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The Plasma desktop shell of KDE 4

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See how to write simple Plasma applets that improves the KDE 4 Linux desktop

Linux 2.6.30's best five features

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blogs.computerworld: Linux's changes may not be as big from version to version, but they tend to be more thoroughly tested and stable. What most users will like in this distribution starts with a faster boot-up for Linux.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 307

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: Fedora 11

  • News: Fedora posts workaround for ext4 bug, project delivers up-to-date FreeBSD images, sidux users react over removal of non-free firmware, Novell creates custom Geeko builder site
  • Released last week: Fedora 11, FreeNAS 0.69.2
  • Upcoming releases: Mandriva Linux 2010 and Fedora 12 release schedules
  • New distributions: Eden Live, LinuxAdvanced
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

Fedora 11 Fails to Impress

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Linux Fedora 11 was released recently, and I decided to check it out. Unfortunately, my time with Fedora 11 would have been better spent elsewhere.

Is Xandros a Linux distro, a marketing machine or a Microsoft stooge?

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Linux You may know of Xandros Linux; for many people exposure came through the Eee PC, with this being the distro chosen by Linux-turncoat ASUS. Yet, what is Xandros' stance on open source software? Might Xandros be a thinly-veiled Microsoft tout as Linspire reborn?

ZaReason Ion Breeze 3770

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Hardware Last week we published an in-depth article looking at the NVIDIA ION Linux Performance using a nettop device that contained this chipset with GeForce 9400M graphics rather than the usual Intel 945 graphics. In this review we are taking a closer look.

Death of the Linux desktops

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Linux There is sad news from the USA: 95% of netbooks (i.e. the likes of the Asus EeePC, the Dell Mini etc) are being now supplied with Windows XP rather than Linux pre-installed. It's all over, but wait! comes the new smaller, greener, lighter Smartbooks.

Linux For Graphics Artists

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customlinux.wordpress: Although Mac OS X is generally the operating system associated with computer graphics, Linux is in fact just as much or even more capable. With an efficient operating system, the user can customize it for the purpose of graphics.

Fedora 11's Biggest Improvements Are In Virtualization

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Linux Fedora 11 provides a sneak peak at what's coming in the more staid and stable Red Hat Enterprise Linux. During tests, eWEEK Labs found that the biggest improvements in Fedora 11 come in the area of virtualization, although Fedora still lags systems from VMware in functionality and polish. Fedora will also serve well in desktop roles, but will need more care and feeding than other desktop Linux distros.

Taking Gloria out for a spin: A review of Linux Mint 7.0

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Linux There is a soft spot in my heart for Linux Mint: Mint 3.0 was the first Linux distribution that I really used rather than experimented with.

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New Features in Picasso

I’ve always been a big fan of Picasso, the Android image loading library by the Square folks. It provides some powerful features with a rather simple API. Recently, I started working on a set of new features for Picasso that will make it even more awesome: request handlers, request management, and request priorities. These features have all been merged to the main repo now. Let me give you a quick overview of what they enable you to do. Read more

Is Your Small Business Website Like a Bad First Date?

Open source platforms like Drupal and WordPress provide a backend framework that small businesses can use to build and customize their websites while managing key functions like registration, system administration, layout and RSS. Users can also create their own modules to enable new functions or change the website's look and feel. Smaller companies can use open source content management systems (CMS) to reduce or eliminate the need for coding while delivering rich media online, including text, graphics, video and audio. They can use open source assets to create responsive design sites that optimize content for viewing across multiple device types, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, while eliminating the need to scroll from side to side. With open source tools available to help small businesses establish an online presence with robust front and backend functions quickly and affordably, there's never been a better time to focus on content excellence. And the best way to do that is to concentrate on the customer. Engage with your target customers and find out what they value the most. Use that information to develop your content, and speak directly to your customers' needs. Read more

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The methodology of open source development has come a long way in the past twenty years. It took the Linux kernel team eleven years to gain one hundred contributors in a month; it’s taken Ansible two years. Of course, the Linux community had to make up the methodology as they went along; the Ansible team has benefitted from years of studying and participating in Linux and other open source communities. The biggest lesson, and it goes well beyond open source: excellence is a habit. What you do habitually, you become. Read more

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