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Fuduntu 14.9 Stable Released

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Linux Fuduntu 14.9 Stable has been released and is now available for download in ISO format, and also available as a regular update for existing Fuduntu users.

NY’s Jennison ups its stake in Red Hat

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Linux New York City-based Jennison Associates bought a major stake in Red Hat Inc. during the fourth quarter and is now the Raleigh software firm’s third largest institutional shareholder, according to

Quiz: Are you a Linux guru? Find out.

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Linux Today’s host Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols claims he’s been using and writing about Linux and open source for entirely too long Test yourself against some pretty tricky questions.

GPL expert gives Red Hat the all-clear

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OSS Well-known free software activist and GPL expert Bradley Kuhn says Red Hat's recent change of policy with regard to provision of its kernel source appears, on the surface, to be GPL-compliant.

How to know if you’ll like Linux

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Linux Linux has found its way onto a very large number of desktops and servers in recent years. Awhile ago, I wrote an ebook called “20 Reasons from Industry experts on why they choose Linux.” In that paper, I looked at why “computer guys” choose Linux. What about the non-computer folks?

Waxing Nostalgic About Old-School Linux

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Linux Back in the early days of Linux, distros were nice and small, admins knew what they were doing, and systems could run just fine with double-digit megabytes of RAM. That's how some remember it, anyway. S

Tiny Core 3.5 review – a blend of the brilliant and the infuriating

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Linux Tiny Core is a light and modular Linux distribution. Its main purpose is to allow the easy construction of simple but powerful appliance-like desktops. Michael Reed tests the latest release…

Sabayon 5.5 review

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Linux Sabayon Linux 5.5 is the latest release of the Gentoo-based Linux distribution. It is also the first Sabayon release this year and judging from this distribution’s release history, we should expect to see at least three more releases before the end of the year.

Fedora 15 a lot of work to be done on Gnome.

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Software There is nothing good about this. Okay, there's a little good about this, if I were using this on a netbook. Instead, I'm using this on a dual monitor desktop, and I cannot express how frustrating it is to use Gnome Shell.

Debian 6.0 Squeeze

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Linux The rock solid, stable Debian. You’ve probably heard of it, and for a good reason: Debian is one of the oldest surviving distors out there. Its initial release was in 1993! After playing with the latest iteration of Debian, version 6.0 codenamed Squeeze, I can safely tell that the moment you turn on your computer for the first time after installation, you’ll get the feeling that this is a distro that will not let you down.

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