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Mir Still Causing Concerns By Ubuntu Derivatives

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Ubuntu With Canonical's planned adoption of their in-house Mir Display Server over the next year rather than using an X.Org Server or Wayland, derivatives such as KDE-based Kubuntu continue to fear the change and what exactly the options will be.

Ubuntu Desktop Convergence

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  • Ubuntu Desktop Convergence
  • The sorry state of services in Ubuntu
  • How to Change System Language in Ubuntu
  • System76 introduces new high-end Ubuntu Linux laptops

Ubuntu/Unity on 32bit

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  • Can you run Ubuntu/Unity on 32-Bit?
  • Lubuntu 13.10 To Have Firefox by Default, Disregard its Daddy
  • Get Rid Of “System Program Problem Detected” error

Shuttleworth’s case can devastate South Africa

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Ubuntu Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth’s bid to have South Africa’s exchange control system declared unconstitutional could have a devastating effect on the country.

Things to Consider when Purchasing Ubuntu Laptops

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Ubuntu Should you buy a laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed, purchase a Windows system or go for a PC without a pre-installed operating system?

Mark Shuttleworth takes SA government to court

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Legal Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth has taken the South African government to court to have the country’s exchange control system declared unconstitutional.

Ubuntu holds its own

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  • Ubuntu holds its own
  • Canonical's free Ubuntu Operating System breathes life into old PCs
  • Enable Hibernate Feature In Ubuntu 13.04
  • Ubuntu 13.10 Readies Arrival of Smarter Unity Dash
  • Automount partitions in Ubuntu & Mint
  • Ubuntu Phone Demo

DreamHost Gives Debian Wheezy Linux the Boot in Favor of Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Dreamhost isn't making the move to Wheezy which was recently released. Instead Dreamhost is moving to Ubuntu - apparently because they see it as being more stable.

30 Things I did After Installing Ubuntu

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  • 30 Things I did After Installing Ubuntu 13.04
  • shuttleworth: mobile android replace ms as top challenges
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 319

Since When Was Ubuntu A Community Distro?

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  • Unity 8, Mir Changes Landed Last Week
  • The Ubuntu PC Case Mod
  • Since When Was Ubuntu A Community Distro?
  • Ubuntu FOSS Community: Merely Chumps Looking In
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