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Should you be worried about Ubuntu Desktop’s privacy settings?

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Ubuntu You will find one of those new features in System Settings, the hub for most graphical administrative tools in Ubuntu and GNOME 3 desktops in general. The tool or application is called Privacy. What it does is not new per se, but new in the manner it executes them.

15 new wallpapers have landed in ubuntu 12.04

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  • 15 new wallpapers have landed in ubuntu 12.04
  • Ordering your 12.04 CDs for LoCos now available
  • The Countdown is on

Ubuntu 12.04 Is A Mixed Power Story

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  • Ubuntu 12.04 Is A Mixed Power Story
  • Shuttleworth defends Ubuntu's Linux contributions
  • Lubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 Screenshots Gallery

Jono Bacon: Quick Ubuntu Accomplishments Update

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Ubuntu It has been a few weeks since I last posted an update about the Ubuntu Accomplishments project. As such I wanted to take a few moments to update you lovely people with some of the progress being made in the project and show off some juicy screenshots too.

Also: Shuttleworth: Introducing Metal as a Service
And: Bacon: Looking Towards Ubuntu 12.04

Is April Still A Magic Month for Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu When it comes to Ubuntu, Canonical’s Linux distribution, most pundits keep close tabs on April and October. Like clockwork, Canonical always releases Ubuntu upgrades during those months. Indeed, Canonical is beta testing Ubuntu 12.04 (code-named Precise Pangolin) now and expects to ship the new Linux release on April 26.

5 problems with Ubuntu

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  • 5 problems with Ubuntu 12.04 part 1: Unity Dash
  • Kubuntu Active 12.04 beta 2 screen shots
  • Installing Kubuntu 12.04 On Older Non-PAE Computers

Red Hat questions Canonical's Ubuntu EC2 popularity claims

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Ubuntu LINUX VENDOR Red Hat has cast doubt on Canonical's claim that Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution on Amazon's EC2 service by saying it uses "selective" data.

Kubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 Screenshots Gallery

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  • Kubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 Screenshots Gallery
  • Hello Unity, episode 2
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 259

Ubuntu's HUD: Light-years beyond any menu system

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Ubuntu Ubuntu continues to take Unity into the future of desktops, and with its new HUD system, the desktop has now gone boldly where none has gone before. Jack Wallen introduces the Head-Up Display.

Also: Best & Worst Case Power Usage On Ubuntu 12.04

Who Uses Ubuntu Linux, and Why? Survey Offers New Insight.

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Ubuntu It's all too common to hear Linux portrayed by detractors as an operating system suitable only for longtime hackers and “hobbyists,” as it was put in one recent example. The reality, however, is very different.

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