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First Look: Linux Mint 15 “Olivia”

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Linux Linux Mint is a funny beast. Not much seems to change between releases. At least nothing obvious to the naked eye. Being highly based on Ubuntu, most of the underlying changes are done through on the Ubuntu side of things.

Also: Linux Mint 15: A better Ubuntu for the desktop

Linux Mint 15 review

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Linux Linux Mint is a comprehensive and beginner-friendly Linux distribution. To that extent it’s a rival to Ubuntu – and in fact it’s derived from the Ubuntu codebase, which means all the same software and drivers can be used. Releases run to a similar six-monthly schedule, with periodic long-term support releases following Ubuntu’s. This newest release is Linux Mint 15, known to its friends as Olivia.

Hands on with Mageia 3

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Linux Taking a look at this excellent Linux distribution suitable for anyone from first-time Linux installations to seasoned hands.

Is Canonical Ltd. Financially Insolvent?

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  • Is Canonical Ltd. Financially Insolvent?
  • Linux Mint "Most Ambitious" 15 Released
  • Rawhide week 2013-05-28
  • News from the 2013/05 Gentoo KDE team meeting
  • Live Linux distribution shows off Wayland
  • 3 Reasons Linux Doesn't Star In U.S. Schools
  • Kubuntu Love
  • video of gentoo developer interview

A Beginners' Guide to Installing Arch Linux

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HowTos The following tutorial will teach any computer user how to install the Arch Linux operating system on their personal computer or laptop.

Fedora 19 – Schrödinger’s Cat – preview

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Linux Now that the first beta edition of what will become Fedora 19 has been released, and almost all the accepted features are at 100% completion, I downloaded the installation images for the released desktop environments and ran them in a virtual environment just to see what they have to offer.

Secure Boot isn't the only problem facing Linux on Windows 8 hardware

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Microsoft There's now no shortage of Linux distributions that support Secure Boot out of the box, so that's a mostly solved problem. But even if your distribution supports it entirely you still need to boot your install media in the first place.

Red Hat, Inc.: Are Hedge Funds Right About This Stock?

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Linux Red Hat, Inc. shareholders have witnessed an increase in enthusiasm from smart money in recent months.

10 years of defending Linux's legalities: Groklaw

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Web A decade ago, SCO attacked Linux but it hadn't counted on running into a paralegal turned legal journalist named Pamela Jones and her Website Groklaw.

Best Linux distributions for the enterprise

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Linux There are a lot of Linux distributions out there. Out of those hundreds of variations, which are best suited for enterprise-level servers and desktops? I’ll tackle both, but first we’ll look at the server.

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If you thought Google’s October 4 event — where the firm is rumored to launch two smartphones, Google Home, Daydream VR, Chromecast Ultra, and Wi-Fi Routers — wasn’t packed enough, think again. It has been a long time coming, but Google may finally offer a peak at Andromeda, an operating system that sees the merger of Android and Chrome OS. Andromeda is the code name for the long-rumored merger, and Android Police says it have been sitting on a rumor that Google may demo the OS in October. What made the company share it now? A tweet from Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Android, Chrome OS, and Google Play at Google. Read more

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Lenovo G50 & CentOS 7.2 MATE - Fairly solid

Is there a perfect track record for any which distro? No. Do any two desktop environments ever behave the same? No. Is there anything really good and cool about the MATE offering? Yes, definitely. It's not the finest, but it's definitely quite all right. You do get very decent hardware support, adequate battery life and good performance, smartphone and media support is top notch, and your applications will all run happily. On the other hand, you will struggle with Samba and Bluetooth, and there are some odd issues here and there. I think the Gnome and Xfce offerings are better, but MATE is not to be dissed as a useless relic. Far from it, this is definitely an option you ought to consider if you're into less-than-mainstream desktops, and you happen to like CentOS. To sum it all up, another goodie in the growing arsenal of CentOS fun facts. Enjoy. Read more