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Debian and Ubuntu Surpass Red Hat and CentOS

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Linux (pr): In the ongoing battle of the Linux distributions, new survey findings show that businesses favor Debian and Ubuntu over Red Hat distributions for file servers, including RHEL and CentOS.

Brian Proffitt’s Imaginary Linux-Hardware Woes

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Linux Brian Proffitt who has been following the FLOSS scene long enough to know better recently repeated the lies:

New screenshots of SolusOS 2

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Linux SolusOS has recently gained a lot of attention among the Linux community and the developing team of SolusOS is working hard to keep its popularity. Here are some new screenshots of SolusOS 2, Alpha 5 version.

ROSA 2012 LXDE review

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Linux ROSA 2012 LXDE is the stable release of a desktop edition of ROSA Linux which uses the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. ROSA Linux is published by ROSA Laboratory, a Linux solutions provider based in Moscow, Russia. ROSA 2012 LXDE is the company’s second stable release this year.

The Real Scoop On Red Hat's Plunge

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Linux I'm a little miffed at the fact that I'm writing this article right now. You see, I'd rather take advantage of this tremendous buy-in opportunity on Red Hat (NYS: RHT) than write about it. According to our Foolish disclosure policy, I must now wait until next week before touching the stock.

Linux on Film: Supernatural Season 7 Episode 20

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unsolicitedbutoffered.blogspot: Although Hollywood proudly displays Apple products in 90% of their shows and movies with a middling few points for Microsoft products (such as the TV show "Chuck"), Linux does get a bit of exposure, especially when the producers/directors want to look "technical" and "sophisticated."

Review: Netrunner 4.2 LTS "Dryland" SE

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dasublogbyprashanth.blogspot: The first and most recent time that I tried out Netrunner, it was in comparison with Linux Mint 12 "Lisa" KDE. At that time, I felt like although Netrunner had a few quirky design choices that I didn't agree with, so I am trying out this latest version now.

New to Linux? Zorin OS 6 Makes the Transition Easy

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Linux As the dawn of the Windows 8 era approaches, there are more reasons than ever for longtime Windows users to consider switching to Linux.

What will it take to make Linux popular?

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Linux In a recent interview Linus Torvalds, the mastermind behind the Linux kernel, said that the operating system is not as popular as Windows on consumer PCs because it doesn’t come preinstalled.

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