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Ubuntu in robotics competition in Spain

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ubuntin.wordpress: Today took place the CRUO, one of the main Robotics competitions in Spain, organized by the University of Oviedo.

Full Circle 51 has arrived

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  • Full Circle 51 has arrived!
  • Ubuntu takes UFOs to the cloud

[Oneiric Updates] Unity 2D and Ubuntu Software Center Improvements

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Ubuntu A new update to Unity 2D brings it almost at par with Unity 3D as now both have same shared settings. Unity 2D now uses GTK3 rendering and also new indicators. In last few days, Ubuntu 11.10 also received many other updates.

Affordable But Capable Ubuntu-powered Laptop Computers

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Ubuntu If you are planning to purchase an affordable but capable Ubuntu-powered laptop, here are some nice ones you can add to your wish list:

What's missing in Debian, or why my parents use Kubuntu

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Ubuntu While at Debconf11, I have several times during discussions mentioned the issues I believe should be improved in Debian for its desktop to be useful for more people. The use case for this is my parents, which are currently running Kubuntu which solve the issues.

Ubuntu dressed in cheap elastic support

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  • Ubuntu dressed in cheap elastic support, sent out in public
  • A retrospective of the first year of Ask Ubuntu

Ubuntu 11.10 Development update

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  • Ubuntu 11.10 Development update
  • IDE for Ubuntu

Why does Ubuntu need the Canonical Contributor Agreement?

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Ubuntu Let's say you want to improve Ubuntu by contributing a patch but if that project is covered by the Canonical Contributor Agreement, you'll need to sign over some of your rights. People have been arguing about this for a while now but why does Canonical need it in the first place?

Kubuntu 11.10 – A Very Early Review

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Ubuntu In the twilight hours of this morning, I thought I’d take an look at the new Kubuntu 11.10, codenamed “Oneiric Ocelot”. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time, in my half-awake non-caffeinated state.

Ubuntu goes head-to-head with Red Hat and Windows in businesses

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Ubuntu LINUX VENDOR Canonical is going head-to-head with Microsoft and Red Hat in the enterprise market with its Ubuntu Linux distribution.

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Linux and Graphics

Security Leftovers

  • Cockpit 0.104
    Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. There’s a new release every week. Here are the highlights from this weeks 0.104 release.
  • FFmpeg 3.0.2 "Einstein" Multimedia Framework Released with Updated Components
    Today, April 28, 2016, the development team behind the popular FFmpeg open-source and cross-platform multimedia framework has released the second maintenance release in the stable FFmpeg 3.0 "Einstein" series. FFmpeg 3.0 was a massive release announced in mid-February, which brought in numerous existing changes, including support for decoding and encoding Common Encryption (CENC) MP4 files, support for decoding DXV streams, as well as support for decoding Screenpresso SPV1 streams.
  • Using bubblewrap in xdg-app
    At the core of xdg-app is a small helper binary that uses Linux features like namespaces to set up sandbox for the application. The main difference between this helper and a full-blown container system is that it runs entirely as the user. It does not require root privileges, and can never allow you to get access to things you would not otherwise have.
  • Build System Fallbacks
    If you are using Builder from git (such as via jhbuild) or from the gnome-builder-3-20 branch (what will become 3.20.4) you can use Builder with the fallback build system. This is essentially our “NULL” build system and has been around forever. But today, these branches learned something so stupidly obvious I’m ashamed I didn’t do it 6 months ago when implementing Build Configurations.
  • Node.js version 6 is now available

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