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some odds & ends:

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  • Announcing "Wear a Tux Penguin Day"
  • openSUSE Conference 2013! The conference begins!
  • How to set Focus-Follows-Mouse in GNOME 3
  • Latest Steam for Linux Update Fixes Pipeline Problems
  • The Ubuntu PC Case Mod Pt.7
  • This week in Fedora Infrastructure
  • Akademy and openSUSE Conference
  • New TCL smart TVs to run Linux-based Opera TV
  • Worms Reloaded Looks Set To Hit Linux
  • 4 Tweaks to Super Charge Your Raspberry Pi
  • canto: A practical newsreader
  • Clear memory cache on your Linux server
  • Canonical Posts 15 Mesa Patches To Support Mir
  • Akademy 2013 - A Blast!

some leftovers:

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  • Dota 2 patch adds Linux and Mac support
  • LibO Server Install GUI LE
  • Color Balance Filter Implemented in Krita
  • Lumail: There must be a name for bugs you only find post-release
  • Sourceforge New Community Manager
  • Mozilla, maker of Firefox, to open Portland office
  • Red Hat CEO weighs in on sign debate
  • Sayonara Audio Player 0.4.0 for Ubuntu & Derivatives
  • How to install Orange in Ubuntu 13.04
  • How Sourceforge's new revenue sharing is working for developers
  • Powerline Alternatives for Vim
  • Krita meets 3D-Coat
  • Is this the Ubuntu Edge smartphone?
  • Mysterious Ubuntu countdown pops up and disappears
  • How does Firefox stack up to Chrome these days?
  • Blender 2.68 Released

today's leftovers:

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  • Half-Life 2 Receives Major Update on Steam
  • How To Video Record Your Desktop
  • Torvalds Calls For More Linux Kernel Patches
  • Buy All Valve Games, in One Package, with a 60% Discount
  • The Document Foundation Announces LibreOffice 3.6.7
  • Apache Kills Off Its C++ Standard Library
  • Chaos Engine Remake Will Come To Linux
  • Brazilian techies to wait longer for local Raspberry Pi
  • Adding Home, Trash and Web Icons to Linux Desktop
  • Has One Laptop Per Child Totally Lost Its Way?
  • setup logrotate
  • The pain of my CUPS printing
  • OpenGL Frame Latency / Jitter Testing On Linux

today's leftovers:

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  • How to Enable and Tweak Ubuntu’s Flashy Graphical Effects
  • Could Linux 3.11 for Workgroups win the Desktop for Linux?
  • Find Best DNS Servers To Optimize Internet Speed
  • Linus, Linux, Civility and Fighting in Hockey
  • There's Browser in My SSH
  • Vim: The Basics
  • Write Your Own Linux Kernel Module in Two Easy Steps
  • Valve Mistakenly Launches a Beta Version of Steam for Everyone
  • scp not working?
  • How to Unblock Facebook With Ubuntu
  • Everything you need to know about licensing in 2 minutes
  • Missing Open Source Licenses May Cost Channel $59B
  • Getting Started with Linux Using Mint - Part 1 (video)
  • FLOSS Weekly 257

some leftovers:

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  • How to Replace the Unity Desktop on Ubuntu Using apt-get
  • KDE File Manager, Hamsi 1.2.2, Released with Bug Fixes
  • Restore Synaptic Mark All Upgrades Button in Linux Mint
  • How open is Open Source?
  • Amarok MTP (Android) GSoC: week 4
  • traGtor – GUI for ffmpeg
  • Is Torvalds too abusive on the Linux Kernel Mailing List?
  • Linux users more likely to ignore browser security warnings
  • 5 Shell Scripts for Linux Newbies to Learn Shell Programming – Part II
  • Books: Programming the Rasberry Pi: Getting Started with Python
  • FreeBSD Quarterly Report June 2013
  • Extend the Dolphin File Manager with KDE-Services 1.8-6
  • Create bootable Windows PE live ISO w Linux
  • kde AudioCd. Week 4.
  • Welcome to Microsoft Trustworthy Computing
  • Is Mozilla anti-business, led by 'techno-libertarians'?
  • Netrunner 13.06 Enigma Tweaks for the Memory Deprived PC
  • Childish names are becoming a real problem for Linux

today's leftovers:

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  • Linux Games: Left 4 Dead 2
  • archbang
  • Selene Media Encoder – An audio/video converter
  • 3 New features for Nautilus 3.10 that promise a better File Manager!
  • Never Again with RetroShare
  • PRISM Free Chat | LAS s27e09

some odds & ends:

