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Ubuntu desktop is just easy

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  • Ubuntu desktop is just easy
  • Samba share not working on Ubuntu
  • The Ultimate Ubuntu Code Name Generator
  • Ubuntu Network Speed and full or half duplex LAN
  • Get the systray whitelist back in ubuntu
  • How to install Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu 13.04

What I Do after Installing Ubuntu

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  • What I Do after Installing Ubuntu (13.04 or Otherwise)
  • Unity Tweak Tool Updated for Ubuntu 13.04
  • Firefox freezes badly on Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu Wins Our “Tablet OS” Poll

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  • Ubuntu Wins Our “Tablet OS” Poll
  • 4 Time Waster Games for Ubuntu
  • A ringing endorsement for Ubuntu 13.04
  • Ubuntu Desktop Memory Comparison
  • 10 reasons Ubuntu will connect the masses with Linux
  • People behind ubuntu quality: Howard
  • Get extra apps for Lubuntu
  • Ubuntu vs Android Tablets, Smartphones
  • Remove white dots from Ubuntu 13.04 login screen
  • US Military Academies using Ubuntu for Training

+10 Necessary Apps For Ubuntu 13.04

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  • +10 Necessary Applications For Ubuntu 13.04
  • Weather & Clock app visual exploration
  • Install Pepper Flash for Chromium in Ubuntu
  • How To Install Ubuntu 13.04 In Macbook Air

some odds & ends:

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  • Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail - Remarkably unremarkable
  • 13 Reasons to Deploy With Ubuntu Server (Part 3)
  • Windows 8: The most important reason to switch to Linux
  • Gparted 0.16.1 Fixes Another Critical Bug, Update asap
  • Systemd: An Accident Waiting to Happen
  • On Unity Smart Scopes Delay

Ubuntu 13.04 Review – Spot the difference

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  • Ubuntu 13.04 Review – Spot the difference
  • How to Disable Window Effects in Ubuntu 13.04
  • Xubuntu 13.04 Review: Rock solid and stable
  • 13 Reasons to Deploy With Ubuntu Server
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 314

Ubuntu Drivers

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  • Ubuntu Drivers
  • Is This The Coolest Ubuntu PC Ever Built?
  • Press Reaction to Ubuntu 13.04 Is a Muted, “Meh” Affair
  • My take on Ubuntu 13.04
  • love or loathe Ubuntu, 13.04 won't change your mind
  • Mir Display Server Gets A Demo Shell, New Demos
  • How to install GNOME 3.8 on Ubuntu
  • Going fallback mode in Ubuntu 13.04

Performance Based, Ubuntu 13.04 Review

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  • Performance Based, Ubuntu 13.04 Review
  • Lubuntu 13.04 - Fast, efficient and functional
  • 6 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 13.04
  • How To Upgrade to GNOME 3.8 in Ubuntu 13.04
  • Full Circle Magazine #72 – Sixth Birthday Edition
  • High Court Organizes "Ubuntu Linux Awareness Cum Training Programme Under Change Management" For Judicial Officers

First Vulnerabilities Hit Ubuntu 13.04

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  • First Vulnerabilities Hit Ubuntu 13.04
  • Ubuntu 13.04: No privacy controls as promised, but hey - photo search!
  • Ubuntu Server 13.04 Advances with OpenStack
  • Ubuntu 13.04 Emerges to Less-Than-Stellar Reviews
  • What's New in Kubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu without the 'U': Booting the Big Four remixes

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Ubuntu It's the end of April, so that means that there's a new release of Ubuntu. Well, actually, no - it means that there are eight of them. Don't like standard Ubuntu's Mac-OS-X-like Unity desktop? Here's where to look.

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Security News

  • Security advisories for Tuesday
  • FOI: NHS Trusts are ransomware pin cushions [Ed: Windows]
    The FOI requests found that 87 per cent of attacks came via a networked NHS device and that 80 per cent were down to phished staffers. However, only a small proportion of the 100 or so Trusts responded to this part of the requests. "These results are far from surprising. Public sector organisations make a soft target for fraudsters because budget and resource shortages frequently leave hospitals short-changed when it comes to security basics like regular software patching," said Tony Rowan, Chief Security Consultant at SentinelOne. "The results highlight the fact that old school AV technology is powerless to halt virulent, mutating forms of malware like ransomware and a new more dynamic approach to endpoint protection is needed.

10 reasons to use Cinnamon as your Linux desktop environment

Recently I installed Fedora 25, and found that the current version of KDE Plasma was unstable for me; it crashed several times a day before I decided to try to try something different. After installing a number of alternative desktops and trying them all for a couple hours each, I finally settled on using Cinnamon until Plasma is patched and stable. Here's what I found. Read more

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