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GTK+ Wayland tablet support is merged

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As for excuses go for blowing the lint off my blog, this is a pretty good one Smile. Wayland tablet support is something that got really close to being merged in 3.20, but the timing didn’t pan out in the end, wayland-protocols 1.3 included a tablet v1 protocol that went unused, till now. Now that we’re in 3.22, those bits are at last being merged. First came gtk+, which you can see working in these videos:

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Leftovers: Software

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Leftovers: Software

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Wine Staging 1.9.7

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Simplenote for GNU/Linux

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Leftovers: Software

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  • Internet Messengers lead the way of FOSS to the end users

    The year 2016 may become pivotal in the world of open source.
    It is no longer a secret that many “backbone” systems of the world work on open source products. But a “regular” user, Joe Blogs, is not so familiar with Free Open Source Software.
    This is changing. Internet messengers take a lead here.

  • 6 Best PDF Document Viewers for Linux Systems this series we will introduce you most famous open source tools for Linux systems.

  • LabPlot 2.2.0 released

    We are happy to announce the next release of LabPlot. You can download the source code of the KDE4Libs-based version of LabPlot here. For the KF5-version of LabPlot use this link.

    The main new feature of this release is a new tool that allows you to easily extract data from image files – Datapicker. This tool was contributed by Ankit Wagadre during GSoC2015, s.a. his final report, who continued to work on this tool even after the summer program was over.

  • Asciinema 1.2.0 Is Probably The Most Awesome Software For Sharing Terminal Sessions
  • Video Editor `OpenShot` 2.0.7 (Beta 4) Released, Adds Universal Linux AppImage Downloads
  • OpenShot 2.0.x Crowd Funded Video Editor Available for Ubuntu/Linux Mint

    OpenShot video editor is an open-source video editor for Linux but also available for Windows and Mac, it is free and released under GNU GPL 3 license. Using OpenShot video editor you can create a film with your videos, photos, and audio tracks that you have always thought of. It lets you add transitions, effects, and sub-titles, and you can export to DVD, YouTube, Video, and many other common formats. OpenShot is written primarily in Python, with a GTK+ interface, and uses the MLT framework, FFmpeg, and Blender to power many of the advanced features. After a successful Kickstarter campaign of OpenShot we have seen that it reached to 2.0 version in recent past and made tremendous improvement. Recently developers released a new update 2.0.7 beta-4, currently main PPA doesn't have this version but testing PPA, hopefully the main PPA will be updated soon.

  • 3 Best Evernote Alternatives With Official Linux Clients

    Evernote is very popular note taking application allows to create, edit and delete notes from their web based application as well as Evernote client app available for Windows, Mac and all major mobile platforms. Sadly Evernote does not provide any client app for Linux. There are some unofficial clients for Evernote such as Everpad. But there are always some issues with such unofficial clients. In this article, I have come up with the list of 3 Evernote alternatives that provide all note taking features with Linux client to sync notes right from your Linux desktop.

  • Discourse 1.5 Released!

    We’re proud to announce that today marks the release of Discourse 1.5!

Leftovers: Software

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  • Microsoft may love Linux. But it doesn't love Skype on Linux

    Back in 2011, when Microsoft bought Skype for US$8.56 billion, people were wondering if it would continue to update the Linux client that the VoIP platform had.

    It looks like the fears of these folk are slowly coming true. The last release of Skype for Linux was a 32-bit update in 2014 to version 4.3.

    Those who had paid for subscriptions in the hope that they would one day get a 64-bit client with an improved user interface have been waiting and waiting in vain.

    Now a group of users is reporting that from, February 22, the Linux Skype client is unable to join calls.

    They say that numerous tweets to @SkypeSupport have gone unanswered.

  • Opera 37.0 Web Browser with Built-in Ad Blocker Lands Today in the Beta Channel

    Opera Software, through Błażej Kaźmierczak, today, March 31, 2016, proudly announced that the highly anticipated Ad Blocker functionality to be implemented in future versions of the Opera web browser has just landed in the Beta channel.

    Earlier this month, we had the great pleasure of exclusively reporting on the release of the Opera 37 web browser with integrated ad-blocking capabilities, which promised an increase in browsing speed of up to 90 percent. However, at that moment in time, Opera 37 lived only in the Developer channel.

    That changes today, as Opera Software has pushed the anticipated Opera 37 web browser to the Beta channel for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows, offering users a much more stable Ad Blocking experience, and many other great improvements.

  • Simplenote brings its free Markdown-friendly writing app to Windows and Linux

    As a Windows user, my options for decent text editors to write my articles with are fairly limited. The majority of them are either best suited for coding or too greedy for system resources.

  • ALSA 1.1.1 Released For Linux Audio

    ALSA 1.1.1 is out today as the newest version of this Linux audio library, utilities, plugins, and tinycompress for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.

