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some leftovers:

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  • 6 Reasons why Linux is Comic Book Friendly
  • Compiz Will Not Be Ported To Wayland
  • 2013: The year of . . .
  • Debian: Enjoy One Of The Most Stable And Trusted Linux Distributions
  • MakerPlane: Open source takes flight in aviation
  • Novell Board Must Go to Trial
  • Import Photos from a Remote Server into digiKam
  • SprezzOS: "Most Robust, Beautiful & Performant Linux"
  • This Weekend in Linux: Fedora, Fuduntu, and Chakra
  • Calling all GNOME 2 fans: Meet Fuduntu Linux 2013.1
  • KWin In KDE 4.11 Moves Along With Using XCB
  • Waving TDF Long Tail
  • A look at KDE in Debian Wheezy
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 298
  • Freeing up the summer with LibreOffice
  • Varnish logs analized with awstats | Multiple virtual servers
  • Automated testing and Compiz
  • A Mageia based Firewall with auto_inst and lots of other stuff
  • peyote: Tunes for the terminal
  • security breach
  • An analysis of Debian wiki security breach
  • How To Create CD ISO Image From Linux
  • Disabling User Accounts in Linux

today's leftovers:

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  • Possible Fedora 19 Features Are Published
  • Fedora 18 delayed yet again
  • Bodhi 2.2.0 Released with Lots of E17 Eyecandy
  • Filelight Updates
  • Review: Linux Live USB Creator
  • Amahi On Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Phone: Not a moment too soon
  • KDE 4.10 RC3 Released
  • Duffy: Storage from a UX designer’s perspective
  • No, Google is not making the Android SDK proprietary
  • On Rolling Releases...
  • From the Eyes of a Penguin: Linux Uses and Wows
  • scp: Simple is best
  • Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon Desktop Review
  • Indie Game Andy's Super Great Park

today's leftovers:

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  • Semplice 3.0.0 preview
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent Is Available 50% Off on Steam for Linux
  • Meet CuBox Pro: a 2GB open-source computer
  • Early Benchmark Preview Of The Linux 3.8 Kernel
  • Humble Indie Bundle 7 Dominated by Linux Users
  • wicd-curses: Get yourself connected
  • Understanding the compiz blur plugin
  • Rebuilding Mageia
  • The 5 things you need to know now about Ubuntu on phones
  • How To Install Atheros Wired Drivers
  • More Krita 2.7 features
  • The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 486

some odds & ends:

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  • Open-source attack dog enters Ballmer's inner ring
  • FOSS Movie Trailer Features Linus Torvalds Dissing Apple
  • Red Hat Bachelor & Diploma Theses about KDE projects

today's leftovers:

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  • Get Involved in Gentoo Linux
  • 2012: What a year for Linux
  • Subtitle Editor: Handy for Captioning but Lacking Instructions
  • Nouveau NVIDIA Driver Can Be Faster With Linux 3.8
  • Raspberry Pi gets an open source educational manual
  • Jono Bacon Bobblehead. One step closer to reality.
  • KDE 4.10 Desktop Delayed Into February
  • Rsync, It's GRRRRaphical!
  • The Ubuntu Phone OS Doesn’t Stand A Chance

today's leftovers:

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  • The Tux3 filesystem returns
  • KDE's DigiKam 3.0 Still Working On Face Recognition
  • GNOME Shell Context Menu Appearing Plain without Icon
  • The Netbook Isn't Dead, It's Just Evolved
  • 2013: The year of the Ubuntu Linux tablet and smartphone?
  • Sourceforge January Project of the Month: DosBox
  • Ask Bryan : What is Canonical announcing on Jan 2nd?
  • Transfer files from Ubuntu 12.04 to Android device
  • Autotools Mythbuster: automake pains
  • Fluxbox Window Manager Reaches Version 1.3.3
  • Bodhi Linux gets E17 Stable Packages

today's leftovers:

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  • Freedom for Users, Not for Software
  • After 3 Years of Development, ToME 1.0 is Finally Released
  • Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux 13 Released
  • Poster printing on four A4 sheets in Linux
  • A Few Great Weeks for MariaDB
  • How to setup Flash Player in Steam Linux
  • Get Spotify on your Linux desktop (and why you should)
  • Install Enlightenment E17 On Ubuntu
  • Going Linux: Jan 05: #195 Solid-State Drives on Linux

today's leftovers:

