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some leftovers:

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  • Full Circle Magazine #48 Released
  • Interview with Jessica Ledbetter
  • Fedora and GNOME branding drama: Missing the big picture
  • Marble, Virtual Interactive Globe
  • Firefox 5 Is Looking Great
  • Firefox 4 zooms past 100 million downloads
  • Dotzler: Firefox 4 at 100 Million Downloads
  • Mandriva 2011 Beta 2 Screenshots
  • Productivity Software For Your Desktop
  • Linux Mint Debian Edition Xfce review
  • KDM In KDE SC 4.7 To Play With GRUB2
  • Two small additions
  • Where is There an End of It?
  • Intuitive, You keep using that word...
  • Google Starts Converting YouTube Videos to WebM, Open Source Format
  • 10 more classic mistakes in sci-fi movies
  • Why open standards are always a good idea
  • KDE Commit Digest for 17 April
  • GNOME 3 Live image version 1.1.0 released
  • QApt sexiness…
  • Nginx+Varnish compared to Nginx
  • Special mention for Special purpose Debain-Med distro
  • Nebulous

today's leftovers:

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  • Idiotic Anti-Linux & Google Patent Decision
  • Ubuntu is Shutting Down Off-Topic Mailing List
  • Geany – A Great Lightweight Code Editor For Linux
  • Cross-Platform Audio, Video Conversion Software
  • glipper gets ubuntu indicator support
  • openSUSE 11.4 on an IdeaPad S10-2
  • KDE 4.6.1
  • Stick a Fork in Flock: Why it Failed
  • FVWM Sees First Release in Five Years
  • Ubuntu 11.04 UI Takes Inspiration From Smartphones
  • People behind Debian: Meike Reichle, member of Debian Women
  • Experts urge Australia to use open source for e-voting
  • Why Time is Patently on Open Source's Side
  • Ubuntu Natty in Virtualbox with Unity
  • Sanity saver: Fedora 15 answers Ubuntu's Unity
  • Try 2 Non-Debian Grandchildren this Summer
  • New Nvidia Linux Driver Supports Ubuntu 11.04
  • KWin and Plasma Active
  • Marble desktop globe adds map creation wizard
  • Portugal Telecom Expands Use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Drupal 8 Design Initiative
  • Luc de Louw got employed by Red Hat
  • Linux Outlaws 202 - A Note from the Future
  • Apr 21: #136 Every Day Things You Can Do With Linux

today's leftovers:

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  • Debian Project News - April 18th, 2011
  • Status update of GNOME 3 in Debian experimental
  • The Coming Linux Admin Shortage
  • SELF pimping
  • Why Blur Does Not Work in Kubuntu Natty With Intel
  • Firefox 5 Beta Scheduled for May 17
  • Linaro Aims To Unify Linux Memory Management
  • AMD Open-Sources Tapper
  • Taking my release manager hat off
  • AES encryption for
  • Oracle is not to blame for Sun’s open source failings
  • Fuduntu - A Good Corporate Citizen
  • DE: Parliamentarians ask government to support free software
  • ES: Asturias region adopts open source technology for local government
  • another pretty gnome shell theme

today's leftovers:

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  • Booting a Pogoplug with Fedora ARM
  • plasma active: a box of crayons
  • Testing Japanese IME in Mageia 1 Beta1 (with Libre Office!)
  • Keyboard layouts in KDE 4.7: two new features
  • Death to all things invisible
  • Ubuntu Natty 11.04 (Unity) clear recent documents
  • Audacity 1.3.13 Improves The Open Audio Scene
  • Reboot button which allows you to specify which GRUB 2 menu entry to boot
  • ASUS’ kinect competitor ‘Xtion PRO’ Supports development on Ubuntu
  • if…then…elif
  • nstalling Window Maker On Ubuntu 11.04
  • Knockd, to secure your ports on Linux
  • CAOS Theory Podcast 2011.04.15
  • Gnome 3 Review | LAS | s16e05
  • Linux Outlaws 201 - Infected Through the Backdoor

today's leftovers:

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  • X.Org Server 1.10.1 Released
  • Escape from Quaoar Released
  • Anycast: The Interface
  • KDE Commit Digest for 10 April 2011
  • Change automatically launch app on USB mount in Ubuntu
  • How to check battery level and CPU temperature with Linux
  • Debian Project Leader election 2011 results
  • Power Performance of Pulseaudio + Alsa with Disabled Period Wakeups
  • Full Circle Podcast Episode 18
  • Hidden Linux: Controlling the backlight
  • Find files modified in the las n days, or today | useful with folders
  • The state sees Red and likes it

today's leftovers:

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  • SimplyMepis Shaping Up - 11.0 RC 2 Released
  • MeeGo sees interest from others after Nokia shift
  • Buying/Selling a Computer without Windows in EU
  • Plasma Active: Vendor Interaction
  • Improved CSV file compatibility in OOo 3.4 Beta
  • Long Live GnomeOS
  • Book Review: Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook
  • Looks Like Source-Engine Garry's Mod On Linux
  • LinuxCon to feature Red Hat, WebOS, Ubuntu and more as Linux turns 20
  • Fedora: SPICE support coming in Fedora 15
  • Contour brings a context-sensitive interface to KDE Plasma Active
  • Dbmail? A great Open Source email system
  • Science Fiction Technology We Want For Real
  • Information, please
  • The Open Source Road Ahead - End Vendor Lock-in

today's leftovers:

