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Canonical will be forced to hand over data to various governments

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  • Richard Stallman: Canonical will be forced to hand over data to various governments
  • Ubuntu to allow users to decide where donations go
  • Ubuntu Add Legal Disclaimer to Unity Dash
  • Preview Of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS vs. Ubuntu 12.10 Performance
  • Hundred Papercuts needs your help
  • 10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 12.10
  • Ubuntu To Consider Ridding GNOME Fallback Code
  • An Attempt To Push Ubuntu As A Gaming Platform
  • The Quantal Quetzal takes flight
  • Monetising Ubuntu
  • Searching in the Dash in Ubuntu 12.10 – an Update

Windows 8 vs Ubuntu: battle of the operating systems

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Ubuntu We pit Windows 8 against Ubuntu to see which OS comes out top dog

Ubuntu's Jono Bacon Talks Open-Source Community Management

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Ubuntu It’s time for enterprises to take their participation in the open-source community even more seriously, for their own sake, says Jono Bacon, the community manager for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Linux: Donationware?

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  • Ubuntu Linux: Donationware?
  • Ubuntu Made Easy: Interview With The Authors
  • The Ubuntu architect: why it's important to attract all users
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 286
  • Upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server

Is Ubuntu Shutting Out Old PCs?

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Ubuntu Looking back at the progress of Ubuntu over the years, including the various off-shoot distributions based on it, I cannot help but be amazed. But sadly, some of these improvements mean that slower performing PCs will be left out in the cold.

Ubuntu: Breaking The Industry Barriers

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Ubuntu Canonical has come under some heavy criticism in the past couple of weeks with its controversial decision to include Amazon shopping results in the Ubuntu Dash search results. When I first read of the news I was also enraged with a certain amount of anger and honestly couldn’t believe that our beloved Ubuntu had fallen victim to the commercial trap.

Ubuntu Adds ‘Amazon Results’ Off Switch

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  • Ubuntu Adds ‘Amazon Results’ Off Switch, Fixes NSFW Issues
  • Unity 6.8.0 Arrives in Ubuntu 12.10 with Performance Fixes
  • Top 10 Paid Apps on Ubuntu Software Center for September
  • 10 Things To Look For In Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 12.10 review: finally growing up

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Ubuntu After reviewing the last version of Ubuntu 12 a few months ago I wasn’t too impressed with the OS in general. Ubuntu kept loyal to its obscure following by not dipping its toes into the real reason Windows and OSX are popular. And I’m happy.

Ubuntu 12.10: More to Um Bongo Linux than Amazon ads

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Ubuntu A second beta of Ubuntu 12.10 has arrived and its biggest feature has proved its most controversial: the integration of search results on your desktop.

Ubuntu ‘Won’t Fix’ NSFW Content

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  • Ubuntu ‘Won’t Fix’ NSFW Content in Amazon Unity Results
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 285
  • Lost Ubuntu Password Recovery
  • Fallout from Ubuntu's New Shopping Lens
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Ubuntu-Based ExTiX OS Updated for Intel Compute Sticks with Improved Installer

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