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Red Hat
  • Red Hat Releases Framework That Can Drive Successful FOSS Projects

    In pushing open source projects forward, making good decisions matters, and Red Hat happens to use an in-house tool to help guide its decision making related to its technology projects. It's called the Open Decision Framework, and consists of the company's collection of its own best practices for making decisions and leading projects.

    Now, the company has announced the release of a community version of the Open Decision Framework. "The framework can help decision-makers communicate transparently, seek out diverse perspectives, collaborate more effectively across distributed teams, and limit unanticipated impacts of business projects and decisions," the company claims.

  • Using research to engage your community

    In his book, The Open Organization, Jim Whitehurst explains how the open source way of thinking has the power to influence the way organizations operate, not just how they can develop software. As a Senior Brand Explorer at the brand agency New Kind, much of my work involves guiding research projects for technology companies interested in using open source-inspired strategies for communicating and collaborating with customers and community members.

  • 2016 open source summer reading list

Red Hat open sources how it makes decisions

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Red Hat

Five core open source principles--open exchange, participation, meritocracy, community, and release early and often--are outlined in Red Hat's framework.

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Red Hat and Fedora

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  • Migration of Parse Apps to Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

    Following the announcement from Parse on January 28th that they will be shutting down operations in a year’s time, Red Hat has been working on a detailed migration guide to assist existing Parse enterprise customers in migrating their services to the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP).

  • Red Hat Inc (RHT) Given Buy Rating at Oppenheimer
  • Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT) Stock Rating Review
  • Lucrative Stocks in today’s market:Red Hat, Inc., (NYSE:RHT)
  • Stock Down this Year: Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT)
  • Be wary of heroes

    Inspiring change is difficult. Fighting the status quo typically means being able to communicate so effectively that powerful opponents can't win merely by outspending you. People need to read your work or hear you speak and leave with enough conviction that they in turn can convince others. You need charisma. You need to be smart. And you need to be able to tailor your message depending on the audience, even down to telling an individual exactly what they need to hear to take your side. Not many people have all these qualities, but those who do are powerful and you want them on your side.

  • Another addition.

    I’m extremely happy to announce that Randy Barlow has joined the Fedora Engineering team, effective today.

  • Joining Fedora Engineering

    I spent the last four years working on The Pulp Project, a component of Red Hat® Satellite 6. I worked with some of the finest engineers there and will always remember my time there fondly.

  • Fedora Design Team lead Máirín Duffy wins O’Reilly Open Source Award

    OSCON is O’Reilly’s annual Open Source Conference celebrating open source software and the people who make it happen. Red Hat developer and Fedora contributor Adam Miller published his event report for OSCON on the Community Blog yesterday.

  • OSCON 2016 Expo Hall Booth Report

    On Tuesday I attended OSCON‘s Open Container Day with members of the OpenShift team and the CentOS team. This turned out to be an interesting outing and I got pulled into an interview on TheNewStack with CentOS member Jim Perrin to discuss the Fedora and CentOS respective docker layered image build systems and tooling. This was a great opportunity to explain what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what we hope to provide to the community. This day was roughly half and half tech overview of different container tech and sales pitches from various companies. Which is somewhat understandable, since it’s a sponsored day event. I helped man the OpenShift table before getting pulled into TheNewStack interview.

Red Hat and Fedora

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Red Hat

Red Hat Releases Updated Software Collections and Developer Toolset

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Red Hat

Open source enterprise software developer Red Hat released Software Collections 2.2 last week, the latest version of its collection of open source Web development tools, dynamic languages, and databases. The new tools are designed to provide software developers with access to the company's latest stable builds, even though a new version of its flagship enterprise operating system has yet to be released.

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Debian and Fedora users are debating systemd’s latest controversial change

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Red Hat

The initialization software systemd has now been integrated into most popular Linux distributions, including the latest versions of Ubuntu. But a change in systemd 230 alters the way Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems have worked for decades, and some Linux users aren’t pleased.

