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GNOME 3.10 is Here

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Software In a post to the GNOME Announce mailing list just a few minutes ago, Matthias Clasen announced the release of GNOME 3.10. Probably the most significant to outsiders looking in is the experimental support for Wayland, "which allows GNOME as well as GNOME applications to be run using Wayland."

some odds & ends:

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  • ZevenOS's Neptune Distro: Linux the Way You Want It
  • Fedora's 10 Years, Joerg has the Pictures
  • The pros and cons of SteamOS
  • ‘Jazzpunk’ now available for pre-order, coming to PC/Mac/Linux January 2014
  • Introduction To Gentoo Linux
  • Who owns an open source brand—the company or the community?
  • Red Hat: Stock Sells Off As The Company Is No Longer Red Hot
  • LMDE Update Pack 7
  • Nvidia pledge to help Linux’s open source driver community
  • Mozilla: plugins are now a legacy technology
  • The Raven – Legacy Of A Master Thief Releases Third Chapter 'A Murder of Ravens'
  • Here’s how SteamOS destroys Microsoft

some leftovers:

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  • Hewlett Packard brings Ubuntu to China
  • CloudOn Joins The Document Foundation Advisory Board
  • Sugar, A Desktop Environment For Kids
  • Ledger – A Powerful Command Line Accounting Tool
  • The Fedorian Desktop Dare
  • Legend of Dungeon Released
  • Alternate Applications For Your Kubuntu / Mint KDE
  • Video of Time-Saving Commands
  • How to Download Subtitles to VLC in Ubuntu
  • Freeciv 2.4.0 Released
  • Skolelinux 7.1 Beta 2 Available
  • camshot: You didn’t think it was possible
  • Why Open Source?
  • Mint Repositories will be down Sep 18
  • Government of Argentina Launches Linux Distribution
  • First Alpha for FreeBSD 10 Released
  • Lightweight Ubuntu Software Center AppGrid available
  • Iesabel - A New Unity3D Powered Hack 'n' Slash Released On Desura
  • SUPERHOT FPS Where Time Only Moves When You Do
  • When Chrome OS & Linux Mint Collide: The Basics of Cr OS
  • How to identify video formats from command line on Linux

GNOME Shell 3.10 RC Getting Ready for Full Wayland Support

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  • GNOME Shell 3.10 RC Getting Ready for Full Wayland Support
  • GNOME Shell 3.10 Is Ready To Shine On Wayland
  • Client Side Decorations came to stay in GNOME 3.10!
  • GNOME Music (gsoc update)

Calligra vs. LibreOffice: Which Is The More Productive

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Software Is LibreOffice the only worthwhile office suite for Linux users? Possibly not, thanks to KDE’s Calligra. With two very good choices at hand, which one do you go for? I compared these two office suites head-to-head on features, design, and compatibility to see which one is the best.

Gnome upcoming features

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  • Gnome upcoming features
  • Drupal 8: A View into Performance
  • Fortix 2 is Hitting Linux
  • vim Script Roundup: DuplicateWrite, SuperSub
  • Systemd 207 Gets Many Bug-Fixes, Minor Additions
  • count the number of open network connections on Linux
  • Document Stylin'
  • coreutils dev in august '13
  • Clem: a Versatile Commandline File Manager
  • LibreOffice Conference Schedule

10 reasons why you should try Krusader

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Software Find out 10 reasons why you should try Krusader, a twin-pane file manager that might be faster than Dolphin on older computers or just a better match for your computing habits.

Clementine 1.2 reaching to the clouds

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  • Clementine 1.2 reaching to the clouds!
  • KDE in openSUSE: repository and maintainership changes
  • GNOME Break Timer: Week 13
  • Next KWin step: dogfooding
  • Achieving Continuous Integration with Drupal
  • KScreen Management Survey Results Posted
  • Bonus: What’s left of the Bs
  • use MS Silverlight based websites via pipelight

Will Intel's Quark Run Linux?