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  • Introduction To SSH
  • Install GNOME Shell Themes in less than 2″ -Live Demo
  • iotop: In, out, up, down
  • The Ubuntu PC Case Mod Pt.6 The mac mini
  • Has Ubuntu lost it?
  • Burning Circle Episode 121
  • opensuse basics: application preferences
  • 5 pillars of Ubuntu Touch success
  • 4 Things You Didn’t Know About BitTorrent
  • Protect your Privacy in a Post Prism World

few leftovers:

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  • "IBM Will Continue To Invest In Open Source Technology Projects"
  • How To Administer Your Databases With Adminer
  • How To Add Shortcut Keys In XFCE
  • Microsoft Reorganizes, Big Brother in Iran & More…
  • Make printing easy with the Samsung Unified Linux Driver Repository
  • Artikulate 0.1.0 Contributor Release
  • Plug Makes Your Computer Bigger

today's leftovers:

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  • Firefox starting slow? Try disabling hardware acceleration
  • Fedora UK -
  • Vim Cheat Sheet Poster: 2.0
  • Red Hat Inc, Microsoft Corporation: Three Tech Stocks To Consider Buying
  • Why We Can No Longer Trust Microsoft
  • Understand Linux Shell and Basic Shell Scripting Language Tips
  • Nouveau Fermi Performance On Ubuntu 13.10
  • The Raspberry Pi Microwave
  • Penetration Testing Linux Distribution - Bugtraq 2 Black Widow Final
  • Greg DeKoenigsberg: Our Friend Seth
  • libreoffice Bug Submission Assistant postmortem
  • Ufw Firewall Usage On Ubuntu
  • gThumb 3.2.3 Permits Flickr Access via Facebook/Google Accounts
  • Distro Watcher: Distrowatch Plasmoid for KDE openSUSE
  • Announcing The Linux Command Line: Second Internet Edition
  • Can Red Hat Hijack OpenStack (In A Good Way)?

today's leftovers:

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  • Review: The CentOS 6 Linux Server Cookbook
  • Ubuntu’s X Window replacement “Mir” coming in next OS version
  • Red Hat Given “Buy” Rating at TheStreet
  • Verizon backs Ubuntu smartphone
  • Viking OS – A FreeBSD Based OS For Google Glasslike Devices
  • Moon Rising's next Beta will be on Linux
  • Use Agedu to Analyze Hard Disk Space Usage in Linux
  • Ht5streamer 0.1: Yet Another Youtube Player For Linux
  • Easily Share Files Between Ubuntu Desktop and Android Device
  • 10 FUDs on Open Source Softwares
  • Full Circle Magazine – LibreOffice Special Edition Volume 03
  • Download and Install the Windows 8.1 Fonts in Ubuntu
  • GUADEC Keynote Speaker: Ethan Lee
  • Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows 8
  • Free Software, Free as Free Buffet
  • 5 Reasons It’s Time to Ditch MySQL
  • Install KDE In FreeBSD 9.X
  • Fedora 19 Desktop Edition Screenshot Tour
  • Red Hat on RHEL 7, MariaDB and Enterprise Linux [VIDEO]
  • larrythefreesoftwareguy's interview carried on /.
  • QML Coming To The Web Browser As A KDE Project
  • Quick fix for Timezone and system date config issues in Fedora 18 Xfce
  • Embedded Firebird now working in LO
  • Monitor your Bandwidth on Linux with vnstat
  • Wireless energy management controller runs Linux
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More in Tux Machines

