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today's leftovers:

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  • Is there a ChromiumOS to go with ChromeOS?
  • Easily Install Fonts In Ubuntu With FontMatrix
  • Boog, the desktop bugzilla client for Fedora
  • Using GSmartControl In Ubuntu Linux
  • Get Hands on OpenSUSE at LinuxCon
  • Game Over for Sony
  • Google browser gets Sony foothold
  • Skype Dials New Owner… And Open Source
  • Lets work together.
  • Noteworthy PCLinuxOS updates (Aug 23rd – Aug 29th)
  • Ubuntu TechBoard 2009
  • Jaunty, Arch and Alsa
  • about:mozilla 9/2
  • Accelerating X with Gallium
  • SFLC Podcast: Episode 0x15: Steve Holden of Python

today's leftovers:

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  • DreamWorks Animations' Derek Chan to Speak at Red Hat Summit
  • Back To School: Ubuntu Laptop Pick
  • Geany: A sweet and simple IDE for Linux
  • Pidgin: IM Superstar
  • The Business Case for Open Source Virtualization
  • Is free Linux the right fit for your data center?
  • Ubuntu Software Store?! Do I have to pay for free software?
  • Console servers run Linux
  • Simply Mepis 8 is a nice little Debian-based Linux distro
  • OpenSUSE: From the Beginning … And Where It’s Going
  • X.Org 7.5 Is Frozen, XKB2 Gets Postponed Again
  • Can Ubuntu 9.10 Outperform Mac OS X 10.6?
  • Sensei Standardizes on Red Hat and JBoss Solutions
  • Layer 7 Technologies Partners with Red Hat
  • As my Gentoo Linux desktop, I use LXDE
  • Mandriva Linux Community: more than 10 years but things have to be said
  • The Computer Action Show! Season 1 Episode 2

today's leftovers:

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  • For those who vie for SciFi
  • Linux Support for the Saleae Logic Analyzer
  • Enhance your vlc player with new skins
  • Howto fix SSH connection to the netscreen firewall does not work
  • Secure VoIP, GNU SIP Witch, and replacing Skype with free software
  • HOWTO : Hiawatha 6.16 web server on Ubuntu 9.04 Server
  • How To: Daily Journal With Panel Launcher
  • Backtrack : Linux Distro for the White Hat
  • Command Line Cheatsheet
  • Open Source Revitalized Enterprise Software, Says SugarCRM CEO
  • The Official Ubuntu Server Book
  • How to Start Moving to Ubuntu

today's leftovers:

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  • Restore Ubuntu Panels Back To Their Default Settings
  • Linux File Ownership
  • Advocating And Supporting Insecure Practices
  • How To Enable RAR Support In Ubuntu Linux
  • Linux / UNIX: Test Graphical Performance ( 3D Acceleration / FPS )
  • OOXML as a response
  • Fedora looking to target Netbooks?
  • Keyboard shortcuts that you can use within terminal
  • Test out online without installing it
  • New BSD Licensed debugger
  • FLOSS Weekly 84: FoxyProxy

today's leftovers:

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  • RMS: 1, Symbolics: 0
  • OLPC will make children Microserfs: FSF
  • 8 Resources for the Mighty Drupal Content Management System
  • awk: Find and Replace text
  • Sony explains lack of PS3 Slim Linux
  • Ubuntu on Toshiba NB200 / NB 205 Netbook
  • World Bank funds aim at standards adoption in Africa
  • Quick Tip: extract archive from command-line using Ark
  • SSH Key compromise takes offline - Update
  • Six months without X
  • OpenSUSE Wins One
  • First Ever Web Design Using The Gimp
  • Making Gentoo Even Harder: 64-bit Hardened Gentoo
  • OpenGoo vs. Google Apps: Host It Your Way (Slideshow)
  • How do You Really Measure Linux Bloat?
  • How To Develop Websites On Linux
  • A Good Reason to Use GNU/Linux: Don't Pass it On

today's leftovers:

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  1. The big three operating systems
  2. Getting to Know Snowl: Following Online Discussions
  3. How to Find Free Linux Ebooks and Courseware
  4. Linux Format wallpapers Updated
  5. Gentoo Donates $500 to EFF in honor of fmccor
  6. Using distcc with Gentoo
  7. Fade Out Images with GIMP
  8. Howto install Nvidia 185.18.36 drivers in Ubuntu (64 bit)
  9. KDE Sticky Notes Part Deux
  10. Murphy's Law: Mozilla Crowdsources Open Source
  11. Customize SUSE Linux to the Bones with SUSE Studio
  12. OpenBSD Developers Work on AerieBSD
  13. Skype + Pulse Goodness
  14. OpenOffice 3.1.1 Available - Praise, And A Small Gripe
  15. Nokia unveils its first Linux phone
  16. Compiz 0.9 Finally Approaches, Beta Coming
  17. = a huge resource
  18. Encrypting your private data - Part 1
  19. Fake Linux Torvalds Set For Web Vitriol Barrage
  20. Clicks with touchpad trick (11.2 M6)
  21. fear of the awesomebar overblown
  22. Scribus Desktop Publisher's New Version is Much Improved
  23. Open source: More than just a cheap date
  24. CrazyLinux: Podcast 62 Gentoo Developer Nathan Zachary | Warzone2100 review

today's leftovers:

