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Leftovers: Gaming and Software

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  • Nano 2.4.2 Brings A Lot Of Fixes
  • 10 outstanding open source server tools

    If you work with open source servers (such as the world's most popular web server, Apache), you know a massive number of tools are available to you. They range from security to functionality to monitoring... to just about anything you can imagine. But if you were to compile a single list of tools to include on your open source server farm, what would that list look like?

    My own list tends to fluctuate on any given day. But almost always, certain tools stay on it. Here are the tools I rely on the most. (NOTE: This list does not include such things as basic Apache mod tools or the big four (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP— LAMP.)

  • How to get started with Natron, an open source compositor

    If you've ever taken a digital photograph into GIMP to remove red eye or an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, or crop out a finger that got into the edge of the frame, then you are practically a compositor. A "comp artist," as they are called in the industry, specializes in taking disparate moving images and placing them in the same frame, usually to make it appear that the different elements were shot at the same time. On the big screen, you'll see this in nearly every movie since 1933's King Kong (or thereabouts), but the art has reached a science in the digital realm, where some movies are practically not so much as edited as they are superimposed.

  • Volgarr the Viking Is an Incredibly Difficult Platformer for Linux on

    Volgarr the Viking, a 2D platforming game built by Crazy Viking Studios, has been released for Linux users on the digital distribution platform.

  • Lucius II Adventure Game Is Coming to Linux

    Lucius II, a third-person action game developed and published on Steam for Linux by Shiver Games, will be released for Linux users, according to an entry in the Steam database.

NetworkManager 1.0.4 Is a Massive Release with Lots of IPv6 Improvements

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On July 14, Lubomir Rintel announced the immediate availability for download of the fourth maintenance release of the stable NetworkManager 1.0 network connection management software for GNU/Linux operating systems.

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The End of Adobe Flash?

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  • Hacking Team claims terrorists can now use its tools
  • Hacking Team: government-sponsored cyberattack company likely hacked by another country, it claims

    An elite cyberattack group that was employed by governments and agencies was probably hacked by another country, it has said — and the attack has led to its powerful hacking tools being released into the wild.

    Hacking Team was hacked last week, revealing private emails and documents as well as insights into its tools. The leaked documents showed many of the vulnerabilities that were being used by the group — such as a bug in Adobe Flash that can be exploited to get complete control of a computer — which has meant that anyone can counteract them as well as use them for their own ends.

  • Flash HOLED AGAIN TWICE below waterline in fresh Hacking Team reveals
  • Adobe to Patch Two More Zero-Day Flaws in Flash
  • Mozilla blocks Flash as Facebook security chief calls for its death

    After yesterday's news that Facebook's new chief security officer wants to set a date to kill Flash once and for all, the latest version Mozilla's Firefox browser now blocks Adobe's vulnerability-riddled software as standard. Mark Schmidt, the head of the Firefox support team at Mozilla, tweeted that all versions of Flash Player are blocked in the browser as of its latest update, accompanying the news with an image showing a raised fist and the phrase "Occupy Flash."

  • Can we kill Adobe Flash?

    Yesterday the usual tech news outlets were buzzing over an accidental tweet which the media incorrectly interpreted as Mozilla was ditching flash (Blame The Verge for the chain reaction of copied news articles) entirely as a policy. While that is not the case, I was just as excited as many at the faux-news. This got me thinking: what would it really take for the web to kill Adobe Flash? Could Mozilla really make such a move and kill Flash on its own if it wanted to?

  • No Flash 0.5 - still fighting the legacy

    Last week I released No Flash 0.5, my addon for Firefox to fix the legacy of video embedding done with Flash. If you are like me and don't have Flash installed, sometime you encounter embedded video that don't work. No Flash will fix some by replacing the Flash object with a HTML5 video. This is done using the proper video embedding for HTML5.

  • Facebook's New Security Chief Calls On Adobe To Kill Flash

    This message comes after it was revealed that the recently hacked "Hacking Team" was using Flash zero-day vulnerabilities to hack journalists, activists, governments and more. Alex Stamos, like other security experts, must have also gotten tired of hearing about so many security vulnerabilities that Flash has had during its entire lifetime.

