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London Stock Exchange readies Turquoise for big-bang Linux migration

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Linux Turquoise, the London Stock Exchange's large volume 'dark pool' trading platform, will go live on a new Linux-based platform in August or September.

LinuxFest Northwest offers free open source event

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Linux Robots and beer-brewing computer programs are just two of the things to check out at LinuxFest Northwest this weekend.

The SmartQ V7 is here

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Hardware So, first impressions: yes, it really really *is* the Anti-iPad. The whole thing just exudes rough edges.

I have found an inheritance.

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Humor You may not know me as I received your attention from a browser link. This is very important so please continue reading. This letter has the possibility of changing your life. With your help we can realise that dream.

Is The Linux Brand Poisoned?

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linuxlock.blogspot: It's taken me a while to put the data together. I queried 109 people. People who either owned, managed or worked as Executive Assistants to those in small to medium-sized businesses.

Sharp updates NetWalker to be Linux tablet

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Hardware In August last year Sharp introduced a new device it referred to as an ultra-compact netbook. It was named the NetWalker, and went to market in September. Several months later and Sharp has decided to update its NetWalker range with an even smaller device.

Announcing the 2010 We’re Linux Video Winners

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Linux I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 We’re Linux Video Contest. We had quite a few amazing videos to choose from, many of which captured the spirit of Linux.

A Slimline Debian Install: It's Easier Than You Might Think

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Linux There are some superb desktop Linux distributions that are designed to work with very old hardware. However, there are a lot of machines floating around that are a bit too good for something as limited as Puppy.

New storage options for Anaconda on Fedora 13

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Linux Fedora 13 Beta has just been released for testing and bug reporting, with the stable version slated for release in May.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 350

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Feature: HelenOS interview and first look
  • News: On Fedora's desktop features and release delays, Debian's new project leader, uncertain future of MOPSLinux, moving to GRUB 2
  • Questions and answers: Process scheduling with "nice" and "renice"
  • Released last week: antiX MEPIS 8.5, MythDora 12.23
    Upcoming releases: Ubuntu 10.04 RC, Mandriva Linux 2010.1 Beta 2
  • New distributions: FreeSentral, Peppermint
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

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GCC 4.9.2 vs. GCC 5 Benchmarks On An Intel Xeon Haswell

For those craving some more GCC 5 compiler benchmark numbers following last week's release of GCC 5.1, here's some new comparison numbers between GCC 4.9.2 stable and the near-final release candidate of GCC 5.1. Pardon for this light article due to still finishing up work on migrating to the new Phoronix web server while separately working to take care of thermal issues coming about in the new Linux benchmarking server room. Read more

First impressions of Ubuntu 15.04

Canonical's Ubuntu operating system is probably the most widely used Linux distribution in the world. Ubuntu is made available in several editions, including desktop builds, server builds and there is a branch of Ubuntu for mobile phones. Ubuntu provides installation images for the x86, ARM and Power PC architectures, allowing the distribution to run on a wide variety of hardware. The most recent release of Ubuntu, version 15.04, includes a fairly short list of changes compared to last year's Ubuntu 14.10, however some of the changes are significant. Some small changes include an upgrade of the kernel to Linux 3.19 and placing application menus inside the application window by default. A potentially larger change is the switch from Canonical's Upstart init software to systemd. Read more