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  • 10 Ubuntu Themed Wallpapers
  • New Video Editor For Ubuntu
  • Kerala Purchasing 141 GNU/Linux Preloaded Laptops
  • Improve Audio Experience in Linux-Based Netbooks
  • Funtoo’s Website is Designed for IE?
  • The Linux Home Office: What's In Your Cyberspace?
  • Nokia and Linux Make a Good-Looking Couple
  • Question in Goldman Sachs case: Can open-source software be stolen?
  • Is the Loch Ness monster on Google Earth?
  • Canonical at VMWorld 2009
  • Open Source: One Sure Way To Keep Piracy At Bay
  • OggCamp 2009 – October 25th
  • Review: Swiss Army Swiss Flash 8gb
  • Create Minutes and Logs for your Meetings with bugbot
  • Linux Outlaws 108 - Developer Shakedown

today's leftovers:

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  • Shadowgrounds: Survivor Finally Goes Gold
  • about:mozilla 8/25
  • How open source levels all software market segments
  • Save a Burn – Use UNetbootin
  • Konqueror Now Supports Opensearch Too
  • Become a GNOME Ambassador
  • No more Windows support
  • Red Hat open sources Windows virtualisation drivers
  • Middle East Red Hat representative signs new partner
  • New Debian developer Emilio Pozuelo Monfort
  • Great Distros You May Not Have Tried
  • HAM Radio and Linux Shows make History
  • Pidgin Brings Order To The IM Jungle
  • Why Windows security is awful
  • My Perfect Backup Setup
  • Linux Mint Wallpapers w/o Logo
  • GNOME in .NET? – Not on my desktop!
  • SmarterFox packs a productivity wallop
  • High-risk vulnerabilities hit Google Chrome
  • Likewise Software: Ubuntu Meets Microsoft Active Directory
  • common alsa issues
  • Red Hat, Novell and CentOS update for kernel vulnerability - Update
  • 10 Resources for Successfully Launching an Open Source Project

today's leftovers:

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  • Pimp your GIMP with Photoshop Brushes
  • LXDE on Android smartphone!
  • Mandriva 2010 beta: Screenshots
  • New Lugaru for Linux released
  • Why zsh rocks
  • GNU Hackers Meeting 2009 registration opens
  • BSD… ish
  • Book Excerpt: Troubleshooting Ubuntu Server
  • On the PySide - interview
  • Get out the Vote: 2009 Open Source CMS Award
  • VIA Releases A New 2D Linux Driver
  • Music Player Review: Heavyweights
  • GoogleDocs integration with Nautilus
  • FSF hosts a mini-summit on Women in Free Software
  • Sub-menus in KDE 4 panels and desktops are back
  • NVIDIA Pushes Out New Linux Driver Updates
  • Rails-like Quickly tools brings rapid development to Ubuntu
  • VMware drags its feet on Linux-based vCenter appliance, annoys Linux users
  • Opera Unite - Unite Unite the World
  • The Linode Virtual Hosting Solution
  • Take off and land safely with KDE
  • 15 Text Editors for Linux
  • An explosive end to a holiday
  • The SCO zombie wins one
  • Ubuntu User Issue 2 is out
  • Build Your Own Open Source Digital Clock
  • Say I am from Egypt: Show me respect, show me my time

today's leftovers & howtos:

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  • Noteworthy Linux console fonts
  • Pidgin 2.6.1: The best Linux IM client gets better
  • Chromium popularity rising on Ubuntu, gains 64-bit support
  • New LGPL Python bindings for Qt slither into the light
  • Jolicloud Review on the HP Mini 1000
  • First look at Nokia N900
  • Mac and FreeBSD guy trying Debian
  • FLOSS Weekly 83: Web Comics
  • Test If My Graphics Card Has OpenGL Support Or Not
  • Powerful Remote Incremental Backup with rdiff-backup
  • Searching for multiple strings with grep
  • Speed Up Applications Load Time in Ubuntu - Preload
  • Increase The Maximum Sound Level in Ubuntu Linux
  • Headless X setup with Debian (Lenny)
  • Command Line Basics: Redirecting Output
  • FreeBSD: Benchmark The Disks Seek And Transfer Performance
  • small tip - How to play protected CD/DVD on Arch Linux
  • How to Control Startup Services on ubuntu
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