or just looking for a new test case for Vulkan drivers, the Vulkan renderer for the LibRetro Beetle/Mednafen PSX emulator is now available, months after the LibRetro folks made a Vulkan renderer for the Nintendo 64 emulator.
  • Etnaviv DRM Updates Submitted For Linux 4.10
    The Etnaviv DRM-Next pull request is not nearly as exciting as MSM getting Adreno 500 series support, a lot of Intel changes, or the numerous AMDGPU changes, but it's not bad either for a community-driven, reverse-engineered DRM driver for the Vivante graphics cores.
  • Mesa 12.0.4 Being Prepped For Ubuntu 16.10/16.04
    Ubuntu is preparing Mesa 12.0.4 for Ubuntu Xenial and Yakkety users. It's not as great as Mesa 13, but at least there are some important fixes back-ported. Mesa 12.0.4 is exciting for dozens of bug fixes, including the work to offer better RadeonSI performance. But with Mesa 12.0.4 you don't have the RADV Vulkan driver, OpenGL 4.5, or the other exciting Mesa 13 work.

Games for GNU/Linux