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Linux I decided to do something new. I used countless live CD’s in the past, but it actually never occurred to me to try something more persistent. So I dug out my old 2GB USB stick and installed Slax.

Making Linux Binaries Simple: Automate 'Em

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Software If Linux doesn't change its attitude about prepackaged binary (read: closed source) software anytime soon, here's a suggestion: a generic software deployment system for Linux binaries.

Sharing Linux

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Linux Linux users aren't known for being party-animals either, Linux users do enjoy sharing information at a social gathering, and they don't need Microsoft to tell them tell how to throw a party.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 322

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: First look at HP Mini 110 Mi edition
  • News: Slackware adds KDE 3.5 to repository, Debian presents two new package management systems, Ubuntu and Mandriva announce Moblin-based systems for netbooks, Fedora community launches Fedora Mini
  • Released last week: Moblin 2.0, Absolute Linux 13.0.2
  • Upcoming releases: Ubuntu 9.10 Beta, Ubuntu 10.04 release schedule
  • New distributions: KDuXP
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

A different kind of suicide

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Linux It is official by now that there are maniacs out there who already migrated their root-filesystem on BTRFS. So why not joining those freaks?

Boot Linux Over HTTP With (BKO)

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This tutorial shows how you can boot Linux over HTTP with (BKO). All that users need is Internet connectivity and a small program (gpxe) to boot the machine. This gpxe program provides network booting facility.

Is Linux the New Threat?

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Linux When you look at the Redhat balance sheet and its latest results you have to say, wow, this company seems to have their business under control. But I wonder, if not something bigger is happening.

The best place for Linux

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Linux Linux is gaining more and more interest in the world. The big guns of the computing industry are more and more openly supporting Linux. This brought me to wonder. Where is the best place for Linux?

Linux as Wintel parasite

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Linux Last week Linus Torvalds told a seminar group at Portland’s LinuxCon that Linux is getting a little bloated - a consequence of the big blob kernel architecture required by his decision to prefer the efficiency of directly using x86 interrupts.

today's leftovers:

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  • Shell on Fire
  • Free software is dead. Long live open source
  • Packman for openSUSE Factory
  • Embedded Apps: Linux vs. Windows 7
  • GPL Vs. Free Software Foundation
  • Ubuntu business model- a misunderstood concept
  • HP's new--kind of, sort of--Linux support
  • OSS push in VT Schools and Local Gov
  • Operating Systems that power your mobile phones – 3
  • One Laptop Per Child marches on
  • Linux Alternatives to Popular Apps
  • Open World Forum 2009, Paris, 1-2 October
  • PCLinuxOS Info
  • Wine 1.1.30 Supports OpenAL, More Direct3D 10
  • The Linux insurgency
  • Going Linux #079 - Computer America #18
  • Episode 120: Two funny Accents in one Show!
  • Canonical/Ubuntu CEO Mark Shuttleworth Visits Dell
  • Best Equation Editor for Linux
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