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  • Will Intel's Quark Run Linux?
  • five new wallpapers for Lubuntu 13.10
  • Quick Guide to Get Ready for LTSI 3.10
  • Linux Format 176 On Sale Today - Build your own distro
  • Sneak Peek: Mandriva Pulse2 1.6
  • Canonical Has A Backup Plan For Intel’s Refusal To Support Mir
  • Fedora vote history
  • MintBox 2 ships with Core i5 and Linux Mint 15
  • TuxRadar Podcast Season 5 Episode 16

Improve The Look of Firefox In GNOME

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  • Quickly Improve The Look of Firefox In GNOME With These 2 Add-Ons
  • It's Now Easier Running Wayland Under GNOME-Session
  • The beauty of GNOME Shell
  • participate in GNU Telephony Development
  • Nautilus-Open-Terminal : Nautilus Plugin To Open Terminal From Anywhere

some leftovers:

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  • openSUSE: zypper - the basics and beyond
  • Freeware: Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
  • EditShare Serves Up Lightworks on Windows, Mac and Linux at IBC2013
  • ScreenFetch: The BASH Screenshot Information Tool
  • Introducing run-one-constantly, run-one-until-failure and run-one-until-success
  • Intel MinnowBoard Review – No Competition
  • My Developer Wants to Use Open Source Software: Now What?
  • FreeBSD Is No Longer Building GCC By Default
  • Binary diff between libc from ScientificLinux and CentOS
  • KarBOOM A Car-Crashing Game With A Multiplayer Focus
  • Linux Pmap Command – Find How Much Memory Process Use
  • Install Linux from USB Device using Unetbootin & dd
  • Highly Recommended LaTeX Editors for Linux
  • TLLTS Episode 522
  • FLOSS Weekly 264

Enlightenment E18 Updated Against Wayland

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  • Enlightenment E18 Updated Against Wayland Changes
  • More Exciting Developments in KDE this Week
  • GNOME Settings Daemon 3.8.5 Fixes Trash Issues
  • Gnome Network Tools – GUI For Common Network Utilities
  • Krita Demonstrated at IDF Keynote

9 Features To Make You Reconsider GNOME

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Software If you've moved away from GNOME because of the third release series, you might want to celebrate the upcoming 3.10 release by having another look.

Humble Indie Bundle 9 Includes Fez, Brutal Legend

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  • Humble Indie Bundle 9 Includes Fez, Brutal Legend
  • Interview with César Tellez (Krita)
  • Stellarium 0.12.3 release brings Novae plugin
  • Why the big architectural changes in Drupal 8
  • Linux Graphics News - August 2013
  • Superfrog HD coming to PC, Mac and Linux
  • Go4Wargame Tournament Series to Begin September 29th
  • Halfway A Futuristic Turn Based Strategy With Interview

GNOME Music 3.10 Beta 2 Loads Songs Faster

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  • GNOME Music 3.10 Beta 2 Loads Songs Faster
  • XWayland Sees Some New Code, On X.Org 1.14
  • Audacity 2.0.4 released
  • LibreOffice Conference 2013 In Milan
  • PostgresSQL: The Other big open-source database has a new release
  • Gnome 3 Love
  • bashrc Generator
  • Multi-Line Text Editing in Kate
  • Orca 3.10 Beta 2 Improves Braille Functions
  • vim Script Roundup: Stop Sign, KillBrackets
  • Task Warrior – CommandLine Task Manager With Sophisticated Features
  • Kate in 4.11
  • bing: I was better off not knowing
  • SpiderOak vs Bittorrent Sync | LAS s28e07
  • Wrath of Linus | LINUX Unplugged 5

Wireless Aside, Cr OS Linux Delivers the Best of Two Worlds

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Software It is easy to be misled about exactly what Cr OS is. This open source OS project first debuted in 2009 as Chrome OS Linux. Last September its developers changed the name to Cr OS Linux. Even with a recent name change for this distro, it can be mistaken for other Linux OS projects that resemble Google's Chrome OS. Think Chromebook here.

Fedora Wayland update

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Software So our team here at Red Hat have been working intensively with our counterparts at Intel to merge and stabilize the patches to enable Wayland support in GNOME and at the same time looking into what further improvements are needed in the stack.

Intel Says No to Ubuntu's New Display Server

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softpedia: Intel announced yesterday, September 7, 2013, that they've removed support for XMir, Canonical's new X11 display server that will be injected in the upcoming releases of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, from the xf86-video-intel package, the open source driver for Intel video cards.

The real problem blocking Linux support for apps and games

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Software announced that it won't support Linux for its games, and the community's reaction does nothing to help change their minds.

Red Hat To Oracle: Have You Tried Free?

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Software Oracle's president argues that IT needs to change. Is he the right person to be making that argument?

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