Graphics: Wayland, RadeonSI, NVIDIA and More

  • Session suspension and restoration protocol
  • A Session Suspension & Restoration Protocol Proposed For Wayland
    KDE Wayland developer Roman Gilg who started contributing to Wayland via last year's Google Summer of Code is proposing a new Wayland protocol for dealing with desktop session suspension and restoration. This protocol extension would allow for more efficient support for client session suspension and restoration such as when you are logging out of your desktop session and want the windows restored at next log-in or if you are suspending your system. While Roman Gilg is working on this protocol with his KDE hat on, he has been talking with Sway and GNOME developers too for ensuring this protocol could work out for their needs.
  • RadeonSI Lands OpenGL 3.3 Compatibility Profile Support
    Thanks to work done over the past few months by AMD's Marek Olšák on improving Mesa's OpenGL compatibility profile support and then today carried over the final mile by Valve's Timothy Arceri, Mesa 18.2 now exposes OpenGL 3.3 under the compatibility context. Hitting Git tonight is the enabling of the OpenGL 3.3 compatibility profile for RadeonSI.
  • NVIDIA Releases DALI Library & nvJPEG GPU-Accelerated Library For JPEG Decode
    For coinciding with the start of the Computer Vision and Patern Recognition conference starting this week in Utah, NVIDIA has a slew of new software announcements. First up NVIDIA has announced the open-source DALI library for GPU-accelerated data augmentation and image loading that is optimized for data pipelines of deep learning frameworks like ResNET-50, TensorFlow, and PyTorch.
  • NVIDIA & Valve Line Up Among The Sponsors For X.Org's XDC 2018
    - The initial list of sponsors have been announced for the annual X.Org Developers' Conference (XDC2018) where Wayland, Mesa, and the X.Org Server tend to dominate the discussions for improving the open-source/Linux desktop. This year's XDC conference is being hosted in A Coruña, Spain and taking place in September. The call for presentations is currently open for X.Org/mesa developers wishing to participate.
  • Intel Broxton To Support GVT-g With Linux 4.19
    Intel developers working on the GVT-g graphics virtualization technology have published their latest batch of Linux kernel driver changes.

Fedora and Red Hat: Fedora Atomic, Fedora 29, *GPL and Openwashing ('Open Organization')

  • Fedora Atomic Workstation To Be Renamed Fedora Silverblue
    - Back in early May was the announcement of the Silverblue project as an evolution of Fedora Atomic Workstation and trying to get this atomic OS into shape by Fedora 30. Beginning with Fedora 29, the plan is to officially rename Fedora Atomic Workstation to Fedora Silverblue. Silverblue isn't just a placeholder name, but they are moving ahead with the re-branding initiative around it. The latest Fedora 29 change proposal is to officially change the name of "Fedora Atomic Workstation" to "Fedora Silverblue".
  • Fedora 29 Will Cater i686 Package Builds For x86_64, Hide GRUB On Boot
    The Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) approved on Friday more of the proposed features for this fall's release of Fedora 29, including two of the more controversial proposals.
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II Coming to Linux, Red Hat Announces GPL Cooperation Commitment, Linspire 8.0 Alpha 1 Released and More
    Starting today, Red Hat announced that "all new Red Hat-initiated open source projects that opt to use GPLv2 or LGPLv2.1 will be expected to supplement the license with the cure commitment language of GPLv3". The announcement notes that this development is the latest in "an ongoing initiative within the open source community to promote predictability and stability in enforcement of GPL-family licenses".
  • Red Hat Launches Process Automation Manager 7, Brackets Editor Releases Version 1.13, Qt Announces New Patch Release and More
    Red Hat today launched Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7, which is "a comprehensive, cloud-native platform for developing business automation services and process-centric applications across hybrid cloud environments". This new release expands some key capabilities including cloud native application development, dynamic case management and low-code user experience. You can learn more and get started here.
  • A summer reading list for open organization enthusiasts
    The books on this year's open organization reading list crystallize so much of what makes "open" work: Honesty, authenticity, trust, and the courage to question those status quo arrangements that prevent us from achieving our potential by working powerfully together.

Server Domination by GNU/Linux

  • Security and Performance Help Mainframes Stand the Test of Time
    As of last year, the Linux operating system was running 90 percent of public cloud workloads; has 62 percent of the embedded market share and runs all of the supercomputers in the TOP500 list, according to The Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project’s 2018 State of the Open Mainframe Survey report. Despite a perceived bias that mainframes are behemoths that are costly to run and unreliable, the findings also revealed that more than nine in 10 respondents have an overall positive attitude about mainframe computing. The project conducted the survey to better understand use of mainframes in general. “If you have this amazing technology, with literally the fastest commercial CPUs on the planet, what are some of the barriers?” said John Mertic, director of program management for the foundation and Open Mainframe Project. “The driver was, there wasn’t any hard data around trends on the mainframe.”
  • HPE announces world's largest ARM-based supercomputer
    The race to exascale speed is getting a little more interesting with the introduction of HPE's Astra -- what will be the world's largest ARM-based supercomputer. HPE is building Astra for Sandia National Laboratories and the US Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). The NNSA will use the supercomputer to run advanced modeling and simulation workloads for things like national security, energy, science and health care.

HHVM 3.27 Released