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  • CentOS 5.6 Finally Arrives: Is It Suitable for Business Use?
  • File Transfers Over 1Gbit/s Ethernet: SSD vs. HDD
  • Nine Years Later, NGINX 1.0 Server Released
  • Synchronization sucks!
  • System76 Serval Professional Sandy Bridge
  • Cartoon: Goodbye Groklaw, Thanks PJ
  • Plasma Active: Operating Systems
  • Red Hat Cache Move Sparks Standards Spat
  • The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle
  • Bundle #3 Just Did $500k USD; Here's A Contest
  • Ride the Firefox development wave with Aurora pre-release builds
  • The Force Is With The Gimp!
  • 3.4 Beta available for download
  • The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 398
  • TuxRadar: Podcast Season 3 Episode 7

today's leftovers:

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  • Parted Magic 6.0 Gets a New Booting System
  • Is CentOS 5.6 Better Than 5.5?
  • Two Novell products named CODiE Awards finalists
  • Project Ceylon – Red Hat builds Java replacement
  • Mozilla Will Let You Try Out The Latest Firefox 5 Features Today
  • Firefox 5, 6 Available For Download
  • The Firefox Home Tab
  • hotssh - Graphical interface to secure shell
  • Debian On A ThinkPad Edge 15
  • Successfully Earn a Living with FOSS, Part 2
  • VLC player updated to fix major security loophole
  • Slackware Hibernate Problem Fixed
  • Ubuntu Certification: Programme Guide
  • Re-live the Camp KDE experience
  • Plasma Active: Active Apps
  • PackageKit Progress on Foresight
  • Self-Encrypting Hard Disks
  • FLOSS Weekly 161: Selenium

today's leftovers:

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  • Sitting in stunned silence of Fedora's Beefy Miracle
  • GNOME 3 – Best Ever Ubuntu Linux Desktop Environment
  • Sabayon Gets Official Linux(R) Licence
  • Gnash and Epiphany in GNOME 3
  • News and Notes from the Mozilla Creative Team
  • New Mandriva Desktop
  • Turnkey Linux Uses Ubuntu as a Foundation
  • Understanding Linux Market Share for March
  • Such a profound question...
  • Open Source Think Tank 2011
  • US Senate May Move to Enact Internet Sales Tax
  • Firefox 5 And 6 On Track: First Aurora Release Posted
  • Ubuntu 11.04 gets automatic Epson printer driver download
  • A taste of things to come in Oxygen-gtk
  • Free as in Freedom: Episode 0x0D: NDAs
  • About:me Firefox addon - View a visual pattern of your Internet activities
  • Wordpress, Themes, htaccess and me

today's leftovers:

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  • Get your Compiz cube back on with Unity in Natty
  • Pidgin and GNOME3
  • Some BASH Basics
  • How to compile Linux kernel - Tutorial
  • systemd for Administrators, Part VII
  • First Firefox 4 update coming on April 26
  • Opera 11.10 Near Release Final As RCs Come At A Furious Pace
  • The War With Microsoft Is Over and Linux Won?
  • Red Hat Given “Neutral” Rating by Zacks Investment Research
  • Disk Quota Exceeded?
  • Two Classic Games Developed Using Sed
  • Opera Barracuda Release Candidate 4.1
  • Renesas Electronics Joins Linux Foundation
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More in Tux Machines

EU-Fossa project submits results of code audits

The European Commission’s ‘EU Free and Open Source Software Auditing’ project (EU-Fossa) has sent its code review results to the developers of Apache HTTP server target and KeePass. The audit results are not yet made public, however, no critical vulnerabilities were found. Read more

today's leftovers

  • Docker: Making the Internet Programmable
    Docker, and containers in general, are hot technologies that have been getting quite a bit of attention over the past few years. Even Solomon Hykes, Founder, CTO, and Chief Product Officer at Docker started his keynote with the assumption that people attending LinuxCon Europe know that Docker does containers, so instead of focusing on what Docker does, Hykes used his time to talk about Docker’s purpose saying, “It really boils down to one small sentence. We're trying to make the Internet programmable.” Hykes described this idea of making the Internet programmable with three key points. First, they are focused on building “tools of mass innovation” designed to allow people to create and innovate on a very large scale. Second, applications and cloud services are allowing the idea of the Internet as a programmable platform to be realized, and they want to make this accessible to more people. Third, they are accomplishing all of this by building the Docker stack with open standards, open infrastructure, and a development platform with commercial products on top of the stack.
  • How to benchmark your Linux system
    The Software Center list will also include individual tests. These can be fine to use, but they can be tedious to open and configure manually. Keep your eye out for an entry called Phoronix Test Suite, or PTS for short. The Phoronix Test Suite is a powerful program that can run a single test, or an entire battery. PTS offers some built-in suites (collection of tests), or you can design your own suite. When tests are completed, you can choose to upload the test results to, where other users can see your results and even run the exact same tests on their PC.
  • Wunderlist Electron App for Linux
    Missing Wunderlist on Linux? You don’t need to thanks to Wunderlistux, an Electron-based desktop app. It doesn’t claim to be anything more than a wrapper around the official Wunderlist web app (which, yes, you could just open in a new browser tab).
  • Enter the Wasteland: Mad Max now available for Mac and Linux
  • What a lovely day! Mad Max releases for Mac and Linux
  • Mad Max Comes to Linux and Mac
  • GNOME at Linux Install Fest
    It’s an event organized in order to help first year students install a Linux distro on their laptops (here at our uni, we work almost entirely on Linux, so we need to help those that have never used it and set up their distros

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