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Deploy your own "cloud" with Debian "Wheezy"

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Linux The Debian Project produces an entirely Free operating system that empowers its users to be in control of the software running their computers. These days, more and more computing is being moved away from user computers to the so-called "cloud."

How Much - and How Little - the Web Has Changed in 9 Years

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Web For ReadWriteWeb's ninth anniversary last week, our founder and Editor-in-Chief Richard MacManus took a loving look back at how the site has evolved over the years. But RWW isn't the only thing that has stuck around.

After Whom Is The Linux Operating System Named?

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Linux After Whom Is The Linux Operating System Named? 1) Leonardo da Vinci 2) Linus Torvalds 3) Lineaus Henderson 4) Linus Pauling Think you know the answer?

Linux Australia: a new name is the least of the problems

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Linux The Linux Australia council thinks it is time for the organisation to change its name in order to represent the focus of its community.

Linux Hardware, Software Trends Over One Year

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Linux Here's a look at some Linux hardware and software usage trends over the past year on a month-by-month basis.

Chakra Archimedes-2012.04 review

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Linux Chakra Archimedes-2012.04, the second iteration of the latest stable edition of Chakra, a desktop Linux distribution forked from Arch Linux, was released just this week. April 16 to be exact.

Stop wasting time and money, make the Fedora 18 release name “Fedora 18″

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Linux Nobody refers to “Running Fedora Verne” and choosing the name every few months is just a giant waste of time and waste of a very busy legal team that has to review and research each stupid name.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 453

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: First look at OpenMediaVault 0.2.5
  • News: Ubuntu 12.04 release, Slackware rumour mill, Mint 13 update, Fedora health check, OmniBoot 0.4
  • Released last week: FreeBSD 8.3, Chakra GNU/Linux 2012.04, Trisquel GNU/Linux 5.5

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

IBM fires Power-powered Penguins at x86's weak spots

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Hardware Big Blue is reviving a Linux-only variant of its Power Systems lineup with cheaper hardware and software pricing that it says gives better value on Linux workloads than an x86 setup.

The Linux Foundation Adds Five New Members From Japan

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Linux (pr): The Linux Foundation today announced that five new companies from Japan are joining the organization: Ashisuto, Aisin AW, JVC KENWOOD Corporation, NTT DATA MSE, and Turbo Systems.

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Community Is a Big Part of the Raspberry Pi’s Strength

I’m not going to argue that the Raspberry Pi should always be the device of choice for every situation. Sometimes it just doesn’t cut it and using it in a given situation will cause more work than necessary. Whenever I am asked the above question, I usually get the details of what the person is intending to do, and then talk about the pros and cons of the Raspberry Pi for that use. One of the things I always remind the person is that no matter how good Device X might be, you need to consider the community behind the device. In my opinion, a constantly growing supportive community is what the Pi offers over all other devices. Read more


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