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Ubuntu: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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  • Ubuntu 12.10: What to Expect
  • Ubuntu: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Ubuntu 12.04, Amahi, and Not Detecting Disks
  • Ubuntu: Re-Doing the Possible
  • Ubuntu 13.04 Release Schedule
  • Jono Bacon: On The Recent Dash Improvements
  • All your base are belong to Canonical
  • Ubuntu on Air!: Beta

Getting the Most From Ubuntu: 20 Tips

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  • Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 1 (Report #3)
  • Amazon search results in the Dash
  • Slow Ubuntu DNS (name) lookups - solution
  • Getting the Most From Ubuntu: 20 Tips

Should Ubuntu’s Minimize Button Be Vertical?

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  • Should Ubuntu’s Minimize Button Be Vertical?
  • Online Shopping Feature Arrives in Ubuntu 12.10
  • Quetzal is taking flight & update on Ubuntu secure boot plans

Ubuntu to Use Signed GRUB2 Bootloader for Secure Boot

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Ubuntu This approach is different to the one Canonical previously announced in which they decide ‘for security reasons’ to use a custom non-GRUB based bootloader – a decision for which they were publicly admonished by the Free Software Foundation.

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Beta 1 Review

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Ubuntu The beta version of the next Ubuntu release – 12.10 Quantal Quetzal – is now available for testing. There are several new and interesting features added and whether you like it or not, the Unity desktop is here to stay.

Desktop Linux: Has Ubuntu's Unity Surpassed the Mac?

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Ubuntu Shuttleworth claims to have made good on his challenge to provide a better desktop than OS X. Can his claim survive a close scrutiny?

How To Backup Your Ubuntu Software

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"Dear Matt, I have been using Ubuntu for a couple years now, and I am pretty comfortable with day-to-day computing on the platform. However when it comes time to do a version upgrade with a fresh install I’m often frustrated."

Ubuntu Unity: A beginner's walk-through

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Ubuntu Jack Wallen has been proclaiming Ubuntu Unity the single most efficient desktop on the market. This time he decides to illustrate a simple task and how Ubuntu Unity’s approach is easy and efficient.

My impressions of Ubuntu/Unity 12.04

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Ubuntu I've been using Ubuntu 12.04 on my MSI netbook for about a week now. The netbook is a 10" model with a 1.66 Gig dual core Intel Atom N280 CPU, 1 Gig of RAM and Intel Mobile 945GSE Integrated Graphics, 3 USB ports, VGA out, and Microphone and Headphone sockets, and an SD card slot.

Five new features in Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 1

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  • Five new features in Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 1
  • New Unity in precise-proposed
  • Best Image Editors for Ubuntu
  • Top 10 Ubuntu app downloads for August 2012
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