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Leftovers: Software

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  • Calibre 2.22 Officially Released, Offers Faster Metadata Download from Amazon

    Kovid Goyal has announced the immediate availability for download of a new maintenance release of his famous Calibre ebook reader, editor and organizer software for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Calibre 2.22.0 introduces a number of new features, as well as multiple bug fixes that are detailed for your reading pleasure below.

  • The top five Twitter client for Ubuntu Linux

    While doing research for this piece I was surprised by how many Twitter apps that I’ve used in the past have fallen by the wayside. The apps that are no longer being developed or have stopped working for some obscure reason outweigh the amount of apps that have come along to fill the spaces, despite this I think I’ve managed to compile a list of apps that you may be compelled to try and use and possibly use as your default Twitter app.

  • GNOME's Orca Screen Reader Receives Major Improvements Ahead of GNOME 3.16

    We announced the other day that GNOME 3.16 Release Candidate was made available for testing and that many of its core components, applications, and libraries had been updated. Orca, the default screen reader and magnifier of the GNOME desktop environment, has been updated as well, with a great number of improvements, bug fixes, and updated translations.

Leftovers: Software

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  • Kodi 14.2 Release Candidate Available

    Kodi 14.2 Helix is a stable bug-fix release over the existing Kodi 14 series. The 14.2 version is the second and final planned bug-fix release before Kodi 15. With today's Kodi 14.2 RC there's a handful of bug-fixes.

  • Insync 1.2 Released With New HTML5 UI

    Insync 1.2 was released today, bringing a new HTML5 UI along with improvements such as an ignore list, improved nested selective sync and more.

  • Gmail-Friendly Email Clients Available on Linux

    You turn to an outstanding email client. If you’re unsure which Linux email clients support Gmail, read on and maybe you’ll find one that perfectly suits your needs and taste.

  • MPV Movie Player Overview, Screenshots & Ubuntu Installation

    MPV is a free and open-source media player that uses the ffmpeg backend, with a basic interface, yet support for all the formats that ffmpeg can handle (including MKV or AVI). In this article I will take a look at this player’s features, show some of the commands used to control it as well as give installation instructions for Ubuntu and Mint.

Wine 1.7.39 and CrossOver 14.1

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Leftovers: Software

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  • Solving ODEs on Linux

    Many problems in science and engineering are modeled through ordinary differential equations (ODEs). An ODE is an equation that contains a function of one independent variable and its derivatives. This means that practically any system that changes over time can be modeled with an ODE, from celestial mechanics to chemistry reaction rates to ecology and population modeling.

  • Indicator Lets You Know When The Channels You Follow Go Live

    Twitch Indicator is, like its name suggests, a appindicator. In case you're not familiar with Twitch, this is a popular live streaming video platform that primarily focuses on video gaming.

    The purpose of Twitch Indicator is to track the channels you follow and notify you when they go live. Besides notifications, which can be turned off from the indicator settings, the list of live channels is displayed in the indicator menu and clicking on any channel will open its Twitch page in your default web browser.

  • Rygel 0.25.3 Media Server Brings Server, Tracker, Renderer, and GStreamer Improvements

    Rygel, an open-source home media solution that allows users to easily share all kinds of multimedia files to various UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) devices has been recently updated to version 0.25.3 as part of the GNOME 3.16 Release Candidate desktop environment.


GTK+ 3.16 Will Bring Support for HiDPI Pointer Cursors in Wayland

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The GTK+ 3.15.12 toolkit has been released recently as part of the GNOME 3.16 RC (Release Candidate) desktop environment and it introduces the last changes to be implemented in the final GTK+ 3.16.0 released, which will be distributed alongside GNOME 3.16, due for release on March 25, 2015.

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Leftovers: Software

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ownCloud Client 1.8.0 Released

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Today, we’re happy to release the best ownCloud Desktop Client ever to our community and users! It is ownCloud Client 1.8.0 and it will push syncing with ownCloud to a new level of performance, stability and convenience.

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State of VoIP in Linux

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Like most people, I find myself using the same VoIP options everyone else is using. Thankfully, these days there are far more options available than what we might think. Today, I'll look at these options and also explore up-and-coming alternatives as well.

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Leftovers: Software

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Leftovers: Software

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  • Best VOIP Clients for Linux (That Aren’t Skype)

    There are occasions when I require a Voice Over IP (VOIP) session. The single most pressing demand is podcast interviews ─ of which I do a lot. When I need to record an interview, the path of least resistance is recording a VOIP call. That, of course, requires a VOIP client. For the longest time, the only VOIP client of note was Skype. Even though Skype was purchased by Microsoft, it still remains one of the most user-friendly VOIP clients available. And considering Skype’s user-base, it is often considered the de facto standard software for the task.

  • groove-dl: Jumping the shark

    I was tempted to skip over groove-dl because my list of stream ripper tools is starting to devolve into a tool-per-service array, and when things become discrete and overly precise, I start to fall toward the same rules that say, “no esoteric codec playback tools.”

  • mined: Long overdue

    Supposedly, mined’s real claim to fame is support for multicode characters or alphabets beyond the stale 26 letters that comprise Western language. If you need access to those glyphs, mined might be something to look into.