  • How to disable Flash Player: Why now's a better time than ever

    Now more than ever, leaving Adobe Flash Player on your system is looking like a dubious proposition.

    While Flash has long been a popular vector for malware, last week’s security breach of surveillance software firm Hacking Team underscored just how vulnerable Flash can be. Hacking Team was relying on at least three unpatched Flash exploits, which cybercriminals immediately adapted for their own nefarious uses. Adobe is scrambling to patch the exploits, but at least one remains unfixed as of this writing.

Leftovers: Software

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Leftovers: Software

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Wine Staging:Release 1.7.47

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The main feature of this new release is the improved vcomp.dll support. The Visual C++ compiler uses this dll to create and manage threads when using OpenMP. Unlike the name might suggest, the internal details of the Microsoft implementation are undocumented. Before this release Wine Staging already contained the single-threaded fallback implementation by Dan Kegel, which was replaced with a new implementation including proper multi-threading support. For many applications that depend on OpenMP support through vcomp.dll it is no longer necessary to install native libraries. Various additional functions are planned to be implemented until the next release.

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Wine 1.7.47 Release with Direct2D Improvements and More Gaming Fixes

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Wine developers have just revealed that a new version of the application has been released, and it comes with a large number of fixes and various other improvements.

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Leftovers: Software

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VirtualBox 5.0

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Leftovers: Software

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  • Sbackup: A Simple Backup Solution For Linux Desktop

    Sbackup, Simple Backup, is an Open Source, easy to use backup solution intended for desktop use. It can backup any subset of files and folders. All configuration is accessible via Gnome interface. File and paths can be included and excluded directly or by regex, It supports local and as well as remote backups. Though it looks simple in use and configuration, it has many features like an advanced backup utility.

  • SmartSynchronize 3.4.3 Brings A Lot Of Fixes And Changes
  • Sysdig 0.1.101 (strace + tcpdump + lsof Exploration Tool) Has Been Released
  • Sylpheed 3.5.0 Beta 3 Brings Fixes Only
  • PyCharm 4.5.2 Brings Interesting New Features
  • OpenLDAP Gains Time-Based One Time Password Support

    There's been various one-time password features in the works for OpenLDAP -- the popular open-source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol -- in various code-bases while now within their mainline Git tree they have time-based one-time password (TOTP) support.

  • INN 2.6.0 release candidate

    In more INN-related news (and catching up on my substantial backlog), a second release candidate for the INN 2.6.0 release is now available. (The first one was only circulated on the inn-workers mailing list.)

  • INN 2.5.5

    This is the first new release of INN in about a year, and hopefully the last in the 2.5.x series. A beta release of INN 2.6.0 will be announced shortly (probably tomorrow).

  • ownCloud 8.1 – Raising the Bar on Security and Performance
  • OwnCloud 8.1 Focuses On Greater Performance & Scalability

    Today's release of ownCloud 8.1 focuses on greater scalability and performance of file operations and syncing. There are also security improvements, integrated documentation links, admin improvements, and other mostly minor improvements throughout this open-source file hosting cloud stack.

  • ownCloud 8.1 arrives with end user and admin improvements

    ownCloud has made it’s 8.1 release available. This release contains significant under the hood improvements, increasing scalability and performance of syncing and file operations while making ownCloud a better platform for developers to build upon.

  • ISL Light 4 Remote Support Software Brings Turbo Desktop Sharing to Linux

    ISL Online, a pioneer in the secure remote desktop industry, has released ISL Light 4.0.3, which expands the support to Linux platform and completes the series of releases of the fourth generation of state-of-the-art remote support software.

  • Why Are People Still Waiting for Proprietary Linux Apps?

    You often hear that Linux will only become mainstream when more proprietary software is ported to Linux. Like the two characters waiting for Godot, thousands of people are apparently waiting for the day Microsoft Office or Photoshop releases a Linux version and demolishes its free-licensed rivals. Against all reason, the expectation persists.

    The truth is, proprietary ports are unlikely to happen. Commercial software developers have never figured out how to profit from Linux ports. Meanwhile, in their hesitation, countless free software equivalents have matured into serious competition, providing another reason the commercial shops to avoid the market. The only exceptions are high-end products like Maya, which can be written off as a business expense.

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