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  • Avoid headaches and eye strain with the right tools
  • Firefox in Debian?
  • No, Linux won't be easy to run on a Microsoft Surface
  • GTK+ Healthcheck
  • Announcing the Vim Beginners’ Site
  • TLWIR 51: Coreboot: the Solution to the Secure Boot Fiasco
  • A week with Mint Nadia XFCE
  • Some wallpapers I made
  • 2013 Linux Predictions | LAS | s25e01
  • Shopping lens for Gnome Shell
  • Private windows coming to Firefox
  • rekonq 2.0 first stable
  • 14 Years & Kicking: FreeDOS Is Still Alive
  • Most Popular Linux Hardware Of 2012
  • Linux Outlaws 292

today's leftovers:

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  • LibreOffice Test Marathon Results
  • Valve Beginning To Look At Steam Linux Not On Ubuntu
  • Going Linux #194 Audio Files-Introduction
  • The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 485
  • Joining The Arch Community: Why Arch Linux Matters
  • Bye Mainstream Computer Stores! Hello Zareason!
  • Humble Indie Bundle 7 Gets Three New Games
  • Full Circle Magazine Issue 68
  • [Help KWin] Save the Explosion Effect
  • Build a router based on Linux
  • d0x3d! is an open-source board game about network security
  • How to Connect Nexus 7 / Android 4.0+ Devices) to Ubuntu
  • Awesome 3.5 arrives with modernised foundations
  • Some thoughts about upgrading Linux Mint
  • Broadcasting and Consuming Media with VLC Media Player
  • 10 Raspberry Pi creations that show how amazing the tiny PC can be
  • Comparing 3 GNOME Notes Apps

today's leftovers:

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  • Torque 3D Engine Is Wanting To Come To Linux
  • QuickFix: Dolphin KDE Cannot Change View Modes
  • The Future of LibreOffice and Other Office-Suites
  • 'Unredirect Fullscreen Windows' Now Enabled by Default in Ubuntu 12.10
  • How open source shaped our world in 2012
  • Raspberry Pi used as a Squeezebox server
  • KDE To Get Improved Multi-Monitor Handling
  • 2013: The year of Gnome security
  • Kbuild: the Linux Kernel Build System
  • Windows Blue is in the works
  • GNOME Whiteboards: Calendar, Maps and Power Updates
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More in Tux Machines

Linux 4.16-rc2

It's been a quiet week, and rc2 is out. I take the fairly quiet rc be a good sign for 4.16, but honestly, rc2 is often fairly calm. That's probably because people are taking a breather after the merge window, but also simply because it might take a while to find any issues. But let's be optimistic, and just assume - at least for now - that it's because all is well. The diffstat is fairly odd, but that often happens with small rc's just because then just a couple of pulls will skew things easily in one or two directions. This time the patch is about one third architecture updates (arm64, x86, powerpc), one third tooling (mostly 'perf') and one third "rest". And yes, the bulk of that rest is drivers (gpu, nvme, sound, misc), but those drivers are still distinctly *not* the bulk of the whole patch. Go out and test, it all looks fine. Read more Also: Linux 4.16-rc2 Kernel Released

OpenStreetMap in IkiWiki and Why OpenStreetMap is in Serious Trouble

  • OSM in IkiWiki
    Since about 15 years ago, I have been thinking of creating a geo-referenced wiki of pubs, with loads of structured data to help searching. I don't know if that would be useful for anybody else, but I know I would use it! Sadly, the many times I started coding something towards that goal, I ended blocked by something, and I keep postponing my dream project.
  • Why OpenStreetMap is in Serious Trouble
    That said, while I still believe in the goals of OpenStreetMap, I feel the OpenStreetMap project is currently unable to fulfill that mission due to poor technical decisions, poor political decisions, and a general malaise in the project. I'm going to outline in this article what I think OpenStreetMap has gotten wrong. It's entirely possible that OSM will reform and address the impediments to its success- and I hope it does. We need a Free as in Freedom geographic dataset.

Linux KPI-Based DRM Modules Now Working On FreeBSD 11

Thanks to work done by Hans Petter Selasky and others, this drm-next-kmod port is working on FreeBSD 11 stable. What's different with this package from the ports collection versus the ported-from-Linux Direct Rendering Modules found within the FreeBSD 11 kernel is that these DRM modules are using the linuxkpi interface. Read more

Fedora and Red Hat's Finances