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Revisited: CrunchBang ("#!") Linux 10 "Statler" Xfce r20110207

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dasublogbyprashanth.blogspot: When I've reviewed #! before, I've always stuck with the Openbox edition, because when #! started, it only had an Openbox edition. Then, I realized I had never checked out the Xfce edition, so I did so.

Kindle comes to Linux and ChromeOS, but it's the iPad users that Amazon wants

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Linux As of today, Amazon's Kindle e-reader is available on all platforms. The retailer on Wednesday launched Kindle Cloud Reader, an HTML5 Web app that gives users browser-based access to their Kindle library and the Kindle store on platforms that have no dedicated Kindle app, such as Linux and ChromeOS.

Does Linux Certification cut the mustard?

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Linux For those pursuing a Linux career, is Linux certification a must have or an indication that you lack the real world experience that employers demand?

Will Linux miss its big desktop shot?

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Linux I read an interesting article this morning on Canonical's usability testing of offline e-mail readers Evolution and Thunderbird and wondered "who cares?"

Linux Mint Debian - Perils of Rolling Distributions

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Linux I am a big fan of the Linux Mint Debian distributions, both the "original" Gnome version and the newer Xfce version. But there is another key factor about it, and my use of it - I have kept it updated since I first installed it.

Does Linus Run Linux Mint?

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Linux Last week we discovered that Linus Torvalds has dumped the GNOME desktop for Xfce. Now today we find that he has dumped Fedora for Linux Mint.

Copying the contents of a file to the clipboard in Nautilus

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Hi - my name is Matthew, and I am a copy-and-paste addict. I have no idea how I would use a PC without a clipboard, and when I was on Windows Clipmate was one of my favorite utilities. I have tried over the years to find open source alternatives, but nothing has come close.

Fedora 16 Alpha RC2 in testing now!

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Linux The second release candidate for Fedora 16 Alpha is now out for validation testing.

Coders choosing Mac OS over Linux environment

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Mac Apple's Mac operating system has surpassed Linux in popularity as a development environment in North America, according to an Evans Data survey.

Seven Concerns on the Linux Desktop

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Linux If you use the Linux desktop, you've never had it so good. Contrary to the critics who either haven't used the desktop recently or quibble or a minor feature, Linux interfaces are better than anyone could have imagined when they first started being developed a dozen years ago.

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