  • Changes v1.1.0 v1.1.1

Free Software and Proprietary Games, Vivaldi

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  • QEMU 2.6 Is Coming With Many Improvements

    QEMU 2.6-rc0 was tagged today as the first milestone leading up to the QEMU 2.6 release in the near future.

    QEMU 2.6 is bringing many ARM and MIPS improvements, support for new x86 CPU features, QEMU VFIO now supports AMD XGBE platform passthrough, performance improvements in VirtIO, SDL2 and SPICE now support OpenGL and VirGL, block device improvements, and more.

  • OpenToonz Animation Software Begins Seeing Linux Support

    Toonz is an animation software solution used by studios like Studio Ghibli and has been in development for more than two decades. Earlier this month it was announced Toonz would be open-sourced and then a few days back the code was published as OpenToonz. While Toonz/OpenToonz originally didn't have Linux support, patches are emerging to allow this high-end animation software to run on Linux.

  • Libav's libavcodec Adds New VA-API Encoders

    For those still relying upon the FFmpeg-forked libav project, their libavcodec code has added new VA-API encoder support.

    With the Video Acceleration API (VA-API) largely backed by Intel, the Libav code-base is supporting GPU-accelerated H.264 encoding and H.265/HEVC encoding.

  • Latest Steam Client Beta Adds Support for Steam Controller to OpenVR Games

    Just three days ago, we reported about the latest stable Steam Client update Valve pushed to Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows users, which brought numerous Steam Controller and SteamVR features, and now a new Beta version is out.

  • It Was Only 4 Years Ago That Many Thought Steam On Linux Was An April Fools' Day Joke

    While there are around two thousand Linux-native games now available on Steam brought over by many different studios, it was just four years ago that many thought Valve bringing Steam to Linux was a joke or far-fetched rumor.

    Today marks four years to the day since Gabe Newell had emailed us about Linux driver problems in their porting of Source Engine games to Linux as part of their initial Steam Linux bring-up. Many didn't believe it then, in part due to being close to April Fools' Day, and even when in 2012 I went out to Valve's HQ to talk with them about their Linux plans including what would become Steam Machines and SteamOS.

  • Vivaldi 1.0 Web Browser Is Just Around the Corner, Based on Chromium 49.0

    Vivaldi's Ruarí Ødegaard has announced earlier the release and immediate availability for testing of what appears to be one of the last snapshots before the final build of the upcoming Vivaldi 1.0 web browser.

Software Releases

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  • GnuCash 2.6.12 released

    The GnuCash development team announces GnuCash 2.6.12, the twelfth maintenance release in the 2.6-stable series. Please take the tour of all the new features.

  • GNU Guix & GuixSD 0.10.0 released

    We are pleased to announce the new beta release of GNU Guix and GuixSD, version 0.10.0!

    The release comes with USB installation images to install the standalone GuixSD, and with tarballs to install the package manager on top of a running GNU/Linux system, either from source or from binaries.

  • darktable 2.0.3 Open-Source RAW Image Editor Lands with Support for Fujifilm X70

    The popular darktable open-source and cross-platform RAW image editor software has been updated today, March 29, 2016, to version 2.0.3, the third maintenance release in the stable 2.0 series of the software.

  • Audacious 3.7.2 Open-Source Music Player Released for Linux & Windows with Fixes

    The developers of the popular Audacious free, open-source, and cross-platform music player software released the second maintenance build in the stable Audacious 3.7 series.

    Back in November 2015, the massive Audacious 3.7 release arrived with a multitude of new features, for both GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms, including the ability to shuffle playlists by entire albums, improved HiDPI support, recording of Internet streams during playback, and a unified window for managing equalizer presets.

OpenShot 2.0 Beta 4

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  • OpenShot 2.0 Free Video Editor Now Features a Universal Linux Version

    It looks like the OpenShot 2.0 free and cross-platform video editor might be released this year after all, and today we're informing you about the availability of the fourth Beta build.

  • OpenShot 2.0 - Beta 4 Released!

    One of the biggest challenges for testers and myself is to speed up the cycle from bug fix to testable release. While some users compile everything manually, and some Linux users get updates delivered through our PPA, Windows, Mac, and certain Linux users must wait for me to create a new installer (which takes lots of time). So, I have built a cross-platform build server (i.e. really just a cool Python script which is scheduled to run every few hours). It checks Git for updates, re-compiles libraries, freezes the OpenShot Python 3 application (along with dependencies), signs the Windows / Mac versions, and uploads the files to Amazon S3, and lists these files on the website. I currently have 3 build servers running (Windows 10, OS X 10.11, Ubuntu 14.04) and creating builds automatically.

  • OpenShot 2.0 Beta 4 Released

    While OpenShot 2.0 is long overdue, things are finally looking up for this open-source non-linear video editor with going into beta this past January and today marking the release of the fourth beta.

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