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7 Ubuntu File Manager Features You May Not Have Noticed

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Ubuntu The Nautilus file manager included with Ubuntu includes some useful features you may not notice unless you go looking for them. You can create saved searches, mount remote file systems, use tabs in your file manager, and more.

ASUS Quietly Launch New Ubuntu 12.04 Netbook

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Ubuntu A new Ubuntu 12.04 powered ASUS Netbook has quietly crept into the wild. But the OS isn’t the only notable thing about the new EeePC 1225C.

Ubuntu Unity: Making the desktop seriously efficient again

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Ubuntu Contrary to the popular opinion, Jack Wallen has found Ubuntu Unity to be one of the most efficient desktop designs on the market.

Ubuntu 12.10 Prepares To Improve Linux Performance

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Ubuntu While there's still over three months to go until Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" will be officially released, for many computers this release will be faster than its predecessor, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Ubuntu Small Business Servers: Canonical, Zentyal Partner Up

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Ubuntu Canonical has agreed to offer Ubuntu server operating support to Zentyal customers. The result: Zentyal and its authorized server partners can more easily engage small and midsize (SMB) customers, the company claims.

25 Things I did After Installing Ubuntu 12.04

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Ubuntu Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" is proving everyone wrong. It is perhaps the most loved Ubuntu release since "Lucid Lynx". Unity is now an almost-finished product. Here are the things you could do after installing Ubuntu 12.04 to make it an even more useful and finished OS.

Dell launch with Ubuntu at retail in India

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Ubuntu Canonical and Dell announce today that Dell laptops pre-loaded with Ubuntu will be sold in 850 retail outlets in India.

Another look at Ubuntu and the Enterprise

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jjesse.wordpress: What Ubuntu needs is not a Business Remix removing social bits and pieces (social is used more and more in business these days) but integration within the various systems management tools that already exist.

I’ve had enough of Ubuntu Unity!

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Ubuntu Everyone I know who’s used Ubuntu of late can’t stick the Unity interface. Admittedly, a dozen people does not maketh a statistically coherent sample. But still, I feel it’s indicative of some real problems.

Reviewed: Linux Ubuntu 12.04 — the pipe dream

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Ubuntu For years now Linux faithful have touted that year as the year of Linux. With every new version of Linux (called Distros) be it Mint, Ubuntu and others more people get hyped up over what the possibilities are for the platform. I’ll be looking into the latest Ubuntu 12.04 and giving my opinion on the matter.

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