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Red Hat News

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Red Hat

Korora 23 Gnome - Fedora on steroids

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Red Hat

Here we go. A Fedora spin that is a bit confused from so much spinning. Overall, this distro works well. In a way. Korora is a decent, admirable attempt to transform a rather nerdy system into something anyone can use, with good looks, media codecs availability out of the box, lots of programs, and some additional friendly and gentle tweaks. Not bad.

On the other hand, the execution is not flawless. The installer killed my GRUB, the package manager is plain stupid, the updates are done the wrong way, there are half a dozen semi-annoying bugs in day-to-day activities, and the networking needs significant and immediate improvements. All in all, not enough to sway me over. Korora 23 Coral gets about 7.5/10 on a sunny day, and I'm probably being generous. Then again, it's the best effort this spring yet, all distros included, and it does shine a ray of hope into my grizzled heart. Plus, it's better than the previous version I tested, so it might actually be majestic one day. Or like Xubuntu, steadily improve for four years until it becomes da bomb and then bomb. Korora, worth testing. And I'll check the KDE spin, too.

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Also: DNF / YUM History

Red Hat and Fedora

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Red Hat
  • Got SELinux?

    We are working to get SELinux and Overlayfs to work well together. Currently you can not run docker containers

  • PHPUnit 5.4

    RPM of PHPUnit version 5.4 are available in remi repository for Fedorra ≥ 21 and in remi-test repository for Enterprise Linux (CentOS, RHEL...).

  • PLUMgrid SDN Suite Works with Red Hat OpenStack

    Players in the emerging software-defined networking (SDN) arena are continuing on the path to interoperability as the industry shakes itself out, with PLUMgrid Inc. announcing its SDN suite is certified for the Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8.

  • PLUMgrid's ONS 5.0 for OpenStack now certified for use with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8

    PLUMgrid is bringing its Open Networking Suite to Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8. ONS 5.0 is now certified for use with the Red Hat OpenStack distribution, providing another option for deploying software-defined networking capabilities for OpenStack-based clouds.

  • Firms Explain How To Overcome Open Source Development Challenges

    Who better to explain how to overcome the challenges of managing open source projects and cultures than open source champions Red Hat Inc. and Docker Inc., both of which have come out with brand-new resources detailing their in-house processes and best practices for community software development?

    Within days of each other, Red Hat open sourced a best practices tool for managing open source projects, while Docker continued its blog series on how it does the same, this week focusing on its internal processes, such as how it promotes contributing developers to maintainer status.

  • How To Hire Software Testers, Pt. 3

    I am a QA contractor at Red Hat responsible for finding over 1600 bugs, a general purpose open source developer, Red Hat Certified professional, cloud hacker and an entrepreneur! My latest start-up is Mr. Senko!

  • Top Stocks of the day: Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT)
  • Earnings Estimates Highlight: Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT), CDW Corporation (NASDAQ:CDW)
  • Stock Valuation Review for: Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT)
  • Red Hat Inc (NYSE:RHT) Analyst Opinion
  • Fedora Cloud FAD 2016

    Then you should *totally* participate remotely in the Cloud Working Group’s Fedora Activity Day (FAD) in Raleigh, NC on June 7th and 8th! The Cloud Working Group will be making decisions, tackling tickets, and writing code to help with topics like automated testing, documentation, and increasing our public cloud provider footprint.

    Be sure to check out the Cloud FAD wiki page, sign up as a remote attendee, and join us in #fedora-meeting-3 on Freenode during the event.

Red Hat and Fedora

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Red Hat
  • CENX, Brocade, Red Hat, collaborate to set up SDNFV Innovation Lab

    Canada-based CENX, the global leader of orchestrated service assurance and management solutions for physical and virtualized networks, is collaborating with Brocade, Red Hat, and to showcase end-to-end service management capabilities over hybrid network infrastructure in its SDNFV innovation lab.