  • leo: Laid-back online learning
  • Calibre 2.21 Lets Users Open and Convert eBooks in External Apps

    Kovid Goyal had the pleasure of announcing earlier today, March 13, the immediate availability for download of a new maintenance release of the powerful and acclaimed Calibre eBook manager and converter utility for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

  • darktable 1.6.3 Supports RAW Images from More Canon and Panasonic Cameras

    darktable, one of the best open-source applications for editing RAW files under a Linux kernel-based operating system has been updated recently with a great number of changes, several bug fixes, RAW support for more cameras, white balance presets from several Panasonic cameras, as well as new standard/enhanced matrix and noise profiles. darktable 1.6.3 is available for download right now from Softpedia.

  • 4 Linux Music Players That Deserve Your Attention Now

    Finding a good music player for Linux is not an easy task. A few big name projects, like Amarok and Songbird, have come and gone throughout the years, but none of them have been stable enough to match the staying power of iTunes, Winamp, or any of the other music players available to non-Linux users.

  • Why I'm switching from GIMP to Krita

    I consider myself neither a technophile nor a technophobe. Yet every once or twice a year, I discover a piece of software so well-designed and useful that I spend whatever spare time I have learning it as thoroughly as possible. For the past couple of months, that software has been has been the paint program Krita. Now, with the 2.9 release coming out today, suddenly I have another long list of new tools to learn -- and I couldn't be happier about having new features to learn.

  • Kdenlive Multi-Track Video Editor Is Now Part of KDE Applications 15.04

    Kdenlive is powerful multi-track video editor, which supports DV, AVCHD and HDV editing. The developer has announced that the Kdenlive will be a part of the KDE Applications family, starting with the 15.04 branch.

  • GCompris Is a Great Linux Teaching Tool for Small Kids

    GCompris, an educational software suite providing fun activities for kids aged 2 to 10, has been upgraded to version 15.02 and is now available for download.

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Android Leftovers

  • Android Candy: Intercoms
    Ever since my "tiny $20 tablet" project (see my Open-Source Classroom column in the March 2015 issue), I've been looking for more and more cool things to do with cheap Android devices. Although the few obvious ones like XBMC or Plex remotes work well, I've recently found that having Android devices around the house means I can gain back an old-school ability that went out of style in the late 1980s—namely, an intercom system.
  • There's a wild prank hidden in Google Maps that insults Apple in the most childishly inappropriate way
    Rawalpindi is a vibrant Pakistani city known for its bazaars, ancient ruins, and array of religious shrines. But if you pay it a visit on Google Maps, you're going to notice something very unusual on the outskirts of the city — the Android "droid" mascot urinating on the Apple logo.
  • There's an Android bot peeing on an Apple logo on Google Maps
    Sick of all the Apple Watch news today? You're in luck, because we have something completely different for you. An image of an Android mascot, also known as an Android bot or Bugdroid, peeing on an Apple logo has been discovered on Google Maps.
  • An Android robot is peeing on an Apple logo in Google Maps
  • An Android is urinating on the Apple logo in Google Maps (update)
    Google and Apple have always had their differences, but a new Easter egg inside Google Maps has just taken their rivalry to a whole new level. As spotted by Team Android, if you head to these coordinates with the regular Map view enabled, you'll see Google's iconic Android mascot taking a leak on the Apple logo. At the moment, it's unclear who created this little piece of mischief and whether Google is taking action. But if this hidden message is any indication, it was snuck through by a member of the public using Google's Map Maker service, rather than a Google employee. Regardless, it's a crazy (and pretty hilarious) addition that's sure to rile some of the employees in Cupertino. Shots fired!
  • Sony's Android TV-powered 4K televisions are ridiculously thin
    Four models from Sony’s 2015 Android TV-powered 4K television range are now available for pre-order, with shipping to begin in May. The Japanese electronics giant unveiled its 4K TV lineup for 2015 at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, but kept pricing and release information to itself, only saying the new sets would be available sometime in the spring. Those details are finally here and the TVs themselves aren’t far off.
  • Android Wear v1.1 APK has Apple references in it, but when is iOS support coming?
    That Google is working on iOS support for Android Wear is nearly undeniable at this point, but even more evidence has surfaced in case you aren’t a believer. We peeked inside the latest Android Wear update APK to see what hidden bits were swarming about, and we came across some very interesting references.
  • 5 Things to Expect from the Nexus 5 Android 5.1.1 Release
    A few weeks ago, an Android 5.1.1 update mysteriously appeared alongside an update for Google’s Android SDK. Earlier this week, Google finally confirmed the Nexus Android 5.1.1 release with an update for its Nexus Player. With an Android 5.1.1 update now on the minds of Nexus users, particularly Nexus 5 users dealing with Android 5.0 Lollipop problems, we want to take a look at what we expect from the Nexus 5 Android 5.1 release from Google.

The Turing Phone Is Super Durable and Ultra Secure

The device also sports a 13MP/8MP camera combo, 64GB / 128GB of internal storage and runs Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box. Read more