  • Cambridge to contribute to cloud computing

    Computer scientists at the University of Cambridge (UK) will contribute to the development of Openstack, an open source cloud computing platform, according to a press release by open source ICT services provider Red Hat.

    The University of Cambridge will contribute high performance computing capabilities to the upstream OpenStack community, Red Hat says in a press release on 29 April.

  • Red Hat's Release of Ansible 2.1 Supports Network Automation

    Red Hat has announced the general availability of Ansible 2.1, the latest version of the company’s agentless open source IT automation framework. Ansible provides developers with the ability to deploy IT applications and environments by automating routine activities such as network configuration, cloud deployments, and creation of development environments.

  • Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT) Price Target and Stock Rating Synopsis
  • Pagure CI

    As my GSoC project one of the first goals is getting CI to Pagure. In my previous post I have been blogging about getting Fedmsg to work, Configuring Jenkins and my favorite Poor Man’s CI. Well, Poor Man’s CI evolved into Slightly Richer Man’s CI and now Pagure CI.

  • Fedora CommBlog Keeps it 100

    Shout-out to all the Fedora CommBlog Contributors who have helped us surpass the

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More in Tux Machines

AMD and Linux

  • The Updated AMD Polaris Firmware Blobs Needed For RX 480 Support Land
    One day ahead of the Radeon RX 480 "Polaris" launch, the necessary firmware updates for the production graphics card support have landed in linux-firmware.git.
  • AMD RX 480 released, AMD will possibly open up Radeon Software
    The next generation of AMD GPU's have launched, and it begins with the AMD RX 480. Benchmarks are now out there along with plenty of info. I don't have the card myself as I have no contacts at AMD, but luckily Phoronix managed to bag a card and he's done plenty of testing as you can imagine. I will be referencing the green site due to other sites obviously focusing on Windows.

Leftovers: Gaming

Fedora: The Latest

  • Container technologies in Fedora: systemd-nspawn
    Welcome to the “Container technologies in Fedora” series! This is the first article in a series of articles that will explain how you can use the various container technologies available in Fedora. This first article will deal with systemd-nspawn.
  • Fedora 24 upgrade
    Fedora 24 was released last week, so of course I had to upgrade my machines. As has become the norm, there weren’t any serious issues, but I hit a few annoyances this time around. The first was due to packages in the RPMFusion repos not being signed. This isn’t Fedora’s fault, as RPMFusion is a completely separate project. And it was temporary: by the time I upgraded my laptop on Sunday night, the packages had all been signed.
  • Fedora Flock 2016
    I’ve been working on a shirt design for this year’s Fedora Flock in Krakow, Poland and figured that I’d share what I’ve put together! I’m also including some of my earlier attempts at the design as well to show my thought process as well. Ps. for those who may not be familiar with landmarks and iconic images of Krakow (and yes, I too am one of you too… much research was needed!) here’s a list of some of the imagery that I tied to incorporate in the designs.
  • A F24 user story
    Honestly, nothing from the features in the announcement of the Fedora 24 release didn't manage to excite me intro upgrading my desktop from an old, out-of-support Fedora. It's main task is to edit digital photography and for some years a Linux solution is decent at it.
  • PHP version 7.0 in Fedora 25
    FESCO have approved, for Fedora 25 the upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0.
  • How to install Nvidia Drivers in Fedora 24
  • Zodbot… upgraded
    We have upgraded our beloved evil super villain IRC bot on freenode from an old version of supybot-gribble to a new shiny version of limnoria ( ). This doesn’t change much in the interface, but it does mean we are using something that is maintained and gets updates and is a good deal more secure. If you notice problems please do let us know with a Fedora Infrastructure ticket.
  • GSoC - Journey So Far ( Badges, Milestones and more..)
    2 days ago, I woke up to a mail from Google saying that I passed the mid term evaluations of GSoC and could continue working towards my final evaluation. "What a wonderful way to kick start a day, I thought".

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